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This Coffee Roasters in Siglap is much more than just a coffee shop


5 Oars Coffee Roaster Siglap
Loving the quasi NYC warehouse conversion style & open-kitchen

5 Oars Coffee Roasters has some History to the place…

So 5 Oars coffee venue in Siglap used to be a foot massage joint called Green Apple and I know that because it was the family favourite. They had a room with 5 seats so all of us could sit watching a film whilst having a Chinese foot massage. A heavenly family outing. So, imagine the shocked faces of family Kennett the first time we walked into 5 Oars Coffee Roasters in Siglap. What a change, what a new decor. It truly was a WOW!!!

It is also yet another new foodie place in our hood, Siglap which is fast becoming the foodie capital of Singapore in my humble opinion. Along with its neighbours of Joo Chiat, Katong and Bedok why would you look anywhere else? I am so lucky to have chosen to live here, be a major foodie, and have all this on our doorstep.

A month delay in the opening – I wonder if that was on purpose? But now in full-flow. We let the hype die down and did indeed see some horror reviews due to food wait times, no bookings allowed, queueing and food not being served properly. Likely just the usual teething issues of a new joint. Today they were on the money.


But 1st let’s hear what they say about 5 Oar Coffee Roasters themselves…


Will a boat with five oars sail straight on?

That’s what we set to find out.

“Exploring our connections through coffee.”

As the story goes, we were just friends in a living room, raving about the simple satisfaction that great coffee brings and Five Oars Coffee Roasters was born.

We sought to discover flavours and aromas of life hidden in bean varietals all over the world, and make them known to the world back home. Delicious food and coffee, coupled with unforgettable service can catch you up at the weekend you so crave and deserve — We know this from experience.

But we needed to carve out a place of respite in our concrete jungle to practice and enjoy our craft with those who appreciate it most. That sense of comfort in the community is our anchor.

5 Oars Coffee Roaster
I love the fact they call out the concrete jungle analogy and then look around the new decor in the Siglap branch. Yeap kind of minimalist concrete. Reminds me of days in Melbourne and New York. It’s uber-cool.













We hope you would join us on this leg of the Five Oars Coffee Journey as we take our craftsmanship up a notch. Step onboard and sail into the endless weekend with the ones you call home.

(IslIfeARecipe; I like that, nicely written from the crew at 5 Oars…)

How to make reservations?

This is always a big question for 5 Oars Coffee Roasters – especially when you see the queue milling about in the carpark at the front.

The short answer is that you can’t.

No bookings are taken to date, so we walked in and took the risk on our first visitation. I’d recommend sending someone ahead if you live locally, and perhaps go 30 minutes before you want to sit down. It does get busy in there believe me.

Is it affordable & priced well?

Great food on East Coast. Well priced, with an incredible variety and it’s a great coffee place for business meetings too. It has a way better vibe and location than the American counterpart crap across the road. They’ll never get my money, but 5 Oars Coffee Roasters will. It takes me back to the days when I lived in the coffee capital of the world, Melbourne. It has that feel about it, the same cool urban look and even a similar bistro-style menu to many in Melbourne that I loved frequenting.

Price ranges;

Coffee will go from $3 – $7

Soda will go from $5.50 – $9

For a starter, you are looking at $12-18

A side will set you back $8-16

And in the mains corner, you’re looking at a range from $20-42 – but the $42 is for lamb, so what do you expect…?

I’ll cover the costs of our individual dish reviews below, so you will get a good idea per dish.

What’s the 5 Oars Coffee Roasters menu?

They have a variety of menus that are set by the time of day.


The 5 Oars Coffee Roasters DAY MENU is 0830 to 1715

Day Menu — Coffee Roasters












The 5 Oars Coffee Roasters NIGHT MENU is 1800 to 2100

Night Menu — Coffee Roasters Siglap













We went on a weekend evening and it was superb. Our server was super-helpful (be proud of that 5 Oars Coffee Roasters) because he was so knowledgeable of the products and company history. It was really good to interact with him. So, family Kennett has absolutely zero to complain about unlike others – it was seriously good. We dined on truffled edamame, hanger steak, beer-battered onion rings, wagyu cheeseburger, duck rillette, beef tartare with caviar… We drank meads and ice chocolate milk…


edamame with truffle
Well hello there beautiful. Edamame. BUT, not just any edamame. It is edamame with truffle. I kid you not. There is a 1st. Incredible dish. This will set you back $10
Duck Rillette
Boom. Another cracking starter from the crew. A more expensive one at $16, but justified because it is Duck Rillette; shredded duck confit, duck liver, brandy, & butter. Served with some super toasty sourdough bread. It’s a beauty.
Beef Tartare
Woof!!! This is a must-have I reckon. I love a carpaccio, and this one is up there. This Beef Tartare; crostini, Aruga caviar, mustard, capers, gherkins, avocado miso mayo. It is INSANELY good. I think it is great value at $17 because there is a lot of meat there.


Brussel Sprouts
Feeling rather British this night and seeing Brussel Sprouts on the menu how could I refuse and not try. Simply called Brussels & Bacon. It’s a cracker. Love sprouts. Not so much about 3 hours later. Well, I do, but others don’t. $12 for this dish that will clear an elevator in one go.
Deep-fried beer-batter onion rings
Deep-fried beer-batter onion rings the size of tractor wheels. Wow, these are daunting when plopped on the table. I notice these are no longer on the menu though, so let’s not dwell.


Wagyu Cheeseburger
Now we’re getting into the big stuff. And I mean BIG STUFF. Check this baby out. Wagyu Cheeseburger; with brioche bun, 180g patty, aged cheddar, sunny side up, fries (this was an earlier version with an onion ring, not egg – but you get the message from the picture). It’s a monster and for $25 so very affordable. Delicious.
Angus Striploin
Finally, today on the food frontage was this. The one dish I would say they ‘could-do-better’. It needed seasoning and it was damned chewy. Shame. But, again this has gone from the menu, so let’s not dwell. They now have an incredible looking Angus Striploin at $30 only.


Do you know me right? I am a beer guy. They have approximately 28 craft beers on the menu. WTF, you had me at hello. The caveat is that nothing is on tap, this is all bottles and cans, so don’t be expecting a nice volumetric pint of something cold in here because it is not going to happen.

A really unique and interesting experience is the variety of Meads they have. Absolutely this is a favourite of mine and well worth a guzzle or two across the entire range from the brand Gosnells of London. They are small in stature but punch about their weight on the dollars at $14++ a can. Ouchy!!!

Gosnells of London
My absolute favourite, but it’s a guzzle. Like 2 sips and it is gone. So light and refreshing with that sour kick from the gooseberry but balanced from the sweetness of the mead. It’s a belter.
Gosnells of London
And this is the ‘Signature’ mead with some beautiful floral, citrus and honey (of course) flavours in there. They also have a Citra Sea version which is quite plum-like in flavour.

Where are 5 Oars Coffee Roasters in Siglap?

5 Oars Coffee Roasters is a must-try on East Coast, and especially for those walk-in Siglappers.

Support your neighbourhood restaurants & hawkers folks.

Five Oars Coffee Roasters
6 Upper East Coast, Singapore 455200
Opening Hours: 8am – 8pm (Mon – Sun)

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