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Best Bars on the East Coast Road ~20: Cheapest East Coast Road Bars


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Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Boozy Traveling Foodie Extraordinaire

Best Bars East Coast Road

Come on a pub crawl of the best East Coast Road Bars and Katong Bars

Best Bars on the East coast Road Content

Best East Coast Road Bars: Welcome to our delectable journey through the vibrant and enticing world of “The Best East Coast Road Bars“! If you’re a seasoned bar hopper or just looking for the perfect spot to unwind with a drink in hand, you’ve come to the right place: because Spencer and I are massive seasoned boozers.

Nestled along the scenic East Coast Road in Singapore, this lively stretch offers an eclectic mix of bars that cater to every palate and preference. Cozy neighborhood joints oozing with character, our exploration of these bars promises to be a flavorful boozy adventure.

As we venture into the world of East Coast Road bars, get ready to discover hidden gems like Georges MADBar & Grill, Santai, and Socialites@450. Whether you’re seeking a casual hangout for a relaxing evening or an elegant venue for a special celebration, or just the Cheapest pint on East Coast Road, this blog will guide you through the top spots to raise your glass and toast to unforgettable memories.

Soak in the ambiance, and explore the vibrant beer and bar culture of the East Coast. From trendy newcomers to beloved classics, our journey through “The Best East Coast Road Bars” promises to be a delightful adventure for foodies, and beer enthusiasts, and anyone in search of a memorable night out on the town. So, grab your friends, bring your thirst for adventure, and let’s embark on our pub crawl of East Coast Road’s finest watering holes!

East Coast Road Bars: If you are looking for the best East Coast Road Bars and Best Katong Bars, look no further, just read on because our little Singapore Food Blog of the best bars on the East Coast Road is going to give you some recommendations of the best bars in Katong, and Siglap that reside along the 2-mile long East Coast Road Bars Strip.

It’s a morphing blog of East Coast Road bars and reviews, likely with many iterations as a lot of bars and restaurants are still sadly closing, but conversely many are also opening up. 

It’s fluid, just like the beer we had to consume whilst doing our “research” for you. You’ll also get some insights into the Best cocktails in Katong, and the finest East Coast Road drinking spots.

We don’t cover: 1/ East Coast Singapore nightlife. 2/ Singapore beachfront bars. 3/ Wine bars on East Coast Road. 4/ Craft beer on East Coast.  5/ East Coast Road happy hour. But what we do do is give you a league table of the cheapest bars on the East Coast Road.

best bars on east coast road

A data-driven approach to our research of East Coast Road bars

How did we collect all this insight and content for your consideration of Best Bars on the East Coast Road? Believe me, it was hard work. It involved 4 mates walking the length of the East Coast, all 2 miles of it and having a beer and a bite in every single location above.

Yes, ALL TWENTY FIVE East Coast Road bars are located along the East Coast Road from Katong Shopping Centre, at Mooloola Bar past Katong V, up to Katong Laksa, a scoot past Katong Square for TapOut, nearly at the Village Hotel Katong & Holiday Inn Express Katong now (there’s so many Katong Hotels), Brotzeit Katong opposite Awfully Chocolate Katong is about 1/3 done, maybe a pause at AliBaBar for some good Katong food, some comfort beer food like Katong chicken rice.

And we’re off again leaving behind the Katong shopping centre scene as we approach the old favourite Mel’s Place hitting about halfway now as we walk past the infamous Beach Road Prawn Mee to enjoy the delights of MadNest and Bullion Hawker on the Joo Chiat stretch of East Coast Road.

Some respite now as there is a stretch of no bars until we hit Siglap. Let’s rest those weary and wobbly legs on a short bus ride until we get to Siglap’s 1st at MaltHouse followed by 5 bars within a step of each other finishing that stretch at P.O.D., now called SANTAI.

A short walk now to hit Bar Room, The Winery and then cross the road to our final resting place and my personal favourite bar, my local, JAGS.

That is one big pub crawl we did just for you, perhaps we should copyright it…

THE EAST COAST ROAD PUB CRAWL, try it if you dare… Best Bars on the East Coast RoadWOOF!!!

Your 'researchers' for Best Bars on the East Coast Road

Best bars on the East Coast Road

Best Bars on the East Coast Road

What are the best bars on East Coast Road? From our research and Google ratings, it appears that The best bars on East Coast Road include Georges MADBar & Grill, Jags, Santai, Malthouse, and Mooloola, among others.

Can I find beachfront bars on East Coast Road? East Coast Road is not actually on the coast, for beachfont bars you need to go to East Coast Parkway. There you will find heaps at the likes of Sanctuary Green, Stella and so on.

Are there any rooftop bars on East Coast Road? Not on East Coast Road, nearby areas like the city, Boat Quay, and Robertson Quay would be your choices for that.

Which bars on the East Coast Road are family-friendly for kids? Places like Georges MADBar & Grill and Jags are family-friendly and offer kid-friendly menus and environments.

The Best East Coast Road Bars beer pricing hall of fame (or shame)...

Disclaimer; Some establishments offer an American Pint 473ml, others 500ml, some 400ml, pricing is only as accurate as the information collected from the establishment on this day

The Katong bars of East Coast Road

Socialites @450


A recent move from Joo Chiat Road, now replaced with Papi’s Tacos, to this new uber-cool location opposite Katong V. A brilliant array of beers and some of the very best Japanese food you’ll get your gums around, including some serious umami Ramen offerings. Must-try.

The atmosphere is just wonderful and the crew and so lovely and super-attentive to your every whim. It’s become, very fast, one the the go-to-places in Katong.


Socialites @450 Address


best bars on east coast road

A long-timer in Katong, Mooloolabar is a personal favourite of mine and haunt of many friends of all nations. The food is pretty basic bistro style mainly edging towards Western with things like fish and chips, pork chop, bangers and mash etc.

It’s a very friendly bar and a great hangout with seating outside and in, and is right next door to Katong V Shopping Centre.

Mooloolabar is an Australian-inspired restaurant-bar located along East Coast Road in Singapore.

It stands out as one of the few places in Singapore that serves Stella Artois on tap, making it a unique destination for beer enthusiasts. Mooloolabar offers a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, making it a popular spot for locals and visitors alike. With a rating of 4.2 on Facebook, it is highly regarded for its cool ambiance and friendly staff.

You can find Mooloolabar at 20 East Coast Rd, Singapore 428747, in the Katong area. The bar’s operating hours are from 12:00 PM to 12:00 AM, making it an excellent choice for both lunch and dinner. 

Specials & Tidbits about Mooloolabar

They will pump out pints of Stella ALL day long for $9+ which is a bargain when across the road you will be paying $3-4 on top of that price.

Mooloolabar Address

Lower East Side Tacqueria

best bars on east coast road

Lower East Side’s first Mexican-inspired restaurant, a taqueria, has opened along the neighborhood’s popular eating area along breezy East Coast Road.

It has a chic vibe aligned with its hot and spicy Mexican-fusion food. Then add the plethora of  “craft” beer options in the mix and you have a winner.

Lower East Side Taqueria is a Mexican-inspired restaurant located along East Coast Road in Singapore. It offers a vibrant and rustic dining experience with a focus on spicy Mexican fusion food and craft beer.

The restaurant is known for serving a variety of Mexican dishes, including tacos, and is particularly popular for its flavorful Barramundi tacos. They also offer a choice of signature hot sauces for their tacos.

The restaurant has a lively atmosphere and serves killer Margaritas, making it a great spot for Mexican food enthusiasts. It operates throughout the week, with varying opening hours, including late-night service on some days.

Lower East Side Tcqueria Address: 19 East Coast Road, Singapore 428746

Lower East Side Tcqueria Telephone ; 6265 0261
Lower East Side Tcqueria Price range; $$
Lower East Side Tcqueria eMail;

Opening Times of Lower East Side Tacqueria


11:00 – 23:00

Specials & Tidbits at Lower East Side Tacqueria

Liquid Gold; Running their Happy Hour draft from $9.50 until 20:30 every day, every night.

Lower East Side Tacqueria Address

best bars on east coast road

People get together at Pigsfly for the enjoyment of good food and beer, which is a casual eating establishment.

A range of cuisines is available, including Gourmet Burgers, Pizzas, Seafood, Northern Indian and traditional Thai favourites, as well a bar with more than 50 speciality beers on tap. 

Pigsfly Kitchen & Bar is a casual dining restaurant located in Singapore. It is known for offering a unique dining experience with four independent kitchens under the same roof, serving a variety of cuisines.

The restaurant’s menu includes options from Indian, Thai, Pizza, and Burgers, making it a versatile choice for food lovers with diverse preferences.

The restaurant is situated at 19 East Coast Road #01-01, Singapore 428756, and provides a memorable dining experience. Customers can enjoy dishes like Chicken Pad Thai, gourmet burgers, and more, along with a selection of beers. Pigsfly Kitchen & Bar aims to bring people together for the love of food and beer, offering a wide range of options to cater to different tastes.

Pigsfly Kitchen & Bar Address: 19 East Coast Rd, #01-03, Singapore 428746

Pigsfly Kitchen & Bar Telephone; 6265 0261
Pigsfly Kitchen & Bar Price range; $$
Pigsfly Kitchen & Bar eMail;

Opening Times


11:00 – 23:00

Specials & Tidbits at Pigsfly Kitchen

Indoor and outdoor seating.

Read our blog for the menu and pricing.

Pigsfly Kitchen & Bar Address

Lazy Sloth SG Bar and Kitchen

best bars on east coast road
The Lazy Sloth offers food, beer, and classic cocktails, located on the first level.
House Bespoke Cocktails, Craft Beer, Wines, and Bar Snacks are served in the Drunken Sloth on the second floor.


Lazy Sloth SG Bar and Kitchen is a popular bar and restaurant located at 41 East Coast Road, Singapore 428761, in the Katong area. This establishment offers great service and a variety of delicious food options. It has quickly gained a positive reputation in the neighborhood, with friendly and attentive staff.

The menu at Lazy Sloth & Drunken Sloth features Western dishes, burgers, pasta, and more, with prices typically around $18 per dish. The bar is known for its reasonably priced ice-cold beers and tasty food items like gyozas, pork ribs, and fish & chips. It’s an excellent place to relax and enjoy good food and drinks.

Lazy Sloth Opening Times

Mon-Fri – 11:30 – 22:30

Sat/Sun – 11:00 – 22:30

41 East Coast Road, Singapore 428761

Lazy Sloth Telephone; 6241 3933
Lazy Sloth Price range; $$
Lazy Sloth eMail;

Lazy Sloth Specials & Tidbits

2 floors of inside seating and a very small outside seating area, so get there 1st.

Lazy Sloth Address

Good Intentions

Sorry We're Closed
best bars katong

All-day meals, coffee, and libations are combined to offer a unique eating experience at this all-day/all-night eatery called Good Intentions.

True to their bartending expertise, which has resulted in award-winning concepts like Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall and Good Luck Beerhouse, the restaurant simply aims to attend, delight and elicit childlike wonder through genuine connection and practical offerings, rather than trying to be everything to everyone.

Good Intentions Address and Contacts

Good Intentions Address: 45 East Coast Road, Singapore 428765

Good Intentions Price range; $$
Good Intentions eMail;

Good Intentions Opening Times


10:00 – 22:30

Good Intentions Specials & Tidbits

Good Intentions comes to us from the founders of Bergs the artisanal burger restaurant you’ll see all over the East Coast – hence Bergs being on the menu here.

Good Intentions Address

Rabbit Carrot Gun

best bars katong

Restaurant and bar with luxurious accommodations – takeaway, delivery, excellent coffee, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, British/Australian/international cuisine.

Rabbit Carrot Gun is committed to delivering excellent and reasonably priced food that is influenced by the finest of British and foreign cuisine and made with the freshest and most often locally sourced ingredients.

Sorry We're Closed

Rabbit Carrt Gun Address: 49 East Coast Road, Singapore 428768

Rabbit Carrt Gun Telephone; 6348 8568
Rabbit Carrt Gun Price range; $$
Rabbit Carrt Gun eMail;

Rabbit Carrot Gun Opening Times

Closed Down

Rabbit Carrt Gun Specials & Tidbits

You simply have to try their Scotch Eggs, and especially the black pudding one if it is on the menu when you visit. Wonderful British fare on the menu that sends you spinning back to Blighty.

A lot of outdoor seating is available as Rabbit Carrot Gun and The Trenchard Arms are one and the same.

If you need to really chill out you can even book one of the uber-cool rooms above.


AliBarBar Katong

As a Kopitiam by day, AlibabaR Hawker Bar transforms into a bar bistro for casual eating in the evening.

This restaurant is known for its fried prawn noodles, as well as its gourmet burgers, modern Thai, Mediterranean, and more than 100 craft beer options.
AlibabaR The Hawker Bar, a restaurant and bar located in Katong. This establishment offers a fusion of Mediterranean, Thai, Italian, and local cuisines, along with a wide selection of craft beers. It is situated along East Coast Road, opposite the 112 Katong shopping mall, in an old-school colonial shophouse. 

AlibabaR The Hawker Bar is known for its unique dining concept that combines cafe and casual dining during the day and transforms into a sports bar at night.

AliBaBar Address: 125 East Coast Road, Singapore 428810

AliBaBar Telephone; 8883 8183
AliBaBar Price range; $$
AliBaBar eMail;

AliBaBar Opening Times

Mon  / Wed / Thu / Fri / Sat / Sun

09:00 – 22:30

Tue – Closed

AliBaBar Specials & Tidbits

It is, by definition, a hawker bar but it has up to 5 PAX seating and lots of outside space to sit and watch the world go by.

Brotzeit Katong

best bars katong

At Brotzeit Katong, a long-standing German restaurant and pub in Singapore, guests can expect delectable cuisine made with the freshest, highest-quality ingredients. 

Slurp down your favorite German beer in an atmosphere that oozes ‘Gemütlichkeit,’ as the Germans call it. When a place is exactly right, you receive a warm, welcoming, and fuzzy feeling.

Brotzeit Katong is a popular German Bier Bar & Restaurant located in Singapore. It offers an authentic German dining experience, serving a variety of German dishes and beers. The restaurant is known for its hearty German cuisine, including dishes like pork knuckle, sausages, schnitzels, and more. Brotzeit Katong is a favorite spot for both locals and tourists to enjoy German food and beverages in a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

Brotzeit Katong Address: 126 East Coast Road, Singapore 428811

Brotzeit Katong Telephone; 6348 7050
Brotzeit Katong Price range; $$
Brotzeit Katong eMail;

Brotzeit Katong Opening Times

Mon – Sun

11:00 – 22:30

Brotzeit Katong Specials & Tidbits

Brotzeit-Go Delivery & Pick-up:
There is a tiny little outdoor seating area, but I have never seen anyone actually sitting there. It is on the rather busy junction opposite the newly opened i12.

TapOut SG

best bars katong

Tapout was founded by Molly and Kevin with the goal of bringing people together and creating an environment where people can learn about and enjoy local craft beers.

TapOutSG is a  tavern that seems like a part of the neighbourhood. All you need is a decent drink, some tasty meal, and some excellent company.

TapOut SG Address: 103 East Coast Rd, Singapore 428797,

TapOut SG Telephone; 8404 9144
TapOut SG Price range; $$
TapOut SG eMail;

TapOut SG Opening Times

Mon – Fri

15:00 – 22:30

Sat / Sun

12:00 – 22:30

TapOut SG Specials & Tidbits

Outdoor seating is available.

95 Cocktail Bar

95 Cocktail Bar Best Bars on the East Coast Road ~20: Cheapest East Coast Road Bars

Located in the middle of East Coast Road, 95 Cocktail Bar is a bar that is inspired by the golden age of beautiful cocktails and offers them with a modern touch.

Their expertise is providing delightful beverages and appetizing meals at a reasonable price.

95 Cocktail Bar is an intimate bar located at the heart of East Coast Road in Singapore. Inspired by the golden age of elegant drinks, this bar offers a cozy and inviting atmosphere for patrons to enjoy luscious cocktails paired with succulent food. It is known for providing a nostalgic experience, reminiscent of classic cocktail bars. On Facebook, it has garnered a rating of 4.7 out of 5 based on 14 votes, indicating positive reviews from visitors.

95 Cocktail Bar Address: 95 East Coast Rd, Singapore 428793,

95 Cocktail Bar Telephone; 8820 0095
95 Cocktail Bar price range; $
95 Cocktail Bar eMail;

95 Cocktail Bar Opening Times

Mon – Sat

16:00 – 22:30

Sun – Closed

95 Cocktail Bar Specials & Tidbits

Taken over the old Spanish Tapas, this has seating inside and out

best bars katong

Chuan er (Chinese-style barbecued skewers) are the hallmark dish of BBQ Box, a restaurant that specializes in North Chinese cuisine of the highest caliber. 

There are over 50, yes FIFTY, different skewers to choose from on their ready-to-eat menu, which includes a huge range of meat, seafood, and veggie skewers. Plus a massive variety of beers and ales on offer and super-affordable pricing.

Your choices get BBQ grilled in the kitchen and then delivered to the table-side. To keep them warm you have your very own BBQ Box. Yep, it is an UBER cool concept. I love it…

BBQ Box & Beer Market Address: 195 East Coast Road, Singapore 428900

BBQ Box & Beer Market Telephone; 6518 4358
BBQ Box & Beer Market Price range; $$
BBQ Box & Beer Market eMail;

BBQ Box & Beer Market Opening Times

Mon – Sun

12:00 – 22:30

BBQ Box & Beer Market Specials & Tidbits

Loads of specials mainly on the huge variety of beers on offer. The 1st time I went I benefitted from the Harbin 2x 610ml for only $14.80++. If you exclude the ++ that is hawker pricing.

Platypus Cantina

best bars katong

This restaurant is inspired by Mexico. Platypus Cantina is known for its reasonably priced tacos, Tequila, and a wide variety of Mexican-inspired dishes and beverages.

The Platypus Kitchen in Bugis, Singapore, is the same team and received multi-awards.

This is a modern take on the traditional Mexican Cantina, and it will rock your socks with kick-ass margaritas and micheladas, substantial tacos and Mexican burgers, and of course, a magnificent beverage program that includes budget-friendly cocktails, beers, and wines to keep you on your feet.

Platypus Cantina Address: 171 East Coast Road

Platypus Cantina Price range; $$
Platypus Cantina Telephone; 6344 0166
Platypus Cantina eMail;

Platypus Cantina Opening Times

Mon – Sun

11:00 – 22:30

Platypus Cantina Specials & Tidbits

They are currently not taking any online orders. For any enquiry, call them at 6344 0166, between 12 noon and 9 pm daily. 

best bars on east coast road

Mel’s Place, located away from the hustle and bustle of city life, has a rustic appeal that permeates its bar and bistro, which is focused on what matters most: delicious cuisine and beverages.

Unwind in their spacious al fresco eating area with a bite to eat and a refreshing pint of craft beer! Put your feet up and invite your friends to join you. Mel’s Place is a place where everyone seems to have a wonderful time.

Mel’s Place Bar & Bistro Address: 2A Kuo Chuan Ave, Singapore 426897

Mel’s Place Bar & Bistro Telephone; 6440 3573
Mel’s Place Bar & Bistro Price range; $$
Mel’s Place Bar & Bistro eMail;

Mel’s Place Bar & Bistro Opening Times

Mon – Sun

12:00 – 22:30

Mel’s Place Bar & Bistro Specials & Tidbits

A huge outdoor dining area, of which a lot is covered so perfect for al fresco dining whatever the weather.

The middle bit...

Wolaa Kitchen & Bar

Sorry We're Closed
best bars katong

A pleasant and fashionable restaurant in Singapore’s East Coast, Wolaa Kitchen & Bar delivers a superb combination of Australian and Asian fusion meals in a beautiful and modern setting.

Wolaa Kitchen & Bar Address: 376 East Coast Road, Singapore 428984

Wolaa Kitchen & Bar Telephone; 6312 3376
Wolaa Kitchen & Bar Price range; $$
Wolaa Kitchen & Bar eMail;

Wolaa Kitchen & Bar Opening Times

Mon – Sun

15:00 – 22:30

Wolaa Kitchen & Bar Specials & Tidbits

Sadly, it looks like they’ll be moving soon, so get yourself down to say goodbye grab a beer and some of their ‘on special’ oysters and other tasty food


Sorry We're Closed
best bars on east coast road

It is the mission at MadNest, to be a fresh new eating concept that will titillate your taste buds, soothe your throat, and inspire the artist within you via a varied array of cuisine and an ever-changing ensemble of artistic masterpieces.

Japanese, Thai-Chinese, and Northern Indian cuisines are among the options.

MadNest Address: 19 East Coast Rd, #01-03, Singapore 428746

MadNest Telephone; 6348 6861
MadNest Price range; $$
MadNest eMail;

MadNest Opening Times

Mon – Sun

11:00 – 22:30

MadNest Specials & Tidbits

A quirky bar + 3 dining styles, with lots of inside and outside dining space

Jag Wine

best bars katong

Jimmy, Alan, and Guna have been friends for a long time inspired by their common appreciation for the better things in life, founded JAG wine, a boutique wine distributor and gourmet restaurant.

A sophisticated European ambiance is brought with rustic wood-finished walls, a rich green color scheme, and candlelight tables, among other features.

This theme continues throughout our selection of tapas, entrees, and desserts, all of which are prepared by our knowledgeable and pleasant staff.

Their range of over 80 labels handpicked from the best vineyards in the Old and New Worlds, as well as a modest selection of beer and whisky, will satisfy any palate, whether you’re a novice or an experienced expert. 

JAG Wine is a well-established wine and dining establishment located in Singapore. Founded on April 13, 2015, JAG Wine is situated at 384 East Coast Road.

This establishment is known for attracting a diverse clientele, including locals and expatriates, who appreciate its offerings. JAG Wine offers a range of unfiltered, juicy, elegant, and long-lasting wines, and it is celebrated for its wine-related events and promotions.

The venue is popular for its European cuisine, offering hearty European food and specially selected wines. It provides a cozy and inviting atmosphere, making it a great spot for couples, families, or anyone looking for a relaxing dining experience.

Customers can enjoy Spanish food at JAG Wine on East Coast Road, where they can explore menus, read reviews, view photos, and take advantage of dining deals.

Jag Wine address: 384 East Coast Road, Singapore 428988

Jag Wine  Telephone; 6348 1778
Jag Wine  Price range; $$
Jag Wine eMail;

Jag Wine Opening Times

Mon – Closed

Tue – Sun

16:00 – 22:30

The Bullion Hawker Bar

best bars katong

The Bullion Hawker Bar is just a genius concept. Have a fully functioning bar with draft beers, spirits, and cocktails in a hawker center. Wow!!! 

Order a G&T, a house cocktail, or a draft beer and enjoy the food offerings of some 100 stalls in there from Chinese to Indian, it is exceptional. They are directly opposite Al Forno on the opposite corner.

The Bullion Hawker Bar  Address: 394/396 East Coast Road, Singapore 428993

The Bullion Hawker Bar Telephone; 8786 3632
The Bullion Hawker Bar  Price range; $

The Bullion Hawker Bar  Opening Times

Mon – Sun

09:00 – 22:30

The Bullion Hawker Bar Specials & Tidbits

This is another hawker bar that has the status of excellence.

This could be a unique hawker as they have a fully functioning bar with draft beers, spirits and even cocktail offerings

The Siglap bars of East Coast Road


best bars siglap

Malthouse, an old shophouse in the East Coast area of Singapore holds a large array of craft beer from all over the world. 

With 14 taps of draught beer and an immense bottle that can line up, it would be rare if they couldn’t find a beer to suit your style. Everything from an easy-drinking pale ale to a mouth-puckering sour.

Their stone-baked sourdough pizzas are some of the best in the East and with the new addition of our Tacos (which pair incredibly well with their beers), their reach has expanded. Their family-friendly restaurant pulls together people from all over Singapore looking for a relaxed and enjoyable evening.

Malthouse is a craft beer bar located in the East Coast area of Singapore. Situated at 685 East Coast Road, Malthouse offers a wide selection of craft beers from around the world, boasting 20 taps of draught beer and a variety of imported beer cans. 

In addition to its craft beer offerings, Malthouse serves comfort food, including hand-stretched pizza and burgers, making it a popular spot for those looking for a cozy place to enjoy craft beers and delicious fare.

The establishment has gained popularity for its relaxed atmosphere, making it an ideal place for beer enthusiasts to gather. It has also garnered positive reviews, with a rating of 4.2/5 based on 87 votes on Facebook. Malthouse often hosts events and promotions, creating an enjoyable experience for patrons seeking quality craft beers and comfort food.

Malthouse Address: 685 East Coast Road, Singapore 459054

Malthouse Telephone; 6636 4436
Malthouse Price range; $
Malthouse eMail;

Malthouse Opening Times

Mon – Fri 

15:00 – 22:30

Sat / Sun

13:00 – 22:30

Georges MADBar & Grill

best bars siglap
Georges MADBar & Grill: Escape & get immersed in this Balinese concept bistro with beach appeal. A place where friendliness and the rustic ambiance set the tone.
The kitchen offers a decent variety of homemade snacks and a Western grill with 100% assurance, NO GOOD, DON’T PAY!

Georges MADBar & Grill Address: 687 east coast road, Singapore 459055

Georges MADBar & Grill Telephone; 6441 9122
Georges MADBar & Grill Price range; $
Georges MADBar & Grill eMail;

Georges MADBar & Grill Opening Times

Mon – Sun

12:00 – 22:30

Georges MADBar & Grill Specials & Tidbits

Highly recommended to book and not try a walk-in as it gets mobbed pretty much every day and that is both inside and out.

You can join the loyalty program which goes across all the George’s branches on the island and redeem that for drinks and the like.

Iza Izakaya Bar & Restaurant

best siglap bars

IZA is a local izakaya concept restaurant and bar. Their chefs are the famed guys from The Skewer Bar – artists in their craft.

Drinks are mainly Japanese beers, sake, umeshu, shochu, and award-winning Japanese whisky.

Not forgetting their craft beers and special drinks on the menu, like Yuzu Lager (my personal favorite).

Iza Izakaya Bar & Restaurant Address: 695 East Coast Road, Singapore 459059

Iza Izakaya Bar & Restaurant  Telephone; 6385 2883
Iza Izakaya Bar & Restaurant Price range; $$
Iza Izakaya Bar & Restaurant  eMail;

Iza Izakaya Bar & Restaurant Opening Times

Mon – Sun

16:00 – 22:30

Iza Izakaya Bar & Restaurant  Specials & Tidbits

It is a joint run by the son of the owners of P.O.D just down the road and you can mix-match your food from either of the establishments. They’ll provide a ‘runner’.

Easiest way to secure a table booking is via Facebook Messenger, as they are not so good at answering that phone.

Santai (previously P.O.D)

santai pod siglap bars 1

I jokingly named this the Prince of Darkness, as yes I have spent a lot of time in here.

P.O.D is a young and trendy bistro located in the heartlands of the East Coast area of Singapore.
Come check out their yummy food & drinks on offer.

Santai Address:  697 East Coast Road, Singapore 459060

Santai Telephone; 6445 9132

SantaiPrice range; $

Santai eMail;

Santai Opening Times

Mon – Sun

15:00 – 22:30

Santai Specials & Tidbits

Super-cheap pricing on the drinks with. variety of specials on the go constantly and incredibly authentic Thai food as you’ll see from the POD Bistro Review below.

They also have a darts area at the back of the bar with many of the electronic boards inter-connected to the globe for competitions.

Highly recommended to book due to its popularity by the local Siglappers that frequent here.

best bars on east coast road

At bar.ROOM, they are constantly striving to bring you the best deals in town. A relaxed ambiance coupled with tasty and delicious food makes it the perfect place to chill after work.

They have a wide range of alcoholic beverages to choose from, served by a bunch of friendly staff.

​Join as a member to earn points for all your spending at bar.Room. Points can be used to redeem food and beverages on your next purchase. 

bar.ROOM Address: 899 East Coast Road, Singapore 459102

bar.ROOM Telephone; 8859 9356
bar.ROOM Price range; $$
bar.ROOM eMail;

bar.ROOM Opening Times

Mon – Sun

15:30 – 22:30

bar.ROOM Specials & Tidbits

Highly recommended to book due to its popularity by the local Siglappers that frequent here

Try the deep-fried chicken skin – WINNER!!!

The Winery Gourmet | Bar

best bars on east coast road

The Winery Gourmet | Bar: Cosy private dining spaces inspired by old European wine dungeons, perfect for formal or casual events. As in they have private rooms that look like King Authur’s round-table and the like.

Their walk-in wine retail cellar boasts one of Singapore’s widest selections of European wines, complete with curated European tapas and set lunch

The Winery Gourmet | Bar Address: 907 East Coast Road, Singapore 459107

The Winery Gourmet | BarTelephone; 9643 3188
The Winery Gourmet | Bar Price range; $

The Winery Gourmet | Bar eMail;

The Winery Gourmet | Bar Opening Times

Mon – Closed

Tue – Sun

11:30 – 22:30

The Winery Gourmet | Bar Specials & Tidbits

The private dining & drinking rooms are really quite quirky, literally like having a room in a castle all to yourself 

best bars on east coast road

JAGS at Siglap: They came, they left, they’re back! The popular watering hole for the upwardly mobile in Siglap.

Incredible personal service from the truly friendly staff and management, and some incredible food as well.

You have to try the Mac n Cheese, Chicken Tikka Pizza, Sweet Potato Fries, Sambal Squid, Roast Pork Belly & Duck-Fat Fries.

It is my favourite bar on the East Coast Road, and I am proud to call it my local.

JAGS at Siglap Address: 922 East Coast Road Singapore, 459114

JAGS at Siglap Telephone; 6241 2168
JAGS at Siglap Price range; $$
JAGS at Siglap eMail;

JAGS at Siglap Opening Times;

Mon / Tue / Wed / Thu
15:00 – 22:30
Fri / Sat / Sun
13:00 – 22:30

JAGS at Siglap Specials & Tidbits

They pretty much operate Happy Hour all day and it is super cheap almost akin to hawker pricing including ++.

All the food is available for delivery, just get on Grab. It really is such good food. Go for those recommendations.

Conclusions about the best bars on the East Coast Road

Taking a walk down East Coast Road, both physically and metaphorically, is one of the best ways to get a feel for Singaporean culture. Historic shophouses line the two-mile stretch, which was one of Singapore’s earliest demarcated roads, offering a beautiful scene filled with uniqueness. 

To top it all off, there are several museums and businesses devoted to the Peranakan culture, also known as Straits Chinese, which has played an important part in the development of Singapore’s history and culture.

We recommend this monster pub crawl of the best bars on the East Coast Road to burn off some of the calories you’ll inevitably consume and drink when you come here. It’s also the very best way to see this beautiful part of Singapore.

There is a local saying that goes, once an Eastsider, always an Eastsider. I absolutely and totally agree with that wholeheartedly. You get 2-miles of East Coast Road’s incredible variety of delicious food and drink offerings and lively hipster atmosphere that will have you coming back for more, and more, and more…

Just don’t expect your pub crawl to be in a straight line when you get to the final few places on offer.

Please drink responsibly and with moderation.

Any harm you or anyone else may suffer as a consequence of using this site or any of the content on it while intoxicated is not our responsibility under any circumstances.

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