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Gerrys Grill Singapore@Orchard


Best Filipino food in Singapore

Gerry's Grill Singapore is a cracking Filipino family restaurant just off Orchard Road on Cuppage

Gerrys Grill Singapore@Orchard is our review of this Filipino comfort food restaurant. You really do feel like you have been transported to Gerry’s Grill Philippines, the food, the crew, the decor and even the smells from the kitchen.

No airs or graces, it is just damned good Filipino food in an excellent family-focused setting. In this blog review we’ll be covering things like;

Read on, folks…

Gerrys Grill Singapore@Orchard

Gerry’s Grill Singapore@Orchard

More exploring from the family during Covid. We’re always after that ‘net-new’ experience, and today it was food-related and very special as it was Wifey’s birthday and her choice of dinner location. We’re all massively missing our family and home in the Philippines, so tonight we dine like Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses on the wonderful Filipino fare that Gerry’s Grill Singapore is serving up. We truly do miss it so sitting outside in a BBQ stall just down the road from the house in Bohol and we are so very sad not to be able to do that with our family all year due to this bloody Covid-19. But tonight we had something close as possible and we all chimed out that we wish our Philippines family was sitting with us right at this time, right now.

Get to Gerry’s Grill Singapore on Orchard Road early though as there is no booking since Covid-19 and it is mental busy. We got there about 17:30 to be certain and walked straight in, but we left about 20:30 and it was mobbed. There must have been 30 people in a queue at the front, which looked a lot like a very busy Dr’s surgery waiting room.

Let's hear from Gerry shall we?

Here at Gerry's, we aim to give everyone a pleasurable dining experience, serving only the freshest food ranging from Filipino favourites – Sisig, Inihaw na Pusit, Crispy Pata, Beef Kare-Kare, Adobo Shreds to exotic cuisines. I have always dreamt of putting up a place where everyone could hang out and enjoy good food. With my passion for cooking and love for grilled dishes came Gerry's. Although the original concept of my business was one where people could unwind with a drink or two, Gerry's has become a family restaurant, too. Indeed, Gerry's has come a long way--from my first restaurant located along Tomas Morato corner Eugenio Lopez Avenue in Quezon City, Gerry's now has over 87 branches nationwide with two branches in Singapore, two branches in the United States, and in Doha, Qatar. Up until now, we strive to continue to evolve, responding to the ever-growing needs of our customers. We believe in offering our customers the best value for their money. We also take pride in taking care of our people – one of our most valuable assets. These are the reasons why Gerry's remains to be the favourite among Filipinos. For as long as we can, we guarantee nothing but great food and loads of fun."

I have to assume it was Gerry himself that said these words. Well done Sir, because with 87 branches you must be doing something right. One tiny little moan and groan for you though my friend from our experience today. At your branch in Singapore, you really need more Filipinos front-of-house to deliver service excellence because the service was lacking sadly today. No attention, almost being ignored at times despite vigorous arm-waving and nearly requiring whistling… 

Let's answer some of those questions & FAQs for you through ISLIFEARECIPE-dia

Mon; Closed

Tue-Sat; 12:00 – 22:30

Sun; 11:00 – 22:30

There is indeed. Place your orders for delivery or takeaway here;


Look no further than towards the bottom of this blog review, folks, as we give you the entire food menu for your review and consideration.

You can book and reserve in a couple of ways, or take the risk of a walk-in.

You have to use their strange website app thing here; bit.ly, inline.app

Call them here; 6720 1412

WhatsApp Business: +65 9455 5427

Email: gerrysgrillsingapore@gmail.com

We visited this location just near the Starhub Building and just off Orchard Road. So off the beaten track but a great little location.

Cuppage Road Starhub Centre, 229469 No. 51, 229469

Family outside / Family inside

gerry's grill outside
gerrys grill interior Gerrys Grill Singapore@Orchard

Let's have a look at the food of Gerry's Grill Singapore@Orchard

Gerrys Grill Singapore@Orchard

The infamous chargrilled and BBQ squid... WOOF!!!

Inihaw na Pusit

@ $18.00

gerry's grill chicken chicharon
Gerrys Grill Singapore@Orchard

Sorry, Gerry but this did not do it for me. It was sort of a not fried texture and was actually quite dry and way too much 5-spice or cloves on there? I dunno, I absolutely love fried chicken skin, but this, sorry I did not. We left it and the plate went back 3/4 intact still. Chicken Chicharon Skin.

@ $9.00

An absolutely stonking Bulalo is one of my all-time favourite soups. At Gerry’s Grill, they call this Nilagang Bulalo (Beef Shank) and it really is a cracker. 

So clean and intensely beefy with marrow overtones and wonderful fresh and al dente vegetables. A stunner!!!

@ $13.00

Gerrys Grill Singapore@Orchard
Gerrys Grill Singapore@Orchard

Gerry’s Fried Chicken. Move over KFC and Jollibee, this is way better. A lovely seasoned crunch to the coating. Yummo!!!


Be still my aching heart, because this dish is up there with my favourites from the Philippines. This reminds me of sun-dried beef experiences on Bohol. This is beer and beach food and I could not get enough of this. Garlic Adobo Shreds (crispy fried pork meat shreds). Double WOOF!!!

@ $10.00

gerry's grill garlic rice
Gerrys Grill Singapore@Orchard

I am absolutely leaving this photo in. Yes, it’s just rice, but this is Gerry’s Grill Garlic Rice and it is beautiful. Up there with the best garlic rice ever. 

@ $2.00

One of my absolute favourites that you cannot go wrong with. Pork belly that is slow roast and then deep-fried. What could go wrong with that? Nothing, and have this with some Filipino ‘Native Sauce’ which we made ourselves from a little vinegar chili and soy – BOOM. This is Gerry’s Lechon Kawali.

@ $14.00

gerry's grill lumpiang shanghai
Gerrys Grill Singapore@Orchard Gerrys Grill Singapore@Orchard

Yep, can you tell we massively over-ordered? Have a look at the size of the Lumpiang Shanghai (Gerry’s own version). Damned good, just way too much and loads of them haha. Superb with the Native Sauce, oh yes!!!

@ $9.50

Gerry’s Grill Singapore@Orchard Sizzling Bangus ala Pobre. Clearly not one for me as this is a Piscatorial offering, but I have to say it did look rather delicious as it sizzled away in the griddle pan.

A la Pobre, which literally translates to “poor man’s” in Spanish, is a type of cooking this Milk Fish fish is prepared in copious amounts of garlic and oil, fried until golden and crisp, and topped with a tangy and savoury bistek-style sauce, onions, and crispy garlic.

@ $13.50

Gerrys Grill Singapore@Orchard
Gerrys Grill Singapore@Orchard

One of my all-time favourite Filipino dishes that I will eat at every single new restaurant we visit to try their version. They’re all different, literally regional variants. Sizzling Sisig is basically pork bits, snout, jowl, ear, cheek etc. all fried off on a sizzling platter with chilli and spices, topped with an egg and a squeeze of fresh lime. She is heavenly.

@ $12.50

In desperation of something green that is not deep-fired we go for this beauty.

This really was gorgeous this one and it is a veggie dish, can you believe it? Can this really be me stating that? It is just a stunning dish. So flavourful and it is really an off-the-charts accompanying dish to your mains. Beautiful. This is Gerry’s Sizzling KangKong ‘w’ heaps of garlic – a belter!!!

@ $8.50

Gerrys Grill Singapore@Orchard

And up next is another of my absolute favourites from today’s dinner. The beer food. This was kind of what I was expecting from the chicken skin, but this one over-exceeded expectation. I really could have ordered another despite being in a food coma. These little pork puff balls dipped in Native Sauce was a heavenly food moment and you must order these if you come!!! ChichaBits (AKA Pork Crackling). OMG!!!

@ $8.50

Bless you Gerry's Grill SIngapore@Orchard for oletting us bring in our Sooperlicious Halal Cake for Wifey's Birthday celebration

How fitting is this cake?

Filipinos LOVE Jollibee, this flipping bumblebee is my Nemesis haha… But boy did I get major Brownie Points for getting this unique cake made!!!

sooperlicious halal cakes jollibee
gerry's grill happy birthday wifey

A big thank you to Gerry’s Grill for allowing us to cut this beauty for Wifey’s birthday. I did ask if you could do specials like cakes etc and you did advise no due to Covid-19, so I created my own and this was just up there with the best cake EVER. I wrote a whole blog about these SooperLicious Halal Cakes. GENIUS!!!

And we finish with a VERY happy family from a brilliant dinner. Thanks, Gerry’s Grill and crew because that was indeed awesome.

It gets highly recommended by us and we’ll see you very soon.

If you have reached that point of needing your Filipina fix, this is a superb stopping point. The food was great, the service was lacking a little and the price was pretty damned good. All in all, it was a lovely Birthday dinner for Wifey and the family.

I really enjoyed certain dishes, especially those that major on being beer food. Guys that was just brilliant. Gerry’s Grill SIngapore@Orchard was really good, it really was. Get there early though as the queue was insane when we left, to make sure you do – ENJOY!!!

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