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Baba Chew’s, @ Hotel Indigo, Katong


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Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Foodie Extraordinaire


Baba Chew’s, @ Hotel Indigo, Katong


I have to say I am a little surprised at the reviews on FaceBook about this place. Today our lunch at Baba Chew’s, @ Hotel Indigo, Katong, was nothing short of fantastic. We loved every single dish, and because of that doubled up on one due to us enjoying it so much. The only common theme I am seeing is that most people are going for brunch, we went al la carte. Service was fine, due to the staff being cheery and attentive. I can’t complain, as others have. Food was delivered in a more than timely fashion, food that looked incredible, smelt divine and had some absolutely amazing flavours. It was packed, full of happy families as well.

This was Baby Jude’s 4th birthday lunch, and we ate like Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses. Baba Chew’s, @ Hotel Indigo, Katong, you seriously have no complaints from family Kennett, only praise. I even pinged my mate Rutherford to see he had to come here, and he said he had been and had ordered exactly the same as me – now that is funny. We will be back.

So what did we chow down on this lunch, before disappearing to the cinema?

Baba Chew's, @ Hotel Indigo, Katong
It was Baby Jude’s 4th birthday, and as a result we decided to have a nice family photo! Happy Birthday my love!
Baba Chew's, @ Hotel Indigo, Katong
Duck popia, is an absolute knock out dish. As a result, therefore, we ordered another plate of this, because it was so good!
Baba Chew's, @ Hotel Indigo, Katong
Two Hainanese Chicken Rice for Jude and Amy. Check out the try-full of stuff you get.
Baba Chew's, @ Hotel Indigo, Katong
I go with the stellar, Short Beef Rib Rendang. Ding Dong! Now, this was good. This was such a flavoursome dish. Spices, and zesty overtones of lemongrass and kaffir lime. WOW!
Baba Chew's, @ Hotel Indigo, Katong
Mary shows down on Soup Kambing, a traditional mutton soup. I went to ask for a taster and it had all gone. That’s good for the restaurant, not for me.
Baba Chew's, @ Hotel Indigo, Katong
Ollie goes hard on the Nonya Laksa. He loved it!
Baba Chew's, @ Hotel Indigo, Katong
A beautiful little side dish. A Chef adaptation of an old recipe, by throwing in some Foie Gras. How could we not try this, the Tau Kwa Pau. The sauce in this dish is absolute KILLER!!!
Baba Chew's, @ Hotel Indigo, Katong
Yes please, we’ll have two of the Chef’s adapted Creme Brulee’s. This is a Lychee version. Oh yes!

This is our review of Baba Chew’s, @ Hotel Indigo, Katong. We loved it. We’ll absolutely be going back. The only knocking I can give it is the pricing of the drinks. It’s Clark Quay pricing, not Katong pricing. $15 for a beer. $8 for an ice-lemon tea. It seriously bumped the bill up. The food was great. It is well worth a visit – ENJOY!!!

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