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Dining across South East Asia

Restaurant Reviews can make or break a restaurant in Singapore and South East Asia

Recognized by Singapore’s Finest as a Top Singaporean Food Blog, has a mantra of sharing with you the mouth-watering cuisines and distinctive local food of Singapore and South East Asia.

You will possibly enjoy some of the best food in the world here at any one of a variety of establishments, ranging from food stalls and hawkers to cafés, five-star restaurants, and Michelin-recognized restaurants. There is literally a new gastronomic adventure waiting for you around every corner. We will tell you where those best corners are to go and have your food adventures.

Add to that my travel experiences whilst I chomp and chew my way through South East Asia.

Here are our tenets on how we write our restaurant reviews:

  1. Being honest: If we don’t like the food, we will say it. When it comes to restaurant reviews, it’s important, to be honest, and unbiased. If something isn’t up our alley, we say so. By being honest we are providing valuable feedback to other diners who are considering dining at that restaurant.
  2. Being descriptive: We do not just give the basics – we take time to describe the atmosphere, ambiance, the food, answer FAQs, and any special features of the restaurant. This will help potential diners make an informed decision about whether or not to visit.
  3. Rating the overall experience not just the food: We will always rate a particular restaurant by writing a review based on our personal experience, we don’t use ratings in terms of Stars like other sites or consolidate reviews from other sites, this way you can use our honest and personalized review as your guide when making a decision as to where to dine, just remember everyone’s tastes are different but an experience is something everyone looks for in a restaurant.
  4. They are our reviews and those of our families. We do not get paid for the reviews, we do not outsource the reviews to others to write on our behalf as other food blogging sites do. Our team of two write all the content.