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ChillaxBBQ is a unique F&B experience created by 2 best mates by accident.
ChillaxBBQ inaugural event

One day two friends assumed that the condo BBQ would be available and started cooking. Halfway into the cook 2 other families arrived, and yes, they had booked. We offered to cook their food in return for allowing us to finish our dining, and to share one table. They were super-nice and allowed us to finish, gave us that spare table, and yes had us cook their food.

Our kids played with theirs, we even took the crying baby for a walk in the pushchair to allow Mum and Dad some time to chill with their mates.

The next day we sat at East Coast Lagoon Food Village, had a cold beverage, and had the light-bulb moment… “We just outsourced someone’s BBQ…”

What a great idea for Singapore we thought, BBQ as a Service (BaaS)!

We mocked up a Facebook site, asked around for votes on a favorite name, posted some old food photos of ours, and pressed launch: 4,500 likes later ChillaxBBQ was created!

We took a baptism of fire cooking for a friend’s newborn party, a mix of Asian and Australian with circa 150 PAX and we survived. That very location for the party then booked us for their ANZAC party a few weeks later and we survived again. Since then we have cooked for corporates and 300 PAX, and morphed to home delivery during Covid times. We have cooked on land, on beaches, in condos and homes, and also on super yachts.  One client coined us ‘The Spotify of BBQ, because we work with you to create your very own personalized and bespoke food playlist. Just for you.

I am now down to a single Chef, me, in the ChillaxBBQ crew. But our core principles and activities still apply;

  • We love to reverse-sear steaks to Pink2Pink Perfection, and loathe ‘boil-in-the-bag;
  • We love to be green using zero plastic in our endeavors;
  • We relish working with customers delivering their weird and wonderful choices with everything being bespoke, back to Spotify for BBQ;
  • I have written, and self-published cookbooks to raise money for my chosen charity in Cambodia, Tabitha Foundation & Hope for Cambodia;
  • I have won accolades with my Thai Lamb Gai Pizzagoing on Jamie Oliver’s Specials Menu;
  • I won the Amateur Rabbit Carrot Gun Scotch Egg Cooking Competition;
  • I took over Kilo @ Kallang restaurant as Head Chef for a night during Kilo Under Pressure with over 150 covers coming;
  • I have been very busy recently through Covid times delivering Private Chef Table experiences in their own homes;
  • I achieved Singapore FSA Hygiene Certification;
  • I achieved Stage 1 Certification for Tequila Sommelier;
  • I briefly appeared, as the first-ever Angmo, on MasterChef Singapore Series 3.

My customers become friends, and many are repeat customers and referrers for me, which is an incredibly humbling experience. I am one very lucky wanna-be Chef.

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