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Is Life a Recipe is a Travel and Food Blog

Best Food Blogger in Singapore
Best Food Blogger in Singapore (**self proclaimed)

Recognised by Singapore’s Finest as a Top Food Blog, Islifearecipe.net has the mantra of exhibiting for you the mouth-watering cuisines and distinctive local cultures of Singapore and South East Asia. You may enjoy some of the best food in the world here at any one of a variety of establishments, ranging from food stalls and hawkers to cafés and five-star restaurants, with a new gastronomic adventure waiting around every corner. Add to that my travel experiences whilst I chomp and chew my way through South East Asia.

The blog is written by a self-acclaimed foodie, cook, and traveler that has lived in South East Asia for 15+ years with a Eurasian family to boot. I pride myself on that the reviews are written by me, about my experiences and those of my family. No outsourced writing here.

Food and Travel are both such important components of our lives but I believe that we take them for granted at times. Everything is now available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We have restaurants that serve pre-cooked, pre-packaged food and are open 24 hours a day. Why do we eat without thinking about what we’re eating, when we’re eating, where we’re eating, or even who we’re dining with? We miss the meals’ origins, culture, history, and regional variations.

We “fast-food” it, and bypass the neighborhood food court, street vendor, or hawker right outside our door. Is it simply that we are hesitant to taste the local cuisine because of its unpredictability or cleanliness, and are we scared to sit among the “natives”? 

I truly hope this food and travel blog will give you insights into where to travel in South East Asia, where to dine on the most incredible food, and how to cook that in your home. 

Thanks to...

I owe a great debt of gratitude to my mother and grandmother for instilling confidence in me in the kitchen from a young age. Thanks to Da’s Thai Restaurant in Margate, England, for my first taste of Asian cuisine.  My love and gratitude go to my wife and children for their unwavering support, and to my friends for allowing me to experiment with them on a regular basis.

My credentials...

I pride myself on being potentially one of the only Singapore food bloggers that have actually walked the walk not just talked the talk and used others to write the talking for them… 

Season 3 Final 18 Finalist on Singapore Master Chef

Brian Under Pressure


I started this food and travel blog to document my family life, travel, recipes, and eating adventures while living in Asia. When I travel to a new locale, I consume the local cuisine. To eat the “hand-me-down recipes” that are potentially generations old. I’m desperate to meet the individuals who are cooking it, and I’m anxious to get the recipes. But 99% of the time, they never come forward because it is their great, great-grandmother’s recipe or something along those lines. 

I jot down my impressions in a notepad and return home to try to replicate them in my own unique way

As a poet once said...

Eating and dining is a communal activity that is central to our social lives, both within the family and beyond.

It is over the dinner table that memories are made,

Deals are conducted,

Pain is shared …

We romance, bond, fight and celebrate …

Is Life a Recipe? I think it is…ENJOY!!!

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