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Bedrock Bar & Grill Restaurant Review (2022) | Award Winning Steakhouse

I strongly recommend you book Bedrock Bar & Grill using our Chope above. This place gets jammed, and believe me, you don’t want to miss out on dining here. You’ll see that below from the snaps.

Hi Ho Hi Ho, shopping we shall go… No idea why we were on Orchard? Hold on yes I do, buying a new Mac for Ollie for his University. Now I remember. So here we are for lunchtime, but what to eat? I’d been to Bedrock Bar & Grill ages ago with my great lifelong mate Steve Clark and new client contact for a business lunch. The dry-aging fridge had me today.

In we go and I am so very glad we did, because we dined like Kings and Queens (and Princes and Princesses). No wonder this is an award-winning steakhouse Singapore. She is indeed a beauty

bedrock bar and grill Bedrock Bar & Grill

Bedrock Bar & Grill A La Carte Menu (2022)

Bedrock Bar & Grill Okan Wagyu Menu (2022)

Let's see the food we consumed at Bedrock Bar & Grill today...

bedrock bar and grill french onion soup Bedrock Bar & Grill

French Onion Soup onion, beef broth, bacon, Gruyere gratin. Oh my goodness this has depth. The flavours just keep on giving, a punch of this, a slap of that. This is so very damned good. Top notch French Onion Soup.

We eat with our eyes first. Winner. Then the nose. If only you could smell this cheesy, beefy, onion’y aroma. It’s killer. Then, the best to last is the flavour, and this is a beauty.

@ $18

bedrock bar and grill garlic confit Bedrock Bar & Grill

I cannot find this on the latest menu. I am so hoping they have not killed this, because it was AWESOME!!!

How about some roast garlic confit, with butter on a freshly baked flatbread, and a sprinkle of sea salt? I’d line up in a queue for this again and again. 

Just absolutely heavenly. My goodness!!!

bedrock bar and grill bone marrow Bedrock Bar & Grill
Photo courtesy of Bedok Bar & Grill

Oh my giddy Aunt. Best bone marrow dish ever I feel. The salad and fresh lemon knock it out of the park, cutting down the over-fattiness and making this one heavenly umami BOMB!!! DIE DIE MUST-TRY!!!

Roasted Bone Marrow chopped parsley salad, toast

@ $29


bedrock bar and grill charcuterie Bedrock Bar & Grill

And, another one that is not on the menu anymore sadly. OK, it is quite basic. Their cold-cut charcuterie. Looks divine and tasted the same. But, I think we over-ordered haha. As we always do!!!

bedrock bar and grill potato bacon cheese Bedrock Bar & Grill

You want something super-savoury and ever-so-unctuous. Dig in, folks. This is what you have wanted. This is ever so good, and so very moreish. You just can’t help but keep digging. The thick-cut smokey bacon is stellar, but then add that molten blue cheese and you are floating with the food angels. What an absolute diamond of a dish.

Sweet Potatoes, Bacon & Blue Cheese

@ $18

bedrock bar and grill braised beef rib Bedrock Bar & Grill

Twice Cooked Boneless Beef Ribs vine-ripened tomatoes, straw fries.

WOOF!!! No, actually MOO!!!

Touch this and it falls apart. Literally, it is so tender it falls apart. No need to chew, just push it to the roof of your mouth and swallow. It’s a WOW beef moment. This is something you must have in your life at least once. It’s a stunner.

@ $59

Let's hear what Bedrock Bar & Grill have to say about themselves...

bedrock bar and grill steak on bbq Bedrock Bar & Grill

EARTH + FOOD + FIRE Established in 2008, Bedrock Bar & Grill is an enclave of culinary discoveries inspired by travels. From Spanish dinner parties to late-night brasseries in New York and Paris, or simple afternoon food fare in Sydney and San Francisco, our well-travelled chefs bring home timeless gastronomy trends from their pilgrimage such as the Tomahawk. Marked by a respect for tradition and product, wood-grilled, smoked hot or cold, with exotic spices or keeping things classic, customers can expect a selection of meat cuts and seafood from the USA, Japan and Australia's farms for superior quality and sustainability.

Let's check out some shots of the restaurant interior and exterior at Bedrock Bar & Grill

BEdrock Br Grill Dry Ager Bedrock Bar & Grill

Any restaurant and I mean ANY, that has a dry-aging fridge is up there in my humble opinion. So when I espied this from the entrance of Bedrock Bar & Grill I knew the decision for lunch was made. Just look at those meats, gradually turning from bright red to burgundy and then deep brown. Just stunning.

bedrock bar and grill Bedrock Bar & Grill

Check out that uber-cool decor on the outside of Bedrock Bar & Grill. That would outshine any New York steakhouse. Sure is chic. 32\]/ /d 

bedrock bar and grill interior to kitchen Bedrock Bar & Grill

Moody and minimalistic, but just so very urban-cool. Plus that so fine fridge. If only I had $20k to spare…

bedrock bar grill bar Bedrock Bar & Grill

I need to come for longer next time to get through that lot…

How to book and make a reservation at Bedrock Bar & Grill? Simple... Click below!!!

Our conclusions of Bedrock Bar & Grill

It is indeed a cracker. Just what you’d expect from an award-winning steakhouse Singapore. Bedrock Bar & Grill will serve up classic dishes and some new ones to boot. But you are ensured of quality all the way through.

Anyone that shows off the dry-age fridge as you enter is a winner in my books. Great job Bedrock Bar & Grill, we had a stunner of lunch. We dined, chatted, drank, and watched the ‘window-shopping world’ pass us by. It’s great food, it’s relaxing, it’s just great!

Definitely worth a visit for the French Onion Soup, Potato Cheese & Bacon, and yeah those slow-cooked Beef Ribs. We chose well today. Hoping you do too when you visit here – ENJOY!!!


What are the opening times of Bedrock Bar & Grill?

What are the delivery times of Bedrock Bar & Grill?

Friday12:30–4pm, 6:30–10pm
Saturday12:30–4pm, 6:30–10pm
Sunday12:30–4pm, 6:30–10pm
Monday12:30–4pm, 6:30–10pm
Tuesday12:30–4pm, 6:30–10pm
Wednesday12:30–4pm, 6:30–10pm
Thursday12:30–4pm, 6:30–10pm

What are the contact details of Bedrock Bar & Grill?

Telephone: +65 6238 0054


What's the address of Bedrock Bar & Grill?

96b Somerset Road, #01-05 Pan Pacific Serviced Suites 238163

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