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Is Life a Recipe is a Food and Travel Blog created by Brian Kennett an English-born and bred foodie, cook, and traveler who has been living in Singapore for some 15 years. He has not just been living here though, rather he has embraced the country & its Asian neighbours as his 2nd home absorbing the cultures and of course the food. He is a Singaporean Permanent Resident, and had the great fortune to met Anthony Bourdain once with his friend KF Seetoh

His family is a blend of English, Japanese, and Filipino, with 5 kids, so truly living the Asian life. He has a second home on the beautiful island of Bohol, the Philippines. “It’s more fun in the Philippines!” says Brian, and he should know.


Recognized by Singapore’s Finest as a Top Singaporean Food has a mantra of sharing with you the mouth-watering cuisines and distinctive local food of Singapore and South East Asia.

You will possibly enjoy some of the best food in the world here at any one of a variety of establishments, ranging from food stalls and hawkers to cafés, five-star restaurants, and Michelin-recognized restaurants. There is literally a new gastronomic adventure waiting for you around every corner. We will tell you where those best corners are to go and have your food adventures.

Add to that my travel experiences whilst I chomp and chew my way through South East Asia.


This Food and Travel Blog is a mix of his own recipes, travels, family fun, restaurant, and hawker reviews.

It’s an eclectic blend of East meets West fusion from his travels to Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines,  Malaysia,  Indonesia,  Hong Kong, India, Japan and many more beyond. During the hard times of Covid, Brian supported the local hawker communities writing blogs to attract new customers and keep their doors open. 


Do you live in Singapore? Are you here for the first time or simply traveling through and want to know where to get the best of the city for families?

We have produced this page for an ever-growing list of fun things to do with your family and kids that you may use as inspiration for your next trip or weekend as a family. We found this super-useful during the worst months of Covid when we were locked down in Singapore and were desperate to keep the kids entertained. We hope it also helps you.


As a recipe creator, Brian has won many cooking accolades which we think makes this Singapore Food Blog unique. Brian has walked the walk, not just talked the talk, or got others to do the writing for them. He has a Chef’s Table-style BBQ service called ChillaxBBQ, where he brings fine BBQ dining to your table at home. He has won a Jamie Oliver cooking competition, resulting in his winning Thai Laab Gai Pizza going onto Jamie’s menu in Singapore. He has self-published a cookbook to raise money for charities in Cambodia. He even took over a restaurant as Head Chef for a night – Kilo Under Pressure.

In 2022, Brian was the first Angmo ever on Master Chef Singapore, with an appearance on Series 3. A humbling experience to stand alongside the best home Chefs from Singapore, and survive an elimination round, having to use his nemesis – FISH – as the core ingredient. He also appeared on CNN Radio.

We hope you ENJOY Is Life a Recipe, our little Food and Travel Blog.

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