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Thai Beach Food: Best Beach Food on the Planet 2023?


Thai Beach Food is up there with the very best, toes in the sand, cold beers in hand, and incredible food

Sat one day having a beer at Ska Bar on the beach at Kata Beach, Phuket, when up strolls this chap with what looked like boiled eggs in baskets on his pole. Street food hits the beach it seems – truly Thai beach food. But what was it he was selling? Was it just boiled eggs or something more? Let’s explore!!!

Thai beach food

A place to chill and relax – cold beers, a beautiful view, reggae piping out from the sound system, and a truly wonderful and so flipping cheap restaurant adjoining. HEAVEN. Then up walk these guys selling street food directly on the beach – DOUBLE HEAVEN!!!

In those baskets were actually BBQ eggs, and they were flipping gorgeous.

Thai beach food

So peel off the shell and you get this – almost like a solid omelet. Drizzle a little seasoning sauce and yeah baby!!!

I have had an attempt at making them and it is bloody hard and not as nice. I suggest, therefore, that you jump on a plane, head to Phuket, get to the beach, buy a cold one at Ska Bar, and wait for this guy to rock up! I think to make this you have to blow the eggs into a bowl (small hole at either end of the shell, and blow), mix up the eggs with some fish sauce, soy sauce, and salt and pepper, and then somehow get the liquid mix back in the egg.

Once back in the egg this guy then walks around with the BBQ burning on one end of his stick and beautifully BBQ’d eggs on the other end of his stick – bloody amazing. Pour a little seasoning sauce and grab your beer. This is a match made in heaven, this truly is Thai beach food.

Amazingly too is that a year or so later, Ollie and I were in Cambodia visiting some orphanages, and bugger me they were selling these eggs there too. Prepared and sold in exactly the same way. Sometimes it is quite amazing how food crosses country borders.

Thai beach food

Here is the main man – egg barbecuing away on his burner and condiments in the other end – amazing

Ingredients – “I think?”;

  • 6 Eggs;
  • 2 tablespoons light Soy Sauce;
  • Big pinch of black pepper;
  • Big pinch of sea salt;
  • 1 tablespoon fish sauce 1;
  • 4 Spring onions very finely chopped; and
  • Wooden Skewers for BBQing.
  1. Clean the eggs on the outside, then break a small hole in the top and bottom, approximately 1.5 cm in diameter;
  2. Empty the yolk and white of the eggs into a bowl by blowing them;
  3. Mix the egg with the light soy, fish sauce, spring onion, and black pepper, then refill the shell with the seasoned egg mixture;
  4. Use a funnel or even a syringe to do this – and yes it is bloody hard to do;
  5. Stack the eggs upright and steam for 8 minutes – 1st phase of cooking;
  6. Take a wooden skewer and poke it through the egg, so that is comes out the other end of the shell – hole to hole. You’ll get 3 eggs on each skewer;
  7. Then simply BBQ on the grill for 10 minutes. It really does taste better of you can BBQ it over coals.
Thai beach food
Ollie also tucked into the sun-dried squid – hmmm – to me it smelt like it had died many years ago, yucks!

Thai beach food

So I think I’ll just have a nice refreshing local beverage to wash down the delicious salty egg with my No1 son and my No1 brother. Crank it up Mr Marley – boo shacker!!! You have to love Ska Bar!!!

And that is that my friends. One of my all-time favourite bars/restaurants in the world. Now taken up a level with Thai beach food in the mix too. God I love this place. A place to kick off your shoes/flip-flops, get those toes in the sand, order a cold one, a plate of something delicious, sit down, turn round, and soak up the beach, the blue skies, and feel the warm breeze. I tell you folks it truly does NOT get much better than that – ENJOY!!!

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