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Yun Ga Korean BBQ Katong V – Best Korean BBQ


Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Foodie Extraordinaire

Yun Ga Traditional Korean Restaurant Review

Yun Ga Korean BBQ Katong V, also known for its much longer name of Yun Ga Traditional Korean Restaurant came highly recommended by my BFF Spencer. And when he recommends, you go, because he is a massive foodie himself and surely knows his restaurants.

So I suggested to Wifey that we do this for Valentine’s dinner. A lovely romantic dinner, just us, with the three kids. So not romantic at all. In fact just like any other family dinner, except it’s at a new location. Romance is not dead, it just never happens when you have three kids…

Anyway, taking up Spencer on his recommendation, we visit Katong V this evening. Yes, Katong V, the shopping centre in Katong, because the restaurant is there on the 3rd floor. Every time I have been to Katong V I have had no idea that the most amazing restaurants are above my head. You just never know. But now we do so off we went on the bus to visit and dine this evening.

I’m quite excited actually.

There is also a twist to this review, with some major small worlds stuff coming up about the restaurant origins. Read on…

Read on or have a watch on... your choice!!!

Yun Ga Korean BBQ Katong V

Yun Ga Korean BBQ Katong V

Here it is, at level 3 in Katong V. How many times have we walked past this when having kids play dates on the 2nd/3rd floors and the like without ever knowing this existed. Thinking back though, this might have been a kids playground thing that Jude Jude used to go to many years ago…

I think I will need to ask the owner next time we come back.

I suggest you book as it was RAMMED this evening when we came. As in FULL, PACKED, and OVERFLOWING…

Let's have a look at the food, shall we?

Yun Ga Korean BBQ
Korean BBQ

We go for two types of Wagyu and some Black Collar Pork. We didn’t go hard as we were all in varying states of fullness from a late Valentine’s lunch. This was perfect, and don’t forget all the other nibbles you get served in the traditional Korean BBQ way.

Have a look at that. I love Korean food for colours, textures, smells and tastes. Just look at that array of foods. It’s a beautiful site. I am so happy to be sitting here eating this.

I have been watching this incredible foodie show on Netflix about the relationship with pork that Korea has and it shows all these different ways they BBQ and cook it. You can’t help but want to eat BBQ immediately after watching that show, so here is my foodie medicine today. That show, by the way, is excellent and worth a watch if you are a foodie; Korean Pork Belly Rhapsody.

Korean BBQ
Wagyu BBQ in Korea

Look at that. How can you not go food giddy over that food beauty? And this is before we started eating and cooking.

Spencer advises me too that they do a cracking deal on BYOD if you wish to partake of your own liquor and/or wines. One to keep in your mind.

Personally, I love eating this deliciousness accompanied by an icy cold Korean dry beer.

Stars of the show go into the very uber cool Korean BBQ ‘pot. It collects all the juices and fats from the meats so everything else being BBQ’d in there picks up that seasoning. I want one, I want one!!!

Perfectly cooked meats with beautiful charring. Mix that with the fermented red bean paste, some sliced raw garlic and wrap it in a fresh lettuce leaf because that’s the best thing you’ll throw in your mouth for a long time to come believe me. It is off-the-charts delicious.

Yun Ga Korean BBQ Katong V

Very traditional in style, and it is BIG folks. But even so, it was FULL to the rafters tonight.

When you walk in you get hit with this waft of BBQ meats. Jude said he wanted to live here. I have a feeling this is going to be soooooo good…

Korean BBQ cutlery

I had had a shoulder operation so only had one arm and it was the wrong arm. Korean metal chopsticks are going to be a NIGHTMARE, haha…

Luckily they cut the meats up to bite-sized pieces after it is cooked so I was all hands.

Let's hear from Yun Ga

Founded with the vision of providing authentic Korean food to both the locals and the Korean community in Singapore. With their brand of delectable food and fantastic service, they have gained a loyal following with both native Koreans living in Singapore, as well as the local community, making their restaurant a popular choice for meals.

Yun Ga Top Service

I could not concur more with the above.

They have lovely staff, so be very proud of that Yun.

They come to cook table-side for you, BBQ’ing your meat choices, so you get to speak to them a lot. Our lady was a Filipina and her Mum came from the same island my Wifey originates from, and where our house is of course. Small worlds again. So many chats in local dialect about days in Bohol and thoughts about family. Could this meal get any more perfect?

Yun Ga Korean BBQ Menu & Pricing

It’s a monster with Yun Ga Special BBQ Set, Grill, Noodles & Rice and then A La Carte. Much to choose from folks… what takes your fancy?

And check out that pricing. It is super-affordable for what you get. Like this is a $$ only on the pricing front. Incredible value.

Yun Ga Traditional Korean BBQ Menu
Yun Ga Korean BBQ menu
Yun Ga Traditional Korean BBQ Menu
Yun Ga Traditional Korean BBQ Menu
Yun Ga Korean BBQ Katong Menu
Yun Ga Korean BBQ Katong Menu
Yun Ga Korean BBQ Katong Menu
Yun Ga Korean BBQ Katong Menu
Yum Ga Traditional Korean BBQ Menu

The quirky history we have with Yun Ga BBQ Katong V

I asked out server/cook how long they have been here in Katong V, and four years was her answer. I started to kick myself because they have been here for four years and we have never been.

She also let slip that they had moved from their original location down at East Coast Park.

I WhatsApp’d Spencer because was this the very same Korean Restaurant that used to be in East Coast Park above BurgerKing?

We both agreed that it wasn’t because the name was different, that was Ju Shin Jung, and because here they use these little grilling pots whereas at Ju Shin Jung they had sloping down grills built into the table.

So where were these guys before on East Coast Park? Categorically the name is not the same as the place we frequented a lot, because that is Ju Shin Jung. What a mystery!!!

On check out and paying our questions were answered.

I took a business card and I started to chat to the guy taking our payment at the till. Turns out he was the owner, and his name is Yun. He separated from his business partner (brother-in-law) 4 years ago and opened this restaurant on his own. It turns out the old joint-venture restaurant that they had at East Coast Park, Ju Shin Jung, was indeed above BurgerKing which they closed down, and then he opened alone.

He started as Yun Ga to avoid confusion with the Ju Shin Jung outlets.

How about that. It’s destiny.

There it is below – now all gone as part of the East Coast Park renovations.

Ju Shin Jung

Yun Ga Traditional Korean Restaurant location and contact details for bookings & reservations

Give Yun and his crew a call, drop a line or just risk the walk-in.

This is worth a visit to all you non-East-Coasters because for this food I’d travel here for sure.

Yun Ga Traditional Korean Restaurant

Katong V, 30 East Coast Road, #03-12

Telephone; +65 6447 9279

Email: coki.pte.ltd@gmail.com

Yun Ga Korean BBQ opening hours

Monday-Sunday 11:00am – 10:30pm

Yun Ga Korean BBQ Katong Delivery

Yes, they do indeed deliver via the usual suspects of FoodPanda and Deliveroo that you can access via their Facebook site.

Is Yun Ga the Best Korean BBQ in Singapore?

Yun Ga Korean BBQ at Katong V is just wonderful. I reckon one of the very best Korean BBQ restaurants I have ever been to, and not just on the East Coast, I mean EVER, including my trips to South Korea.

I cannot believe they have been here in Katong V for 4 years and we have never been, it’s just crazy it has taken us so long to visit.

But, our 1st visit is surely not going to be our last, and this will absolutely be a family favourite and repeat visit with much more frequency.

Yun, be proud fella, what you have going on here is just quality.

Thanks to Spencer for the recommendation. Mate, you rocked on this recommendation, my friend. And now you get it recommended from me and family K too – ENJOY!!!


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