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The Winery Siglap Wine Bar: New Lunch Menu for 2023


Picture of Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Boozy Traveling Foodie Extraordinaire

the winery gourmet wine bar grilled holland leek

Grilled Holland leek with Burrata Cheese Almond, butter soy cream sauce, crispy leeks

@ $24

Plated beautifully with such complex flavours and textures, this is an absolute winner. Loved it, so very creamy and savoury. 

the winery siglap wine bar siglap padron pepper

Padrón Pepper Maldon sea salt, honey sherry sauce

@ $15

I really enjoyed this, but I am a bit of a purist and love my Padron Peppers with Sea Salt, and now with an added squeeze of lemon. But these are really good, great twist on a classic.

the winery siglap wine bar beef tartare

Winery Beef Tartare Chive, shallot, cured egg yolk, capers

@ $28

OK, this is my choice of the day, for this alone I’ll always keep coming back to the Winery Siglap Wine Bar, this is such a good tartare – up there with the best I have ever eaten, and some. It’s seasoned to perfection. and then add that grated cured egg yolk and angels start to sing ladies and gentlemen. 

the winery siglap wine bar oconnor striploin

O’ Connor Striploin Truffle rice, chimichurri

@ $38

Really nice steak, perfectly cooked to medium-rare. Loved the rice and that Chimi addition. Yeah, this is one truly good steak and accompaniment. Definitely worth a chow down. Get some sea salt too, as that lifts this steak even further. Quality work Chef.

the winery siglap wine bar truffle rice
the winery siglap wine bar suckling pig

I didn’t take a picture of the piggie because we already posted it before. It’s on the specials, it is off-the-charts tasty, and superbly reasonable price as it will easily feed 3-4 PAX – or ONE very hungry Jude Jude: as you can see.

You HAVE to try this once in your life. INCREDIBLE!!!

Suckling Pig

the winery gourmet bar Siglap The Winery Siglap Wine Bar: New Lunch Menu for 2023
Photo courtesy of The Winery Gourmet | Bar

A new chef methinks at The Winery Siglap Wine Bar. Today we dined on the free-flow brunch at The Winery Gourmet | Bar Siglap. Sit al fresco as we did watch the Siglap Sunday pass us by. Or sit inside in the communal dining room, or even select to book their themed rooms. Such as The King Arthur Room. More of those later below.

The service was great at The Winery – Siglap Wine Bar. The crew knew their product inside and out and were proud to describe all the ingredients, and you could tell all had experienced eating it so they had a point of view as well. Nicely done.

Sometimes, it being free-flow, you can find yourself constantly searching for someone to serve you. Not at The Winery Siglap Wine Bar. In fact, one guy even came and asked us; “Is the pace of service to your satisfaction?” Again, nicely done The Winery Gourmet | Bar. 

Read on for pricing, menus, address and contacts, food shots, and interior shots of The Winery – Siglap Wine Bar.

The Winery Siglap Outside

We couldn't resist an immediate return trip for date night dinner, and to try The Winery Gourmet | Bar dinner menu. We were not disappointed

the winery siglap wifey me The Winery Siglap Wine Bar: New Lunch Menu for 2023

Wifey and I love our new find at The Winery Siglap Wine Bar. Long may they continue with the incredible food, booze, ambiance and great crew. It’s excpetional. Now check the al la carte menu. Oh my goodness, I though brunch was good…

Japanese A5 Kagoshima Wagyu Striploin The Winery Gourmet Bar The Winery Siglap Wine Bar: New Lunch Menu for 2023

Japanese Kagoshima A4 Wagyu Striploin. With bone marrow, organic confit garlic that has been grilled over Japanese Binchotan charcoal.

@ $68

This is a death-row meal. I am literally lost for words because this was just so perfect. They’d seasoned it with sea salt too, well done Chef. Plop that bone marrow out, mix with the garlic confit, and spread over the beef.

One of the very best steak dishes I have EVER had. It is a top drawer dish and I reckon I will eat this every time I go to The Winery Gourmet | Bar. This is a dish that everyone should try at least once!!!

galican octopus the winery gourmet bar The Winery Siglap Wine Bar: New Lunch Menu for 2023

Wifey then has a moment as she tucked into their pulpo dish and had flashbacks to Spago and Lavo and her #1 ratings in Singapore. She oooh’d and aaah’d and concluded a dead-heat, and believe me, that is a major accolade for The Winery Siglap.

Check out that plating as well.

Galician Octopus with squid ink vinaigrette, confit potato, Sakura Ebi oil, and again all charred to perfection over Japanese Binchotan charcoal.

@ $26

A little bit of ISLIFREARECIPE-dia. What is so special about Japanese Binchotan Charcoal?

White charcoal, or bincho-zumi, is another name for bincho-tan, a form of charcoal commonly used in Japanese cuisine. Traditions of using it date back to the Genroku era, when a craftsman named Bich-ya Chzaemon in Tanabe, Wakayama, began making it.

In Japan, oak, more specifically Ubame oak, is the typical raw material used to manufacture bincho-tan.

Minabe, Wakayama, produces more bincho-tan than any other town in Japan, maintaining Wakayama’s position as a leading producer of high-quality charcoal. 

It takes about 120 hours at a temperature of about 240 degrees Celsius in a kiln to pyrolyze wood into white charcoal, after which the temperature is raised to around 1000 degrees Celsius. After being carbonized, the material is removed and buried under a wet combination of earth, sand, and ash. 

caviar and sea urchin somen the winery gourmet bar The Winery Siglap Wine Bar: New Lunch Menu for 2023

Another stunning plating. Wifey nearly fell off her chair when the first mouthful of this exploded its flavours and textures. 

Caviar & Sea Urchin Somen. Shio kombu with dashi foam served cold.

@ $22

organic baby corn the winery gourmet bar The Winery Siglap Wine Bar: New Lunch Menu for 2023

I went for this as my second dish tonight. I love a bit of sweetcorn, and I think this just became one of my top 5 list.

Woof. The textures and the combination of the cream with the baby corn, the sea salt ad the paprika. Heavenly. Just heavenly.

Organic Baby Corn with corn puree, paprika oil, and togarashi, all grilled on that Binchotan coal. 

@ $12

You can book The Winery Tapas | Bar at Chijmes by clicking above. Sadly The Winery Gourmet | Bar @ Siglap is not yet on Chope. Old-school reigns to book The Winery – Siglap Wine Bar. See below.

The menu for me comes across as Spanish tapas in style, but with hints of Japanese influence. That is a fusion that really works. It was a stunning array of options. The menu is quite small but with such a variety of offerings who cares? Not me!!!

Plus the affordability is just excellent, especially when you look at how much some of their neighbours charge for equivalent volumes of food and drink.  

I just want to call out the new Free-Flow Brunch Menu at The Winery – Siglap Wine Bar.

SATURDAY TO SUNDAY Seating 1: 12:00-14:00, and Seating 2: 14:30-16: 30

$48 Food or Drink

$88 Food AND Drink

$24 kids below 12 years-old

I think that is exceptional value for the quality and quantity of food you can wolf down in 2 hours. My only moan is that beer is not on the free-flow drinks menu. Hey Ho, I suppose it is a wine bar after all.

It’s basically the same menu if you al la carte order, or take the free-flow brunch offering. With the free-flow brunch, you can have as much as you like of each dish in the allotted 2 hours.

Callouts for me are the bread and butter. I know what you’re thinking. Why on earth is he calling out the bread and butter? Well, my friends, it is because it is Japanese Kombu butter, and that is some of the best butter you will ever try!!!

Others to choose from that we really enjoyed eating were the Heirloom Tomato Salad, Padron Peppers (must have with an icy cold beer), Jamon Bikini, Crispy Squid Rings, and probably the best pork dish I have had in my 16 years in Singapore = Roasted Duroc Pork Belly (saved the best to last).

The Winery Arturo Sanchez Paleta

Arturo Sanchez Paleta. Really good. Not the best I have had, but surely not the worst either.

@ $29 off al la carte menu

The Winery Padron Peppers

Padron Peppers. Chargrilled to perfection with a little sea salt. Bring me a beer quick, please!!! Delicious!!!

@ $14 off al la carte menu.

The Winery Marinated Mixed Olives

Marinated Mixed Olives. Jude devoured these.

@ $7 off al la carte menu.

The Winery Jamon Bikini

Jamon Bikini. So very umami. Buttery grilleded bread, salty savoury Jamon, and melted cheese. Come on. How could you not love that?

@ $16 off al la carte menu

The Winery Heirloom Tomato Salad The Winery Siglap Wine Bar: New Lunch Menu for 2023

Heirloom Tomato Salad. Akin to a palate cleanser, this is a beauty. Citrus in there as well as delicious Heirloom tomatoes, Kiki fruit, and apricots. Woof!!!

@ $18 off al la carte menu

The Winery Crispy Squid Rings

Crispy Squid Rings. Clearly not a dish for yours truly, but Wifey said they were superb. As a cook, I was well impressed when these arrived. Perfectly cooked and super-crispy. You can see that from how they sit on the plate. These also came with a blob of squid ink mayo.

@ $16 off al la carte menu

The Winery Yakimeshi & Argentinian Prawns

Yakimeshi & Argentinian Prawns. Wifey and me laughed at this one as it was prawn and some weird shellfish thing and bonito flakes. She loved the rice and the prawn. 

@ $26 off al la carte menu

The Winery Roasted Duroc Pork Belly

Roasted Duroc Pork Belly. Hands down one of the very best roast pork dishes I have ever had in Singapore in my 16 years on the island. This is outstanding. Super-crispy skin and every-so-soft and moist meat, perfectly seasoned. Then with creamy puree and herb oil. It really is outstanding. I’ll come back to The Winery Gourmet | Bar just for this dish.

@ $22

The Winery Australian Striploin The Winery Siglap Wine Bar: New Lunch Menu for 2023

Australian Striploin. Cooked perfectly to medium-rare, they even sprinkled a little salt on top (food rock stars) and charred over coals. It was a very delicious steak, just a little chewy was the only downside. Add the egg yolk to a piece of steak and boom, double-umami. Delicious.

@ $24

“Creating shared wine discoveries for new and seasoned wine lovers. The Winery Gourmet Bar welcomes you to join us in unravelling the secrets of Europe sip by sip!

We are a European wine bar, a cosy dining space carefully designed for an all-encompassing wine tasting experience.

The Winery Collective has always sought to create concepts aiming to achieve a perfect unity between food and wine, bringing out the best of both worlds.”

How to make a reservation at The Winery Siglap Wine Bar?

For reservations,
📱 Call or WhatsApp 9643 3188
the winery gourmet bar corridor The Winery Siglap Wine Bar: New Lunch Menu for 2023

You leave the al fresco dining at the front-of-house, past the light and airy inside dining at the front, and enter a castle-like corridor. These are the private dining rooms. Uber-cool.

the winery gourmet bar 3 rooms The Winery Siglap Wine Bar: New Lunch Menu for 2023

The Dalmore Room (7pax).

king authur room the winery gourmet bar The Winery Siglap Wine Bar: New Lunch Menu for 2023

The King Arthur Room at The Winery Gourmet | Bar ( 6 PAX).

Private dining rooms come with a minimum spend: Tues – Thurs: Dinner – $500, Fri – Sun: Lunch -$400, Fri – Sun: Dinner – $600

the winery gourmet bar wine cellar The Winery Siglap Wine Bar: New Lunch Menu for 2023

Of course, they have a VERY well-stocked wine cellar. Available for your meal, takeaway, and delivery

OK, unlike The Winery Tapas | Bar where you can book using Chope, the Siglap branch is ‘old-skool’. So eMail or phone call time.
Phone: 6518 9188

The Winery Siglap Wine Bar is knockout, it really is. We’ll be having this brunch again and again. It is such quality food and so so affordable for a family. The Winery – Siglap Wine Bar are customer focused. Again, I reference that statement made; “Is the pace of serving good for you?” Just brilliant. 

I’d come back just for the pork belly. That is one incredible dish. Like outstanding delicious. 

Plus we have yet to try the Chicken & Buttifara Fideau @ $28, and Binchotan Grill Iberico Pork Ribs @ $24.

The Winery – Siglap Wine Bar gets one massive thumbs up and die-die-must-try status.

In fact, I think I’ll take the wide there tonight for date night. Or should that be date Knight, see you soon George.

907 East Coast Road, #01-03, S459107

What is the address of the The Winery Tapas | Bar

30 Victoria Street, #B1-05 Chijmes, 187996

What type of cuisine does The Winery Siglap offer?The Winery Siglap offers authentic Spanish tapas and a fusion of Asian-influenced cuisine.
What is the address of The Winery Siglap in Singapore?The address of The Winery Siglap is 907 East Coast Road, #01-03, Singapore 459107.
Can you make reservations at The Winery Siglap?Yes, you can make reservations at The Winery Siglap.
Does The Winery Siglap havea wine retail section?Yes, they have a walk-in wine retail section.
What is the ambiance at The Winery Siglap like?The ambiance is cozy and inspired by old European wine cellars and dungeons.
Are there any special events or promotions at The Winery Siglap?They often have events and promotions, such as brunch offerings and wine pairing dinners.
How is the food quality at The Winery Siglap?The food is highly regarded, with carefully chosen specialties revisited by the chef.
What is the customer rating for The Winery Siglap?The establishment has received positive ratings, with many customers giving it a high score.
Is The Winery Siglap suitable for private dates or special occasions?Yes, it is suitable for both private and formal events.
What are the operating hours of The Winery Siglap?The operating hours may vary, and it is recommended to check with the restaurant for their current schedule.

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