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Brotzeit @ Katong

Brotzeit @ Katong

The weekend was with us and the family were hungry (no surprise there, I hear you stating). So a quick bus ride to Katong, and let’s get stuck in to some German fare at our mates, Brotzeit @ Katong.

You’ll notice this is VERY Baby Jude centric. It’s just that this little bugger makes us giggle so much with his antics, her is always in the photos. I also did not go mad on the food photos as we kind of had what we had last time we came here, apart from me. Mary had the seafood salad for example as she loves it so much. I went off-piste compared to last time. Here comes a little review of Brotzeit @ Katong.

Brotzeit @ Katong
“Dad, you not having one?” said Baby Jude
Brotzeit @ Katong
“Look Dad a smily face, just like mine!” said Baby Jude.

We really relax here. Food is great, staff so so friendly and attentive, great atmos, never a bad meal, reasonably priced, and you just feel comfortable you know. That’s the overriding thing I have just realised. You really do feel comfortable – just sitting, chatting, playing, eating and drinking – nice!

Brotzeit @ Katong
My superb German cold cuts platter. Ding dong!!!
Brotzeit @ Katong
These breaded and deep fried mushrooms are killer. They come served with this awesome tartar sauce. Must have!

A little montage above of crazy boy Jude loving the music on offer. See what I mean about enjoying the place! He clearly does.

So there is my little soiree in to Brotzeit @ Katong. We really like this place. It’s close to home. It’s very family oriented. The staff are super friendly and attentive. You never get a bad meal, they are so consistent. The variety is exceptional. The kids are entertained. The price is right. What more could you want on a Saturday afternoon? Get there and – ENJOY!!!

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