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Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Foodie Extraordinaire


Pigfly Kitchen has a superb variety of food from FIVE menus @ this quasi-hawker in the heart of Katong

Some History to my relationship with the place…

I have met a few people here before, but only ever ‘used’ the bar. In fact, it was the place I said goodbye to a very good mate of mine on his last night in Singapore. I have walked past it on countless occasions on the way to other bars and restaurants but never dined. Today the kids and I had been for my recurring physiotherapy across the road and needed to dine somewhere. Time to change the drinking here only history I thought, so come on kids today we dine for lunch at Pigsfly Kitchen & Bar.

This place used to be called Two Pigsfly and is now renamed to PigsFly Kitchen & Bar. Just in case you were searching and could not find it anymore.

Which one to choose from though…?

PigsFly Kitchen & Bar concept
Four menu options and one bar – what a great concept this is. It’s sort of a hawker cum bar cum restaurant. Just superb. Today we dined at La Pizza and Burger Office.





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Let’s hear what Pigsfly Kitchen say about themselves…

“The ultimate foodie is the worst decision-maker. Pigsfly has a way of limiting the decision making time to what we believe are the best of the hardest choices to make. Burgers, Pizzas, Thai & Indian. How can one food lover expect to be limited to only one at one time? The struggle is real, fellow foodie. We’ve got your back.

Pigsfly Kitchen + Bar is a casual dining restaurant where people come together for the love of food and beer. You will find four independent kitchens serving up a variety of cuisines and a bar full of 50+ artisanal beers from around the globe.”

Islifearecipe; The ultimate foodie is the worst decision-maker. I love that statement. It is so very true. Foodie’s love variety. We’ll bulk order to sample the variety and then usually pack to take it all home to eat again later. Variety is absolutely what you get here at Pigsfly.

Katong Restaurants & Bars
Nestled between Lower East Side & the Japanese restaurant on the corner whose name I forget. Here is the varied frontage showing off the dining options within…PigsFly Kitchen


Is PigsFly Kitchen affordable & priced well?

Great food on East Coast Road. Well priced, with an incredible variety. Pop in for a cheap beer with 141 happy hours and grab a snack or sit and dine with super-affordable food from the 4 menu options.

What’s on for the Pigsfly Kitchen & Bar menus?

They have a variety of menus by the brands & currently are running a few lunchtime specials.

Liking that a lot!!!

special offers at pigsfly
Lunch Deals – Pigsfly Kitchen & Bar






Tiffin – a stunning array of Indian fare…

Superb value with mains going from a mere \$12-15, and starters from \$10-16.

The most expensive dish is $30 and that is a sharing platter that would easily feed 3-4 pax.

incredible Northern Indian cuisine in Katong
Tiffin – Northern Indian Gastronomy







Northern Indian finest dining in East Coast
We didn’t dine from this menu today but have a look at that. I think we will be eating this next time for sure










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La Pizza – good pizza at super prices

Strawberry went hard on the pizza option today as you’ll see from the Vlog review and very nice it was too. Not the very best we have ever eaten but really good. You know, just nice!!! Have a look at that lunch special. A 9″ pizza for only $10. That’s an amazing price.

But even when not on the specials the pizzas are $16 for a 9″ and $20 for a 12″. Very affordable indeed.

La Pizza delicious pizzas
Very affordable and delicious pizzas. The next time for me is Phily Cheesesteak for sure.










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La pizza, banning out super-cheap and delicious pizzas
Rather delicious looking pizzas right…?

Burger Office – more variety than you can shake a stick at

This is what Jude Jude and I got stuck into. We went for the American Classic. One thing to slap Pigsfly for though. There was no way that that was smoked cheddar. It was a processed cheese slice from Dairy Lee or something. A little disappointment there, but overall the burger was cooked really well and seasoned nicely. A rather delicious burger indeed.

At a max of $18 for a burger, this is up there with super-affordable. Especially when McClown is throwing out McShitty burgers for upwards of $10. It’s a no-brainer.

Screenshot 2021 12 16 at 10.50.19 AM PigsFly Kitchen









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Amazing burgers at Pigsfly
Have a look at that beauty. Seriously yummy burgers here


Blue Elephant – simply stated as Thai Food

We didn’t eat this menu today, so this is for future consideration. Look at the pricing. It’s like being in Thailand. $22 for whole sea bass is exceptional. That’s cheaper than hawkers. I think I will definitely be coming back here with wifey for that dish.

Screenshot 2021 12 16 at 10.49.58 AM PigsFly Kitchen









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PigsFly Kitchen Blue Elephant Thai Restaurant
A rather beautiful looking Pad Thai. I’d be very happy if that got served to me



Again, very reasonable. Before 2030 is their ‘happy hour’ and a pint of Staropraman will set you back $9.50 compared to a usual price of $12. Now, there’s an incentive to get down for early arvo beers and a snack attack.

PigsFly Kitchen











Drinks menu at PigsFly Kitchen
Literally, they’re on the money

Where are the crew of Pigsfly Kitchen?

They are in the uber-cool foodie neighbourhood of Katong. Down towards the bottom end of East Coast Road with neighbours like Beer Basket, Yun Ga Korean BBQ, Rabbit Carrot Gun and now the very newly opened Sushi Sakae. A little parade of bars and restaurants directly opposite Katong V Shopping Centre. Easy for taxi drop off at Katong V, and bus stop directly opposite.

Pigsfly Kitchen & Bar Location & Contacts

19 East Coast Road, Singapore 428746


+65 6348 2283

Pigsfly Kitchen & Bar Dine-In opening times

Monday–Sunday; 11am–11pm



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