LAVO Italian Restaurant And Rooftop Bar


Offering spectacular rooftop views of the city and a luxurious lounge, this award-winning Italian-American restaurant transforms into the perfect venue to take in the glow of the city at dusk.

Tuck into sharing portions of LAVO’s signature dishes such as the Charred Octopus and the famous LAVO Meatball. Be sure to leave space for their 20 Layer Chocolate Cake.

As night falls, sip handcrafted cocktails at the sprawling outdoor bar and terrace, all while taking in the twinkling city lights from 57 storeys above ground


L57, Hotel Tower 1 Central (Orange zone)

Mon - Sat: 11am-12am Sun: 12pm- 12am Champagne Brunch: Sun, 12pm – 3pm

Phone: +65 6688 8591

Exploring the Diverse Menu Highlights at Lavo MBS

Lavo MBS captivates its guests with a meticulously curated menu that spans a broad spectrum of Italian-American cuisine, presented in distinct segments that cater to diverse culinary preferences. Each dish is crafted with precision, using high-quality ingredients to deliver a memorable dining experience. Here’s a highlight of selected offerings from each segment, complete with prices and descriptions.


  • Garlic Bread (\$26): A classic starter infused with basil pesto, accompanied by marinara sauce and Gorgonzola Dolce for a rich and tangy flavour.
  • Eggplant Parmigiana ($28): Layers of eggplant with marinara, mozzarella, and parmesan, baked to perfection for a comforting beginning to your meal.
  • Grilled Octopus Salad (\$33): A refreshing mix of celery, cipollini onions, potatoes, and olives, topped with tender grilled octopus for a Mediterranean touch.


  • Verde Salad ($27): A light and invigorating blend of cucumber, avocado, Marcona almonds, dressed in a honey-rosemary dressing.
  • Grilled Baby Artichokes ($28): Artichokes paired with peas, fava beans, mint, and Pecorino Toscano, offering a unique and flavourful salad option.
  • Classic Caesar ($28): Romaine lettuce with parmesan cheese and garlic croutons, tossed in a traditional Caesar dressing.

Brick Oven Pizza

  • Margherita ($33): A timeless pizza with fresh mozzarella, tomato, and basil, embodying the simplicity of Italian cuisine.
  • Spinach (\$33): Fresh mozzarella and spinach, accented with black olives for a vegetarian delight.
  • Black Truffle ($35): A luxurious combination of mixed mushrooms, ricotta, and arugula, enhanced with the earthy flavour of black truffle.


  • Spaghetti Tomato and Basil ($32): A classic dish with onion, garlic, and olive oil, celebrating the simplicity of Italian flavours.
  • Spaghetti Carbonara ($38): A rich and creamy pasta with prosciutto, bacon, onions, all enveloped in a sumptuous cream sauce.
  • Penne Alla Vodka ($37): Al dente penne in a light cream sauce with onions, prosciutto, and peas, offering a creamy and comforting dish.

House Specialties

  • Chicken Parmigiana (\$43): Thinly pounded chicken coated in marinara and mozzarella, showcasing a classic Italian-American fusion.
  • Chicken “Dominick” (\$46): A zesty dish featuring chicken with white balsamic, roasted potatoes, and red chili flakes, delivering a spicy kick.
  • Mediterranean Seabass ($48): Fresh bay leaf and preserved lemon add a citrusy freshness to the seabass, accompanied by a fennel and parsley salad.

From the Grill

  • Filet Mignon (\$85): A 220-gram tender cut, offered with a choice of black truffle butter or garlic herb butter among others, for a customised flavour profile.
  • Lamb Chops ($88): Perfectly grilled chops that promise a succulent and rich taste with each bite.
  • Porterhouse (\$220): A 900-gram steak for those seeking a grand dining experience, served with your choice of sauce or butter for added decadence.

Each segment of Lavo MBS’s menu is designed to offer diners a comprehensive selection of dishes that are both familiar and innovative, ensuring that every visit is both comforting and exciting. The prices reflect the premium nature of the ingredients and the care put into each dish, promising a dining experience that’s worth every penny.

Address: 10 Bayfront Ave, Tower 1, Level 57, Singapore 018956

Telephone: +65 6688 8591

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