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Dining across South East Asia

Restaurant Reviews can make or break a restaurant in Singapore and South East Asia

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Welcome to, a Singapore food blog that has been recognised as one of Singapore’s top food blogs by Singapore’s Finest for its ability to showcase the mouth-watering cuisines and unique local foods of Singapore and Southeast Asia and beyond. Is Life a Recipe is your gateway to discovering the delectable world of cuisines and unique local flavors.

We’re not just about restaurants; we’re your trusted source for honest and insightful food reviews – that we don’t get paid for, therefore they truly are honest. Discover the best spots for pizza, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Thai, Indian, Japanese, BBQ, sushi, and burgers. Plus, we’ll take you on a taste adventure to explore Filipino restaurants, where you can experience the flavors of the Philippines

In this world-renowned food paradise, there are various dining options available, from humble food stalls to upscale five-star restaurants and Michelin-recognized establishments. You are guaranteed to have an extraordinary gastronomic experience at any one of these places. At, we have explored and discovered some beauties, and we are excited to share our findings with you, and we make sure to include all aspects of the dining experience, including the food, service, ambiance and more.

And as you indulge in these dining wonders, we’ll also share our exciting travel experiences throughout Southeast Asia. Join Spencer and Brian as we chomp and chew our way through this vibrant part of the world. Get ready to uncover the secrets of exquisite dining and unforgettable travel experiences, all here at

Whether you’re a foodie looking for new and exciting places to eat, or indulging in mouth-watering slices at a cozy pizza joint, exploring the rich flavors of Chinese cuisine, sipping margaritas at a vibrant Mexican eatery, savoring authentic Italian pasta, delighting in aromatic Thai dishes, relishing the spices of Indian curries, enjoying fresh sushi rolls at a Japanese sushi bar, or reveling in the smoky goodness of BBQ, we’ve got your cravings covered.

We take pride in our ability to share our food adventures & travels with our readers and to inspire them to explore new cuisines and dining experiences in South East Asia.

In conclusion, at, we are passionate about providing our readers with high-quality food reviews and recommendations for the ultimate dining experience. Join us on our journey as we explore the best restaurants and food stalls in Singapore and South East Asia.

Is Life a Recipe Restaurant Reviews

Here are our tenets on how we write our restaurant reviews:

Welcome to our restaurant review guidelines, where we strive to provide you with honest, descriptive, and personalized reviews for your dining experience. As food bloggers, we believe in being truthful in our restaurant reviews, and we do not shy away from expressing our opinions on the food, service, and ambiance of a restaurant.

  • We take pride in being descriptive in our reviews, providing readers with a detailed insight into the atmosphere, special features, FAQs, and of course, the food. We understand that an informed decision is crucial when it comes to dining out, and we want to ensure that our reviews help you make the best decision possible.
  • When it comes to rating a restaurant, we do not use generic star ratings or consolidate reviews from other sites. Instead, we rely on our personal experience and write an honest and personalized review that reflects our thoughts and opinions. We believe that everyone’s tastes are different, but an experience is something that everyone looks for in a restaurant, and we aim to provide an honest reflection of our experience.
  • Our restaurant reviews are written by our team of two, and we do not outsource or get paid for our reviews. We write our reviews based on our own experiences, as well as those of our families, ensuring that our reviews are honest and unbiased.

In conclusion, our restaurant reviews are focused on providing readers with honest, descriptive, and personalized insights into the dining experience. We believe in being truthful in our reviews and providing valuable feedback to help other diners make informed decisions about where to dine.

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