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The Bedok Marketplace


Picture of Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Foodie Extraordinaire

The Bedok Marketplace 11 Excellent Hawkers in one

The Bedok Marketplace is an aggregator of #ModSin fare. Modernizing the old Kampung hawker into an array of fine-dining styles mixed in with old-skool. It’s a unique concept only rivalled by the likes of Timbre+, but that is way way over West. Not so accessible for us on the East Coast

One thing worth noting about that place is that most of the stalls are cash, PayNow, and/or PayLah. So you don’t have to panic about finding an ATM when you realise you have no cash.

The Bedok Marketplace

The Bedok Marketplace 11 Excellent Hawkers in one​

What does The Bedok Marketplace have to say about themselves?

The revamp of your good ol' kampung Bedok hawker. Taken over by the people from BC Food Concept (which stands for Bark Cafe located at Changi Chapel & Museum), this group of guys have seriously taken a huge step into creating a food centre that is not your typical hawker. With great range of food choices and creatively crafted dishes, you would be sure to satisfy your cravings!"

Included in this incredible selection of hawkers are such delicacies as Waygu beef, salmon sashimi, foie gras, and sourdough bread & pizzas cooked from scratch.

If you think you can only get these kinds of foods in fancy restaurants, guess again; the vendors at The Bedok Marketplace will astound you, and lift your dining senses.

Bedok is well-known on the East Coast for its abundance of restaurants serving affordable, high-quality food. Even if the quality of the food supplied at The Bedok Marketplace sellers easily outweighs that of some top-end restaurants, the pricing is often far more inexpensive.

Ler's get into what's on offer in The Bedok Marketplace

bedok marketplace hawker social outcast The Bedok Marketplace

‘Covid is temporary, BBQ is forever.’

That’s the strapline and I LOVE it.

We have eaten here a few times. Check the photo below of the Roasted Canoe Bone Marrow, grass-fed beef bone marrow, tomato Concasse salsa, crispy cheese bits, grilled crispy seven types of seeds focaccia.BOOMSKI!!!

@ $22

What does The Social Outcast | The Bedok Marketplace have to say about themselves?

"We cook, we serve, we entertain; we're not students. But we read, research, and learn all we can every day to give you guys the best every day. And…that's what we do even on days we're not open 😉 That's how much we bloody love you We are a European wine bar, a cosy dining space carefully designed for an all-encompassing wine tasting experience.

They go on to state that in the last decade, the way in which we consume has shifted. Though ingredients are readily found around us, supermarkets have been selling them for cheap with high-profit margins.

Tomatoes for example are picked when green and made to ripen using ethylene gas. This results in a product that looks like a tomato but lacks the robust flavours and texture of a homegrown tomato.

At TSO, they are proud to support locally grown produce
as well as quality seasonal imported ingredients. From
Coloured Cauliflowers grown in the fields of France, Smoked Dried Chipotle and Cholula from Mexico to fresh
Oysters, Blue Fin Tuna, Unagi from Tokyo Toyosu Wholesale
Fish Market & Osaka Central Fish Market – all charred over
raw charcoal and wood fire to bring out the best flavours
present in their menu.

They are aware that cheaper cost prices and new frozen foods are making their mark in the culinary scene, but they won’t fall in line with such trends and sacrifice their principles.

Great food is not just about the combination of flavours,
textures and colours on the plate but also using the freshest ingredients and livestock.

Well said TSO. You have my 100% backing for that attitude.

bedok marketplace hawker social outcast bone marrow The Bedok Marketplace

The Social Outcast Menu 2022

The Social Outcast (TSO) has one other location on Red Dot

What are the contact details of The Social Outcast @ Turf Club Road

Tel: +65 8923 8924
Online orders:

What are the opening hours of The Social Outcast @ Turf Club Road?

Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday 17:00 – 23:00
Thursday 17:00 – 23:00
Friday 17:00 – 23:00
Saturday 11:00 – 23:00
Sunday 11:00 – 23:00
bedok marketplace hawker founder bak kut teh The Bedok Marketplace

Founder’s Bak Kut Teh’s superior flavor comes from the founder’s (Mr. Chua Chwee Whatt) emphasis on utilizing only the freshest pork ribs, which are then slow-cooked in a broth made from a proprietary blend of herbs and spices. The formula for Founder’s Broth was developed by Mr. Chua himself and fine-tuned over the course of many years of serving the deliciously peppery soup. This is why the company is called “Founder Rou Gu Cha.

Mr. Chua used to be a pig farmer and found the dish a tad lackluster across Singapore and founded his very own recipe. Yep, that’s where the name comes from.

This store’s flagship location (run by Mr. Chua’s son) can be found in Balestier. The Company is venturing into franchising in an effort to provide its signature Founder Rou Gu Cha dining experience to more people across Southeast Asia and beyond.

They now have locations in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Taiwan. But, our preferred location is here at The Bedok Marketplace. Where else could you enjoy this food with a pint of draught Guinness?

What does Founder Bak Kut Teh have to say about themselves?​

"Founder Bak Kut Teh “發起人骨茶” have been serving aromatic “Rou Gu Cha,肉骨茶” (also known as Bak Kut Teh in the Hokkien/Teochew dialect) for over 40 years, Founder Bak Kut Teh has established a reputation as one of the best Bak Kut Teh in Singapore. The customers come first and foremost for the Bak Kut Teh, and hail from all over Singapore as well as the regional countries (Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, etc.). The multitude of celebrity photographs that fill the walls of the eatery and the crowds that throng the restaurant during its opening hours are proof of Founder Bak Kut Teh appeal and the authenticity of the food served.

bedok marketplace hawker bak kut teh The Bedok Marketplace

Check it out. You can see from this photo just how tender that pork meat is. That is literally fall-off-the-bone tenderness. Stunning pork, with an ever-so fragrant white peppery broth. A benchmark of Bak Kut Teh on Red Dot.

Here is Mr Chua Senior and Mr Chua Junior. The actual founder of Founder Bak Kut Teh, and original pig farmer.

Mr Chua Founder Bak Kut Teh The Bedok Marketplace

Founder Bak Kut Teh has one other location on Red Dot

What are the contact details and address of Founder Bak Kut Teh at Balestier Road?

Address; 347 Balestier Road, 329777
Tel: +65 6352 6192

What are the opening hours of Founder Bak Kut Teh Balestier Road?

11:45AM – 12.00AM (Midnight) (Daily)
(* Tuesday Closed)

Does Founder Bak Kut Teh do deliveries?

Indeed they do, just follow this link to their website and order away; Bak Kut Teh Orders

What is the Founder Bak Kut Teh menu 2022?

bedok marketplace hawker bistro avenue The Bedok Marketplace

A bar concept within a hawker, serving up a huge array of draught beers and wine by the bottle or by the glass. This is a hit with my wifey, because she can quaff a lovely glass of red whilst fine dining on the incredible array of food on offer at The Bedok Marketplace.

On offer are deals such as;

Sapporo draft beer – $6.50/mug, $25.00/jug, or $65.00/tower.

Tiger Lager– $4.50/bottle or $25/ bucket of 6 bottles.

Heineken Beer– $5.00/bottle, or $28.00/bucket of 6 bottles.

All prices are net.

They even have a huge selection of Jinro Soju, if that tickles your fancy.

A great place to come and listen to some cool tunes with an icy cold beer, or pop over at the weekends to watch the Premiership and other sports live on their big TVs.

Drinks last order (Tues-Thurs) at 10.30 pm, ( Fri-Sun) at 11.30 pm. No pressure no rush to enjoy and savour your supping pleasure.

What does Bistro Avenue have to say about themselves?

Space is an inspirational concept & so we bring you our brand new Bistro Ave. Good Friends, Good Food & Good Times. Bistro dining will never be the same.

What are the contact details for Bistro Avenue by The Bedok Marketplace?

Tel: +65 8228 4145

bedok marketplace hawker rong guang seafood since 1985 The Bedok Marketplace

Very rude people behind this company, we do not recommend going to this place!

What does Rong Guang BBQ Seafood have to say about themselves?​

"𝐑𝐨𝐧𝐠 𝐆𝐮𝐚𝐧𝐠 𝐁𝐁𝐐 𝐒𝐞𝐚𝐟𝐨𝐨𝐝 which was first established in 1985 and Mr Eng Boon Hor who is known as Botak Joe, the eldest son in the family has inherited his parents' business in 2000. He chosen ‘Stingray' as a trademark symbol and has now become an iconic brand, recognised internationally.⁣ ⁣ Rong Guang's reputation in Singapore's food industry grew steadily, winning countless awards for their famous dishes and homemade sauces. Mr Joe also had multiple appearances on television programmes, newspapers as well on magazines!⁣"

Rong Guang BBQ Seafood Menu 2022

Rong Guan BBQ Seafood has a second location on Red Dot

Rong Guang BBQ Seafood is a shop that has a long and distinguished history in the area. They have received accolades from a variety of culinary guides, including the CEOs’ Hawker Guide by The Business Times and Knight Frank, Life!eats by The Straits Times and SPH Magazines, and Yummy King on Channel U.

Even more so, Rong Guang BBQ Seafood used to have a stall at Makansutra Gluttons Bay, which is widely considered to be one of the best hawker centers in Singapore. Remember our mate, KF Seetoh, opening up a Singaporean hawker centre in New York City?

Examples of signature offerings from Rong Guang BBQ Seafood and pricing:
Chilli Crabs (450-500gms) (1 for $28, 2 for $52)
– BBQ Sambal Stingray (S) ($16)
– Sambal Sotong (S) ($16)
– Rong Guang’s Signature Wings (S) ($12)
Kai Lan (S) (\$8)
– Fried Mantou ($5, 10pcs)
– Fried Rice ($5)

**Some of the prices listed here have gone up since we originally did this review for this stall, so check prices if you still wish to buy from them, we will no longer be dining there!

There is another company with a similar name, much nicer and not rude like the ones at Bedok Market Place!

What are the address and contact details of Rong Guang B.B.Q Seafood Tradehub 21 at Boon Lay Way?

Address: 8 Boon Lay way tradehub21, #01-28, 609964
Telephone: +65 6904 3813
How to
Here is the actual Facebook for the right company

What are the opening hours of Rong Guang BBQ Seafood at Boon Lay Way?


5. The Burning Oak | The Bedok Marketplace

burning oak bedok marketplace hawker The Bedok Marketplace

If you are in the market for some Japanese char-grilled delights, then you must visit this shop, The Burning Oak, at the Bedok Marketplace food centre.

There are always big lines outside of this shop, and customers sing its praises for the quality of the meat and the great deals they can find here.

Waygu Beef Rump Cap Don and Pork Cheeks are two of their most popular items, and they’ve been praised for being “melt-in-your-mouth good,” “perfectly grilled,” and “generous in their amounts.” Their foie gras and yakitori sticks are also highly regarded. 

What does The Burning Oak | The Bedok Marketplace have to say about themselves?

We love to grill, smoke and have fun feeding people!

bedok marketplace hawker burning oak smorgasbord The Bedok Marketplace

Above is my little smorgasbord that I ate this day, and it was just incredible food. Check out that Wagyu, pork jowl, and foie. Yes, this is from a hawker stall. Amazing, right?

Wagyu is perfectly cooked to medium-rare with sea salt. My absolute favourite way.

The jowl is fall-apart soft in an umami gravy.

Foie is just super-savoury and buttery. My goodness.

A la carte pork cheek @ $17.10

A la carte Wagyu @ $19.25

A la carte Foie Gras @ $12.85

The Burning Oak menu 2022 | The Bedok Marketplace

6. Mr Kneady's | The Bedok Marketplace

bedok marketplace hawker mr kneadys The Bedok Marketplace

Mr. Kneady, the proprietor, bakes a wide selection of sourdough loaves from scratch every day.

Mr. Kneady, the chief baker at the French bakery Maison Kayser in New York, has the patience and talent to master the delicate process of baking sourdough bread.

Each serving is packed with natural spices and a variety of flaxseeds. There are loaves available for purchase, and because they are compact, buyers can take one home and devour it quickly, maximizing the bread’s flavor and freshness.

Open-faced toast or sandwiches at Mr. Kneady’s can be ordered with smoked salmon, kurobuta ham, and Emmental cheese. Also, their sourdough pizzas are to die for. The “Art of War,” a sourdough pizza topped with white chocolate, bananas, and blueberries, is so popular that customers have been known to fight over the last slice when it’s still hot from the oven.

ChillaxBBQ has used Mr Kneady’s for sourdough loaves for our toasties and three cheese fondue offerings and it is legendary.

bedok marketplace hawker mr kneadys sourdough pizza The Bedok Marketplace

Check out that beauty. I challenge you to find a better pizza base. It’s so very good. Salty and savoury due to the sourdough. It really is exceptional. 

This is Space Oddity; tomato sauce, pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, and additional ham topping.

@ $12

What does Mr Kneady's have to say about himself?

"Founded by Mr Kneady after practicing his craft and baking artisan breads in New Zealand, New York City and Iceland. At the age of 18, He dropped out of Temasek Polytechnic and went on to pursue his passion in baking after serving his time in the Singapore Armed Forces. After spending over a year at Maison Kayser Singapore as a regular baker , he started exploring his career abroad, landing in New Zealand as the first spot. While working in Queenstown, New Zealand, he was offered a step up job offer at Maison Kayser New York as a Head Baker. He then moved to Iceland to practice his craft at Sandholt, Reykjavik where he was exposed to the beauty of Sourdough breads."

What are the contact details of Mr Kneady's | The Bedok Marketplace

Tel: +65 9815 5025

Mr Kneady's menu 2022 | The Bedok Marketplace

7. Khao Thai Food | The Bedok Marketplace

bedok marketplace hawker khao thai food The Bedok Marketplace

What does Khao Thai Food | The Bedok Marketplace have to say about themselves?

Bringing honest and authentic Thai fare to our discerning and loyal diners.

Wow, with all this free social media availability that is one of the shortest ‘about us’, I have ever seen. Let me help them fix that.

Their selection of food is extensive, authentic, and downright superb. Including a wide variety of fish, beef, and fowl to pick and choose from.

Fresh, flavorful ingredients are used, with every dish cooked from scratch pretty much. The serving size is quite big. The only real drawback is that the food isn’t particularly well presented, though this may have been done on purpose to simulate a more authentic home-cooked meal.

Due to the fact that each dish is made to order, expect a wait if the restaurant is busy. The delicacies that come out of their kitchen may be time-consuming to prepare, but they are well worth the wait.

Most of the restaurant’s offerings are stir-fried, but you won’t find any of them to be overly greasy.

The best thing is that they know just what kind of chili sauce to serve with your meal to bring out the best in it. If you’re a novice to Thai cuisine, this will help you avoid making some rookie mistakes.

bedok marketplace hawker tom ka gai The Bedok Marketplace

This is their Tom Kha Kai and what a belter it is. One of my all-time favourite versions of this infamous Thai soup that I have ever consumed. This comforting Thai coconut chicken soup recipe is infused and bursting with the flavours of classic Thai herbs: lemongrass, galangal, and Kaffir lime leaves spiced with chilli and soured with lime juice.

Khao Thai Food‘s version is up there with the VERY best I have eaten, be that here in Singapore or in Thailand. Now that is saying a lot. It has the perfect balance of sweet, sour, salty, and spicey. It is a soup of legend.

@ $10 for a large bowl (you just have to get large).

A little ISLIFEARECIPE-dia now. What does Tom Kha Gai (ต้มข่าไก่) mean?

Tom means to boil, kha means galangal, and gai means chicken. So, in essence, it’s a chicken soup whose main flavour comes from the galangal. But, missing from its title is another critical key component = coconut milk.

bedok marketplace hawker green curry The Bedok Marketplace

Here is another iconic dish from the menu of Khao Thai Food. Green Chicken Curry. A complex-looking dish when you look at the ingredients, but actually quite simple to make because you just sort of whizz everything to a paste.

Ingredients are usually along the lines of; Thai basil, bamboo shoots, red pepper, green curry paste (store bought), Kaffir lime leaves. full fat coconut milk, fish sauce, Palm sugar, boneless skinless chicken thighs, and chicken stock.

@ $10 for a large bowl. Again, you need to order large or you’ll be wanting for more.

What are the contact details for Khai Thai Food | The Bedok Marketplace?

Tel: +65 9634 4994

8. Just Eat | The Bedok Marketplace

bedok marketplace hawker just eat The Bedok Marketplace

This time around at The Bedok Marketplace I discovered a real gem.

Just Eat is the name of this establishment. Penang Assam Laksa, Curry Mee, Curry Mix Laksa, Ice Kachang, Cendol Red Bean, Fried Prawn, and a few others are among the classic Taiping dishes for sale at Just Eat.

Since the proprietor is actually from Pokok Assam Taiping, I feel OK mentioning that the restaurant serves genuine Taiping fare.

They strongly recommend their Curry Mix Laksa, a fusion of Assam Laksa and Curry Mee. As you can see from the stall photo.

Have you ever visited Taiping, Malaysia? Have no fear! The proprietor, Mei Xin, grew up on the street food she now sells. Mei Xin, a native of the Malaysian city of Taiping, serves up a menu of authentic street fare, from appetizers to sweets.

Mei Xin serves a variety of laksas, including the classic Taiping Curry Mee, the more exotic Assam Laksa, and the Curry Mixed Laksa, the recipes for all of which she learned from her father.

Small white prawns are used to make a crispy and golden fritter. Tofu packed with turnips, cucumber, and beansprouts is another light and refreshing dish.

Ice Kachang, Chendol is a delicious dessert to round out your meal from the stall.

She is very light on her social presence, so I can’t give you contact details or even the menu. But here are some ideas of pricing at Just Eat | The Bedok Marketplace.

Curry Mee @ $5

Penang Assam Laksa @ $6

9. Oji Egg-Fried Rice | The Bedok Marketplace

bedok marketplace hawker oji egg fried rice The Bedok Marketplace

A must-try at Oji Egg-Fried Rice is the signature Spicy Mala Salmon Fried Rice @ $8.90, which is exclusively available at The Bedok Marketplace location. Although “spicy” is used to describe the level of heat, it actually ain’t too bad. 

Plus, and you’re gonna love this if you want to bejazzle your dish up a notch or three you can add… wait for it, wait for it… BLACK TRUFFLE.

Hold on we’re talking about a hawker stall selling egg-fried rice here, right? 

You can also shop home their homemade chili sauce for $7.90 a jar. Caution, she packs a punch. 

First pick you rice base, then choose the ‘toppings’. BOOMSKI!!!

oji egg fried rice bases The Bedok Marketplace
Photo courtesy of Oji Egg-Fried Rice Facebook

The ubiquitous and much-loved delicacy known as egg-fried rice is now offered in a variety of guises by a growing number of establishments, including food trucks and, of course, hawker stalls. And Oji Egg-Fried Rice is one of those stalls that has seriously got it right.

Danny Huang Zhouhan, the proprietor of the restaurant, Oji Egg-Fried Rice at The Bedok Marketplace, as well as its Chef, cooked across Cambodia, Japan, and India before coming back to Singapore.

Following the success of the first site, which had only been open since November of the previous year, Danny decided to take a gamble and open a second stall at The Bedok Marketplace. 

What does Oji Egg-Fried Rice | The Bedok Marketplace have to say for themselves?

Simple flavorful Egg Fried Rice using best selected quality corn fed eggs and highest grade Japanese pearl rice with specially designed mains to choose from menu showcasing the niche segment of oriental cuisine to the world.

What's the Oji Egg-Fried Rice Menu 2022?

What are the contact details of Oji Egg-Fried Rice | The Bedok Marketplace? Can I order online from Oji Egg-Fried Rice?

Phone: +65 9615 4228


What's the address of Oji Egg-Fried Rice | The Bedok Marketplace?

Address: 348 Bedok Rd, Singapore 469560

What are the opening hours of Oji Egg-Fried Rice | The Bedok Marketplace?


10. Mala KungFu | The Bedok Marketplace

bedok marketplace hawker mala kungfu The Bedok Marketplace

So Mala Kungfu have no website, they have diddly squat on Facebook or Instagram. I didn’t eat here so here is zero I can really share which is a real shame.

To give at least some insight and context I did a heck of a lot of research. It’s weird it’s almost like these hawker stalls don’t want to be found, or promoted.

The Bedok Marketplace location of Mala KungFu only opened at the start of 2019. People say their sauce is so wonderful they can’t stop licking their fingers after eating it. More than 30 different kinds of herbs and spices used in traditional Chinese medicine are mixed together in their incense pot.

To counteract the effects of heat and humidity, this special spice blend is added to traditional Chinese medicine. They also state that their mala Xiang Guo does not cause any stomach pain, anger, or excessive sweating – AKA your bum might be safe after eating it.

What does Mala Kungfu have to say about themselves?

"麻辣功夫香锅粹取30多种中药及香料配伍、在中药辛香原料的独特配伍中加?" "Spicy Kung Fu Fragrant Pot is extracted from more than 30 kinds of Chinese herbs and spices, and added to the unique compatibility of Chinese herbal spice raw materials?"

Yeah, thanks for that Mala Kungfu. Could be an order for some deodorant and some shampoo as far as I am aware so I used Google translate to decipher it.

What are the contact details for Mala Kungfu Hotpot | The Bedok Marketplace?

Tel; +65 8228 8025

There is one other location for Mala Kungfu, namely; Kungfu Mala Hot Pot

Kungfu Mala Hot Pot is located at 116 Aljunied Ave 2, Block 116, Singapore 380116

What the contact details for Kungu Mala Hotpot and can I order online for delivery?

Phone: +65 8228 8025

What are the opening hours of Kungfu Mala Hotpot at Aljunied Avenue?


11. M by Madas Nasi Lemak | The Bedok Marketplace

bedok marketplace hawker by madas nasi lemak The Bedok Marketplace

M by Madas Nasi Lemak is a very popular restaurant in The Bedok Marketplace that is known for its extensive offerings.

Their nasi lemak is famous for the heaping helping of hae bee hiam that they serve on the rice. That’s not something you see added to a nasi lemak dish very often.

For about $5.90, you can get a plate of their famous chicken wings alongside home-fried peanuts, Ikan Bilis, cucumber slices, a sunny-side-up egg, and sambal that’s just right.

It has been said that the chicken wings are a show stopper since they are cooked to order and given a light coating of batter to keep the flesh juicy and the skin crisp.

If you ever find yourself in the heart of Bedok Marketplace, make a point to stop by and check them out. Just follow the queues.

Let's hear from M by Madas Nasi Lemak | The Bedok Marketplace

"Established in 2017. Madas Nasi Lemak started out at a coffeeshop stall in Yishun serving freshly fried chicken wings that are hand marinated daily. A very special concocted marination with 7 different spices that was passed down from my grandparents. Coupled with our homemade sambal cooked daily for at least 4 to 5 hours. We envisioned ourself to go into shopping mall chains and hope to have our delicious nasi lemak to be easily accessible to everyone. We want everyone to eat our nasi lemak from breakfast to dinne."

M by Madas Nasi Lemak menu 2022 | The Bedok Marketplace

Can I order M by Madas Nasi Lemak online?

Indeed you can order M by Madas Nasi Lemak on line via their website here;

What are the contact details for M by Madas Nasi Lemak | The Bedok Marketplace


There is another location for Madas Nasi Lemak and that is in my very own hood of Siglap in one of our hawkers

Madas Nasi Lemak – East Coast adress and contacts

Address: 727 E Coast Rd, Singapore 459073

Phone: +65 9026 1007


What are the opening hours of Madas Nasi Lemak - East Coast?


Our conclusions of The Bedok Marketplace

Get your bum down here. It really is quite unique in its offerings of #ModSin and old-skool classics. It’s quirky, it’s hipster, it’s downright uber-cool.

We love it here. Just make sure you get here early because it fills up very quickly and you surely don’t want to miss out on those pork jowls, toma ka gai, foie gras, sourdough pizza, and Wagyu. Do you?

It’s just brilliant. Stuff your face with the most amazing hawker fare, and then pop round the corner to Bistro Avenue for a beer or Guinness, or a glass of wine to watch the football. All in one location. How good is that?

We truly love it at The Bedok Marketplace. You will too. It’s guaranteed. They even have cool stuff to gawp at…

bedok marketplace hawker VW Beetle The Bedok Marketplace

What are the address and contact details of The Bedok Marketplace?

What are the opening hours of The Bedok Marketplace?


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