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Coachman Inn Review (2023) – Permanently Closed


Picture of Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Boozy Traveling Foodie Extraordinaire

Coachman Inn Restaurant ; Permanently CLOSED, and replace by the NEW George's @ Changi, located inside the Changi Sailing Club

I have to say the food at Coachman Inn was dire, but you sort of put up with it because of the views. Well, now Georges @ Changi has taken over the reins and will likely NAIL it as they do at their other 5 locations across Red Dot. They keep it simple and they do simple really well.

Georges @ Changi has a new location at the Changi Sailing Club on Netheravon Road. This particular location offers a rustic ambiance, making it a suitable choice for romantic evenings overlooking Pula Ubin. You can also make reservations at Georges @ Changi through platforms like Quandoo and Chope, and you can check their menu and prices through these platforms as well.

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Coachman Inn Restaurant – Best Seaside Views

Coachman Inn Restaurant, how on earth did we end up here?

In the spirit of doing different things and exploring we went again to Pulau Ubin for a long lunch, a walk along the beach and dinner at a new place that was booked up last time I tried. So we’re having old favourites, some sea air, exercise and a new restaurant

Yep big ticks in many boxes for that. We were going to do a bike ride too but there was a monster queue for the restaurant on Pulau Ubin so we were rather late to sit down and ended up just munching, chatting and looking back at previous year’s videos to reminisce of travel and family. A lovely day was had by all.

I’ll just call out that I think we cocked up on what we ordered at Coachman Inn Restaurant. We went Western as we had just had a load of local food on Pulau Ubin. As we sat and watched everyone around us order and eat local food I think we realised that perhaps we’re in the minority.

But you’ll see that from the review below. We’ll be back, even if just to eat again in that stunning breezy place with incredible views. Local food is a must next time.

Pulau Ubin Boat Trip

Sous Chef & Co-Pilot Jude Jude with Daddy on the boat on the way to Pulau Ubin. I love our little boat trip across the water. It really is like going back in time. But today was so so very busy. Mobbed in fact. With massive queues at the restaurant today.

The Coachman Inn Restaurant

This is where we will be having dinner later – all booked. The Coachman Inn Restaurant is in the trees there somewhere, which is actually a Changi Sailing Club restaurant. The view over dinner tonight is going to be the sea, sailing yachts, Pulau Ubin and twinkly lights… Bring it on.

Pulau Ubin landing pier

Here comes the landing pier – you really should try to get over here if you have not been for a while. It’s a 10-minute bum-boat to go back about 100 years. Great food and full-on nature. Plus you are literally going overseas and we all know how important it is do that these days.

Pulau Ubin Seafood Restaurant

Pulau Ubin Seafood

After a long wait, we finally got to a table. In fact, I wouldn’t wait and just went and sat down. No really snaps, jut this one which was Wifey’s ‘small’ fish. Delicious and firm she said. Not sure if she was referring to herself or the fish though haha.

deep-fried buns

Another call-out was the very biggest deep-fried buns ever. Absolutely superb with some chilli padi and soya sauce. We even ‘donated’ one to a family next to us who was clearly new to Singapore as enquiring what they were. This thing is immense like 4 times the size of a normal fried bun with supreme doughnut flavour all the way. BOOM!!!

Changi Boardwalk and Coachman Inn Vlog

Monitor Lizards

Monitor Lizards

The tide was out and the Monitor Lizards were out there scavenging the total lines for interesting tidbits. Only a baby one this time, not the behemoth we saw last time.

Coachman Inn Restaurant

If you want t oeat at Coachman Inn I would absolutely ring them and reserve as this place was mobbed. It’s a lovely place as you will see from the pictures.

It felt so strange at the end that I think we all thought we’d leave the table, charge it to the room bill and go upstairs to the room to sleep. Yes, it really felt like we were on vacation at a seaside resort hotel. Quite an amazing feeling.

Make sure you call them on; 6214 9600. Absolutely one to try if you are looking for a feeling of having left Singapore for a brief while.

Let’s have some words from The Coachman Inn

“Coachman Inn Restaurant is located at the eastern end of Singapore. A perfect place to enjoy a lovely sunset and to take a break from the busy city life. Coachman Inn strives to make dining out an exceptional experience by providing unsurpassed Asian and Continental cuisines coupled with excellent services since 1981. Peddling both Asian and Continental cuisines, Coachman Inn at Changi Sailing Club offers al fresco dining accompanied with the sea breeze as well as a beautiful view of the Pulau Ubin and Pulau Tekong. The charms of Changi Sailing Club begin with mooring yachts that harmonize with the sea. Trailed by waving palms, dancing nonchalantly stroke naturally by the whispering sea breeze, cricketing cicadas, crashing waves and inquiring sound assemble the crescendo of Changi symphony.”

It really is up there for location, location, location… As you can see from the following Coachman Inn Review.

Coachman Inn Restaurant Review

Coachman Inn Restaurant Review

Beautiful family, seriously perfect table at Coachman Inn and a stunning view = happy Daddy. No oil-tankers in view. And a sea-breeze to die for all night. It then gets dark and on come the twinkly fairy lights. Magical. Music playing, people chatting… It really is a lovely place with a great atmosphere.

The Coachman Inn Panoramic Picture

A nice little panorama of Coachman Inn from Strawberry Blonde.

Coachman Inn

Coachman Inn is quite a small place, so again I recommend you ring and book. Believe me, this is fully booked and in about 30 minutes was absolutely mobbed with patrons. Heaving in fact.

Coachman Inn Staff Coachman Inn Review (2023) - Permanently Closed

This guy was working all alone at the Coachman Inn when we arrived. You could almost have called him Han Solo… cough cough!!!

Kenno the Viking

Amy made my inner-Viking come out by giving me a hair-band thing… “I NEED MEAT!!!”

French Onion Soup, Cream of Mushroom Soup & Waldorf Salad

All around us at the Coachman Inn were clay pots being served up and sizzling this that and the other. We went Western and ended up with British Motorway Cafe dishes. Quite funny actually. Don’t get me wrong, nothing was bad, it just took me back to Happy Eater style motorway cafe in England. Here we have the French Onion SoupCream of Mushroom Soup & Waldorf Salad (not had a Waldorf since I was a little kid in England – probably at a Happy Eater on the M25).

Coachman Inn Lamb Chop

The kids both got stuck into the infamous Coachman Inn Lamb Chop. Again, not fantastic plating really, is it? The kids ordered it well-done. But, they ate it all which is always a good sign.

Coachman Inn Tenderloin

Wifey goes for the Coachman Inn Tenderloin, centre-cut. Again, destroying it with well-done – which was her choice, but inside was quite medium. Plating again was just bizarre, very English motorway cafe style. And her review was: “Taste beef, tasted OK, despite being a little chewy.

Coachman Inn Fillet Mignon

I went for the Coachman Inn Fillet Mignon. Nicely cooked, but lacking seasoning and really not sure of the school-dinner sauce including the splashes all over the plate. Not sure who Chef was but surely not checking the plating before it went out. School-dinners spring to mind as well.

Also one of the funniest things happened – I ordered chips with mine but it arrived with a jacket potato. I said to the waiter sorry mistake I ordered chips and he grabbed my side plate and fork, stabbed the potato and took it off my plate and 20 minutes later came back with chips – leaving my plate as you can see in the photo.

Not being nasty here, but sorry guys – you should take the whole plate away not just the mistaken order element – funniest thing ever!!!

Spencer took his Wife on a Date Night....LOL

After reading Brian’s review I couldn’t help myself but bring the wife for a date night to The Coachman Inn to see it for our own eyes!

Coachman Inn Shrimp Cocktail

Coachman Inn Shrimp Cocktail – Shaken not Stirred!

Now being from Essex I can’t resist a good old prawn cocktail and I certainly was not expecting a Mortens style jumbo cocktail here!

It looks fancy with its vinegared carrot shavings but that’s where the taste ended unfortunately! 

Computer Says No!!


Coachman Inn Scallop Brochette

The Coachman Inn Scallop Brochette is pitched as being Laced with butter and garlic sauce.

I did try this and it packs a garlic punch, the butter added a layer of sweet fat to the scallop which was over powering but the sauce was enjoyable so much so  that you won’t really care what’s coated in this stuff.

The ends that was lightly touched with the sauce did in fact taste of scallop! The side of lettuce did not look dissimilar to my shrimp cocktail layering!


We wanted Oysters but were quoted $36 for 6 Oysters, overpriced to be honest, so we skipped them! 

Coachman Inn Mixed Grill "Argentina"

I opted for the Coachman Inn Mixed Grill “Argentina”. I had in fact checked out the menu before we left the house and chose that right off the bat! It was the Argentina that got me!

But as the saying goes “Don’t cry for me Argentina! Did I listen? No! I asked for the steak to be medium rare, I think they must have been p!ssing themselves laughing in the kitchen when the waiter told them that!

So the mixed grill here is made up of steak, chicken, chicken sausage, a lamb chop and a slither of bacon!

The potatoes were rolled in rosemary, the vegetables sautéed in something or other (I dropped that after one mouthful) and a raw tomato that had been shown the grill for a nano second!

The steak came out medium with every droplet of moisture sucked out of it, the chicken and lamb were exactly the same in terms of taste. I asked for some mint sauce for the lamb chop and used it on every piece of meat as basically it all tasted the same anyway!


Coachman Inn Lamb Chop
The Coachman Inn Lamb Chop(s) were plenty, with 3 lamb chops on the plate which at this price was great value. Potatoes and vegetable see above (I guess variety is not the spice of life here!) The sprig of parsley was a nice touch! Did you know that it was first done by a chef called Joseph Garnish? $18 **Good value, the wife would eat them again if she felt like eating Lamb, which is rarely!
Coachman Inn Pulot Hitam with Ice Cream

Despite being stuff from the above food I felt like something sweet to top the night off and an apple pie or something like that was on my mind but alas we were presented with an array of Chinese style desserts to choose from. We opted for the Pulot Hitam with Ice Cream. Pulot Hitam or Pulut Hitam is basically black sticky rice.

The black sticky rice was hot and the vanilla ice cream was slowly cooling the dessert. each of us taking a small scoop of half black sticky rice and half ice cream it went down a treat!

$8 (would order again)

Spencer's Conclusion

Location is great, watching the sunset two tables back was not the best (will book better table in advance next time). Yes there will be a next time because what we learnt by watching what everyone else ate was that this really is a Chinese restaurant and not a Western one!

Many of the tables had gone for the Coachman Inn set menus as they added the most value to the meal. The Hainanese Pork Chop and the Signature Fish Head Curry will be on our order list!

The other thing to note is don’t go via the Ulu old Changi Hospital at night!

The Old Changi Hospital

For those that like to be scared at night The Old Changi Hospital is located at 24 Halton Rd, Singapore 506997 which is only a few minutes walk from The Coachman Inn.

Back to Brian's post....

Give me the moonlight....

Blood Moon Singapore

Amazing blood moon tonight as we dined. Incredible in fact. A picturesque finish to our time at the Coachman Inn

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And that was that. Joking aside it was a nice dinner, but next time I think we should go Asian as I don’t think that Western is a forte. Only because of lunch on Pulau Ubin did we decide on Western. We’ll be back to the Coachman Inn to give the local fare a try next time.

And there was our day today, Coachman Inn Restaurant, Pulau Ubin & Boardwalks. A lovely trip overseas for lunch and then a trip back home via the sea for dinner. We literally did go overseas for once. Two different styles of food, but we should have gone for the same styles as hindsight. We’ll be back to Coachman Inn to try the local fare though as it is a stunning location, just beautiful. Watch this space for a new review on that. Well worth a visit to both locations. We love our little family trips out, why not try – ENJOY!!!

Coachman Inn Menu & Pricing

It is MASSIVE. Actually too big. So many choices from local, to ASEAN to Western. It’s bonkers big as you’ll see.

Pricing varies from single figure $ up to a rather chunky – $45 for a fish head curry – that had better be world-class!!!

Introduction to Coachman Inn Restaurant

The Coachman Inn Restaurant is situated at the eastern end of Singapore’s city-state of Singapore. A tranquil setting in which to take pleasure in a beautiful sunset while taking a respite from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Since 1981, Coachman Inn has worked hard to make eating out a memorable experience by serving superior Asian and Continental cuisines, as well as offering superb service to its customers.

Coachman Inn at Changi Sailing Club serves both Asian and Continental cuisines, and its al fresco eating area is surrounded by sea breezes and a stunning view of Pulau Ubin and Pulau Tekong, which are visible from the restaurant.

Coachman Inn Singapore History

The tight ties between Changi Sailing Club and the Singapore government extend back to 1959. Mr. Lim Jit Wah, Stephen Lim’s late father, was the concessionaire for Changi Sailing Club at the time of his death. You could almost call Coachman Inn a National Sailing Centre Restaurant they are that close.

The pleasures of Changi Sailing Club begin with the anchoring of boats that are in perfect harmony with the maritime environment. The crescendo of Changi Symphony is built up of cricketing cicadas, crashing waves, and questioning noises, which are trailed by waving palms and danced lazily while being gently stroked by the whispering sea air.

The Coachman Inn Opening Hours

The Coachman Inn Address & Telephone Number

Permanently Closed

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