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GardenAsia Bistro: Review of best in Sungei Buloh


Picture of Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Boozy Traveling Foodie Extraordinaire

Gardenasia Bistro: Two years ago we were here as a family, and had a rather amazing lunch at Bistro GardenAsia, next door to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. It’s taken about three weeks to be able to get a booking on a Sunday, so our return has been delayed. But we love coming here and then onwards to have fun exploring Sungei Buloh. It’s a perfect Sunday for the family, especially when dining on the very best Sungei Buloh food.

It is always mobbed, as in super-busy and today was no exception. That is likely because this is, without a doubt, the best Sungei Buloh restaurant. As we sat there for our lunch today people came and went, the queue was relentless and car after car was entering the car-park. So my friends, do not travel all this way and be disappointed. Make sure you have booked. It’s so very busy. Mobbed in fact.

Image c/o Chope

There was a huge table of motorbiking guys all sat chowing down on their lunch, bottles of wine galore and cigars being puffed on. Just mates having a great lunch in a beautiful location. Almost Italian Mafioso-style. Brilliant!!!

So for your reference. You are highly recommended to book. You will need to go direct as there is no Chope or Quandoo for these guys;

GardenAsia Bistro Sungei Buloh Let's hear from them

“Nestled in the countryside of the bustling ‘Little Red Dot’, Bistro by GA brings you a step closer to nature with an authentic farm-to-fork experience. With many of our ingredients sourced from local farms, our delightful farm-fresh dishes celebrate Singapore’s very own local Agri farmers, whom we proudly support.”

I love the above. How can you not be impressed with the attitude and strategy for farm-to-fork freshness?

You dine in the agri/green belt of Singapore, surrounded by vegetable farms, fisheries and the Sungai Buloh Wetland Reserve. The veggies are therefore so very fresh, and 1000% organic. The flavours are intense. I kid you not. You really can taste the difference in the flavour. It’s quite incredible.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

Bistro GardenAsia Sungei Buloha: the food

gardenasia bistro beef hor fun

I luckily choose a house favourite and after eating it I can understand why it is a favourite. This is the Grilled Ribeye Hor Fun.

Wok-Hei fried noodles to give that intense super-smoky flavour, doused in this umami unctuous gravy with a stunner of a charred and grilled rib-eye steak think sliced on top.

Absolutely fantastic this was. I loved it. Here is also where I got that intense smack in the face of fresh organic veggies. What a dish. I’d have this again easily when we come next. It’s a belter!!!

@ $26 = BARGAIN

sungei buloh restaurant

The food is just awesome here. Even something as basic as a bruschetta stands out here.

This is the Heirloom tomato bruschetta. Wow. Such freshness. Off the charts. Sweet tomatoes and Olive oil to die for, with fresh herbs – this is Yummo!

Not on the menu any more


Amy digs into the fish and chips. As always I have my Mary test the fish for freshness, and she said this was cracking. Almost plucked straight from the sea. I tried some of the batter. OMG, how good was that? Double fried or something. Crispy as crispy could be. Insane. Just the best.

@ $20

gardenasia bistro portabello mushroom GardenAsia Bistro: Review of best in Sungei Buloh

How about a fresh Baked Portabello with Mozzarella – yeah baby that works for me. Now I would have added a little Balsamic in there too for some kick, but hey that’s me. Just so good

@ $12

gardenasia bistro seafood pasta

You’d be proud if you caught those buggers whilst prawn-fishing here in Singapore. MONSTER prawns!!! I was waiting for the Jaws music to start as they served this. This is the Seafood Pasta Aglio Olio. Packed with prawns, squid, and scallops.

Wifey loved it. It looks very impressive. Maybe a little bit of green (parsley) on it to colour up the plating? It’s not like you’re short of herbs here Bistro GardenAsia.

@ $20

gardenasia bistro wild mushroom soup GardenAsia Bistro: Review of best in Sungei Buloh

This is simply called Wild Mushroom Soup. Wifey commented that it is the best mushroom soup she has ever had. I have to agree that it is up there with the very best I have had too. Simple, but simply delicious, like they literally just picked the mushrooms.

Not on the menu any more

bistro gardenasia lamb dish GardenAsia Bistro: Review of best in Sungei Buloh

Both the kids ordered this and raved about it. Good job Bistro GardenAsia, because they are qualified food critics you know?

I had a little taste. It was WAY overdone for me, but the taste was really up there, especially with the mint sauce – oooooh memories of the UK flooding back now.

This is their Pan-Roasted Lamb Rack ‘w’ Mint Sauce.

@ $32

bistro gardenasia coke float

Strawberry Blonde orders a Coke float the size of a small child. Her head is included giving a scale. It’s bloody massive!!! Not her head, the Coke float…

We also devoured some homemade ice cream which was just splendid. I had strawberry and it really was just like eating a fresh strawberry. Quite amazing in fact. As I sat there I watched cold, perfectly pulled pints of Guinness be served to the tables. That would have made this lunch perfect, but I have committed a dry-as possible January and I am sticking to it. Looks like we’ll be back here in February for the full complement lunch, including Guinness.

Bistro GardenAsia interior and exteriors

gardenasia bistro outside pool

What a stunning day to be eating al fresco at GardenAsia. Sunny, but not too sunny. Have a look at this place. Open and airy, sitting by a pond. It’s great, it really is.

gardenasia bistro inside seating

A beautiful view. Yes, of course, I am talking about my Wifey… But the airy, open-sided restaurant with a pond in the foreground is equally beautiful. All low-rise here so it’s plants and skies all around. Just lovely.

gardenasia bistro kermit corner GardenAsia Bistro: Review of best in Sungei Buloh

If you happen to have a designated driver you could also stop by at the bar. Also know, for some reason, as Kermit’s Korner. Yes, there are frog statues absolutely everywhere.

gardenasia bistro facebook shot
2 photos now courtesy of Bistro GardenAsia Facebook, to show off some other viewpoints

Bistro GardenAsia looks rather stunning at nighttime. That pool doesn’t look green anymore. Amazing bit of photo-shopping methinks…

gardenasia accomodation Chope photo

If you did fancy a staycation at GardenAsia FarmStay Villas, then here is what you’re looking at for your rooms. Check out our ISLIFEARECIP-dia & FAQs below for a little review and rates.

bistro gardenasia jude at pool

Jude Jude showing just how big the pool area is…

GardenAsia Bistro Menu 2022 Sungei Buloh

gardenasia bistro menu 2022

Our conclusions of GardenAsia Bistro

GardenAsia Bistro @ Sungei Buloh is just brilliant. So unique with the farm-to-fork ethos and sourcing from just around them from local farmers is also incredible as a concept.

I love that sustainability angle, but also flavour. You really can taste the flavour difference in the vegetables and wifey assured me on the fish too. 

It’s such a lovely place to dine too. All open-air and in the middle of nowhere so green and blue skies are all around you. It really is just ace. If you get there early enough there is a little farm shop too to tempt you into cooking your own versions.

Don’t forget to book through. It’s miles away so don’t be disappointed if you try a walk-in. Try this place, it really is superb



Bistro GardenAsia and Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve Review

Bistro GardenAsia FAQs

It’s out there. But it is in the middle of Singapore’s farming region next door to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. This is one of the times it benefits you to have a car in Singapore.

240 Neo Tiew Cres, Singapore 718898

Yes, indeed there is. You can staycation at Gardenasia Farmstay villas. Live in the countryside, enjoy the clean air and nature and dine on incredible food at Bistro Gardenasia.

The villas, like Organic food, are punchy on the $$$. Almost aligned to the cost of staying at Marina Bay Sands.

Located in the tranquil Kranji Countryside, Gardenasia have three Farmstay Villas modelled after the classic black-and-white colonial homes of yesteryear and provide a tranquil retreat from the bustle of the city. There is a wide variety of styles represented in the villas, from English and Oriental to Modern and Contemporary.

Experience something new in the Gardenasia Farmstay Villas, which are the true gems integrated with the landscape and farm life. Plus you get to dine a few steps away at Bistro Gardenasia.


Wednesday & Thursday : SGD380.00++/night


Friday & Saturday : SGD450++/night

~15% surcharge for bookings on the eve and on public holidays.


-Breakfast for 2 guests (western cuisine -No Pork, No Lard menu)

– Dining discount at Bistro by Gardenasia



CHECK – IN : 2pm

CHECK – OUT : 12pm

Yes, indeed there is. It’s small though and runs out very fast. Fresh eggs, veggies in the main. But super fresh and 100% organically grown on the farm at Gardenasia.

So much produce gets grown in the local area that is readily available, even in your local supermarket. I won’t buy any mushrooms now that don’t come from Singaporean farms. They are the best. With many of the ingredients at Bistro Gardenasia being sourced from Singapore farms and lovingly crafted into their menu, they believe in bringing us only the freshest tastes in every bite.

Look out for the FARM-FRESH icon which indicates dishes that have been made with local farm-fresh ingredients anywhere in Singapore.

Gets my vote!!!

They are old skool and tend to like you to call then and make reservations. They will also frown upon taking booking on the day. My recommendation is to call them at least 1-2 weeks before to make your booking and reservation. Certainly do not try a walk-in, because if they are full it is a long long journey to find somewhere else.

Phone: +65 6898 9111                            

Online reservation;















Address & Telephone Number of Bistro GardenAsia

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