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Ole Tapas Bar Restaurant: Best in Boracay 2023


Ole Tapas Bar Restaurant was a cracking locale in Boracay when we holidayed there. Loved it.

I tell you what folks I’d go here again for certain. Where to eat on a Friday night in Boracay, the Philippines? Semi-Naked Chef and family were in the Philippines for a short family vacation, literally eating our way across the island.

We walked passed Ole Tapas Bar & Restaurant at Station 2. It was packed to the rafters, apart from a full 6 seater table becoming free right at the front in the open air. Yep, I’ll have that thanks! It was clearly fate – and I am so glad we went in. Lovely staff and truly superb food.

Spanish, Portuguese, and Cuban food – now that suggests to me that this will be good. Ole Tapas Bar Restaurant has a specialty in paella – albeit we didn’t have this tonight. But I have to say there was pan after pan of paella coming out from the kitchen. And I truly mean pan after pan.

Ole Tapas Bar Restaurant is a popular restaurant located in Boracay, specifically in Malay, Aklan. Known for its Spanish-inspired tapas and vibrant Latin atmosphere, it has become an iconic establishment on the island. The restaurant offers a variety of tapas dishes, allowing visitors to savor a range of flavors in a communal dining style.

Ole Tapas Bar Restaurant has received positive reviews for its service and food quality, making it a notable dining option in Boracay.

The restaurant’s business hours typically span from 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM.

Ole Tapas Bar & Restaurant
Here it is – were sat front and centre in the outdoor area…
Ole Tapas Bar & Restaurant
Happy families and rightly so at this place – it was wonderful – excuse the red face – clearly too much sun for yours truly!

So glad we did.

Ole Tapas Bar & Restaurant
Baby Jude tucking into one of his favourites – olives – go figure for a not-even two-year-old huh!
Ole Tapas Bar & Restaurant
Gambas Y Fritadas – OMG – if you don’t have these here you should be shot

Mary ordered the Gambas Y Fritadas. Basically grilled prawns with chips. But this was far from basic. Also when I say grilled I mean BBQ‘d to get that intense smoky flavour. These things were the size of a small child. Oh boy, these were insanely good. Some of the best prawns I have ever eaten, and Mary said the best ever she had had and that just for these she would come back to Ole Tapas Bar Restaurant.

Ole Tapas Bar & Restaurant
Here’s my little indulgence – a Cuban sandwich

A Cuban sandwich is a variation of ham and cheese that was often made in cafes catering to Cuban workers in the early Cuban immigrant communities of Florida, Key West, and so on. This was grilled pork tenderloin, ham, cheese, mustard and pickle. Sour, meaty, crunchy, mustardy deliciousness.

Ole Tapas Bar & Restaurant
Ropa Vieta

You know me, I had to try another dish. And here is their Ropa Vieta. Shredded beef with onion, garlic, tomato sauce, and win, cooked in olive oil. This was really nice, although the Cuban sandwich had filled me somewhat. This was almost a Cuban version of sweet and sour pork, but much more savoury.

Ole Tapas Bar Restaurant, Station 2, on Boracay White Beach. If you are here you really should try this place, you’d be missing out if you didn’t have such a great family restaurant – The Semi-Naked Chef says you must – get here and ENJOY!!!

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