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Omakase Burgers @ Mad Nest


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Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Foodie Extraordinaire

As Omakase Burgers @ Mad Nest are now shut, how about a simple click here and book a table at Brotzeit just down the road in Katong on the corner of Joo Chiat and East Coast Road

Omakase Burgers at Mad Nest Katong

Omakase Burgers @ Mad Nest

download Omakase Burgers @ Mad Nest

Have you heard of these guys before? I haven’t, but apparently, they are taking Singapore by storm in the burger franchise market. They are being rated as #1 burger by so many. And, Mad Nest just got in bed with them, which is further proving that point popularity.

Jude Jude and I were on the bus on the way to his additional Chinese lessons and I spotted this awning that stated; ‘Grab a bite of Singapore’s best authentic America smashed burgers’. A bold claim indeed. So Jude Jude and I determined that that was lunch today for the family. And to give them absolute credit. This is probably up there with the very best burger I have ever had, at super-affordable pricing. 

Potato buns, incredible beef that was perfectly seasoned, super-fresh ingredients, USA cheese, a crunch from the smash cooking technique and so very tender and super-juicy – I ended up with a very happy and wet beard after eating this. This is the real #IncredibleBurger…

DaddyPedia; Smashed burgers use a specialized process of cooking them on a flattop grill at high heat. This technique originated in the Great Lakes Region in the USA and has been a staple there for decades. The method sears the burger for maximum flavour and it also keeps the juices in and provides a crisp crust for texture and yet more favour.

They take such pride in calling out the ingredients – and that impresses me.

Omakase Burgers @ Mad Nest
This is just stunning. I love the pride they take to explain the elements of the burger. You just know this product is going to be A-grade!!!

Get yourself down to your local – they seem to have quite a few dotted across Red Dot.

But for you East Coasters, your nearest dining experience would be;

Mad Nest @ 380 East Coast Road

Omakase Burgers @ Mad Nest
Oh my goodness gracious me… It’s a stunner. No frills, just amazing burger and lovely chips. They have even custom-designed the paper-wrapper to be able to hold all the juices as you eat this. Smash burgers at the very best of their game… This was mine, the Bacon Cheeseburger, and the kids went for the Classic Cheeseburger, all of which got consumed in the blink of an eye…
Omakase Burgers @ Mad Nest
It really is exceptional. The potato buns soak up all the meat juices as you bite and it becomes all gooey and juicy too. Packed with flavour. Perfectly seasoned. Charred with the smash burger concept. It’s a WOW!!!
Omakase Burgers @ Mad Nest
I NEVER eat everything when I order a burger. But, today I did. Even dipping my chips in the juices that got saved by the special paper-wrapping. I’ll have another one please right about now…

Move over Burger King, Karl’s Junior, Fat Boys, DB Bistro, Wolf’s – the new king of burgers has hit Singapore. Also the Clown is dead, long live Omakase. Go on, piss off Ronald, you don’t deserve to be in the same discussion. This is gourmet burger territory. Up there with the very best I have ever had. It’s a die, die must try folks. Omakase Burgers @ Mad Nest. Get out there and get eating.


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