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Smiths Fish and Chips Review (2024)


Picture of Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Foodie Extraordinaire

The Best Fish & Chips in Singapore by a long shot

Fish & Chips are an Englishman’s staple go to comfort food so when my BFF Spencer mentioned that he had just ordered Smith’s Fish & Chips for his dinner that was the trigger. I just had to have them, I just could not avoid that action now as I could almost taste them.

I went online immediately and ordered away and then ran downstairs to get the Maldon Salt Flakes and Sarson’s Malt Vinegar the two absolute must-have bedfellows for fish and chips. OK I know it’s not Sarson’s but it’s what we can get our hands on in Singapore but I can dream!

Sarson's Malt Vinegar

When the food arrived in their AWESOME delivery/serving boxes with Union Jacks all over we doused the fish and chips in malt vinegar and a food sprinkle of sea salt. You then get that smell, that smell that only a Brit will appreciate from days of being a kid at the local chippie. I was transported back to Pete’s Fish ‘n’ Chips back in Margate my old birth-town. It is truly amazing how food can make you virtually travel through memories.

Smiths Fish and Chips Delivery

Smith Fish and Chips Pricing & Specials

The pricing is just brilliant, for example, Standard Cod & Chips @ $23.50 which could easily be a 2-person portion. Even Halibut, which is known as The Steak of the Sea, & Chips is only $29.00. I have cooked with Halibut and imported it from Alaska, so I know how much that beauty costs as a raw material. I’ll add the pricing of our dishes in the review so you can see how reasonable this is for lunch or dinner.

They also have a children’s menu and ‘Gluten-Free Day’ every Tuesday (the traditional batter is also available not just Gluten Free), and if you’re looking for a little extra value at lunch, they serve a $15.00 special between 12noon and 2.30pm.

And they are very special due to them being sustainable

I love the fact that on their web site they call out that they only serve locally grown British potatoes which is awesome, and they also pride themselves on serving only sustainably sourced fish. The latter is so important when you’re serving Cod for example, a fast-depleting fish due to over-fishing.

sustainable fishing

Smiths Fish and Chips Menu

It’s a monster with so much variety. It actually reminds me of trips to Scotland where it seems everything gets fried in the chippie including even deep-fried Mars Bars.

Super-affordable and great value for money based on the portion sizing, you’ll see that from the Smiths Fish and Chips pricing below.

We chose;

  • Cod & Chips $27
  • Steak & Guinness Pie and Chips \$21
  • Deep-Fried Mushrooms $11
  • Battered Chip Butty $20
  • Mushy Peas (foc)
Smiths Fish and Chips

Smiths Fish and Chips Portions

I’ll call out now that the portions are HUGE. For example, I ordered a Chip Butty, which is usually a fresh bread and butter sandwich that you fill with lovely fried chips doused in malt vinegar and salt.

Heathens may add some tomato ketchup, but at Smiths Fish & Chips it is batter-fried as well and includes fried chips, mushy peas and even mint sauce. It is the KING of Chip Buttys… Oh yeah, and they serve it with…. CHIPS. Holy cow.

Let's see that food...

Smiths Fish and Chips Review
Smiths Fish and Chips food

Battered and deep-fried chip butty and chips. Packed with chips, mushy peas and even mint sauce.

A whopping portion of perfect cod and chips. Slathered with vinegar and a good sprinkle of sea salt. Heavenly.

Smiths Fish and Chips Pies steak and guinness pie
Sarson's Malt Vinegar

An incredible pie and chips served with even more unctuous gravy which was superb for chip dipping. Jude Jude LOVED this.

My Jude Jude showing you what Sarson’s Malt Vinegar is designed for…

Monster portions of fish and chips
Smiths God and Chips

They surely don’t mess about with their portions here. Easily big enough for sharing, a lesson learnt for the next time.

Beautifully moist, firm, flaky cod fillet from Smiths Fish and Chips. Yummo!!!

mushy peas

It’s a very British thing. Mushy peas. A bit like Marmite, you either love em or you hate em, there is no middle ground…

How about a beautiful deep-fried and battered mushroom or two with some tartare sauce instead? Don’t mind if I do…

Japanese A5 Kagoshima Wagyu bubble and squeak

There literally was so much food that I used leftovers in the morning. I made a rather delicious Bubble & Squeak with mashed up chips, with some Japanese Wagyu topped with a perfect fried-egg. Double Yummo!!! No food waste in this house.

Let's hear from them shall we?

“Singapore’s very own authentic British Fish & Chip Shop Takeaway opened to the public on Monday, 27th September 2010, and has become a favourite with ex-pats, tourists and locals alike.

We look forward to making your visit to SMITHS a memorable one and hope that through our policy of providing all customers with the same excellent standards of service and using only the very best quality fish, you will return and visit us again and again to enjoy our top-quality ‘fish & chips’!

You’ll find lightly battered MSC–approved Cod and Haddock as well as such popular fillets of Halibut and Dory as well as British classics, such as English farmhouse sausages, Steak and Guinness and Chicken and Mushroom pies, mushy peas, curry sauce, gravy and Heinz baked bean… just to name a few!


We source and import the highest quality ingredients from local British / UK suppliers to ensure our meals are as good today as they were back in 2006 when we opened our first fish and chip Shop in Singapore. All our fish, menu items and potatoes are prepared and chipped, fresh, daily on the premises.”

Smioths Fish and Chips have been externally & independently recognized as Singapore’s best as well…

They quirkily get coined The CodFather and I love that.

Expat Living

Smiths Fish and Chips Delivery

They do delivery but they use a non-mainstream delivery company which is a pain to be honest. I found it really hard to guesstimate deliver times until the last minute and the family were all chomping at the bit and chasing me continually for when the food will arrive. I did hear though that you could organize as a ‘collect’ and use your own choice of delivery rider instead so maybe I do that next time.

Being very honest I think we are at the upper limits of their delivery radial distance for the food. The batter was just getting to the little bit soggy stage. If only we lived closer, or they were still open at Smiths Fish and Chips Tanjong Katong

We used to frequent a fair bit when these guys were still open on Tanjong Katong because that was equidistant from our old place in Costa Rhu and new place in Siglap. Sadly, they are now too far away so we must rely on the delivery option or walk-in if we happen to be ‘over that way

But this must be called out that they are still undoubtedly the best fish and chips in Singapore, and I am honoured to give this Smiths Fish and Chips Review.

Smiths Fish & Chips Opening Time

  • Takeaway, dine-in or delivery are all the same;
  • Monday to Sunday: 12pm-9.30pm

Cook Your Own Fish & Chips

If you don’t want to travel to Bukit Timah or get a delivery, why not cook your own by following our simple ChillaxBBQ Fish and Chips recipes.

Smiths Fish & Chips Location & Contacts

Sadly, Smiths Fish and Chips Tanjong Katong has closed, and they now only have their Bukit Timah address.

271 Bukit Timah Road, Balmoral Plaza, #01-02, 259708

You can organize a Smith Fish and Chips Reservation by giving them a call at 6737 9313.

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