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Tapas Club @ Orchard Central


Picture of Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Foodie Extraordinaire

Tapas Club @ Orchard Central

Yeah, this good grub at Tapas Club @ Orchard Central. Remember we ate at Tapas Club @ VivoCity one day. When paying, Amy asked me what a certain vegetable was that was in their store? I explained it was an artichoke. She said; “Just like on The Final Table.”

The guy behind the jump then kicks in asking us if we watch that programme and we respond yes, and that we love it. Guess what the owner of Tapas Club was one of the Chefs on that very programme.

Amaze-balls small worlds yet again in the world of food. He now has Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia locations too – seriously give them a go.

One-star Michelin Chef Manuel Berganza won acclaim as Chef at Sergi Arola Gastro and La Broche in Madrid. He popped over to New York to open Andanada, which got him his Michelin Star and then came to our Red Dot to open Tapas Club. Nice!!!

tapas club orchard One-star Michelin Chef Manuel Berganza

We were on Orchard Road for me. I needed to get a new Apple-Mac so I can continue to write these reviews and all the ChillaxBBQ stuff. I wonder why I needed a new one. How about asking Jude and two cans of Orange Fanta… Say no more. So there we were. Cuppage Lane was all shut so we walked to Orchard Road, and I espied the words Spanish and Tapas.

Decision made. Then it was Amy that again chimed in, recognising it as the very same chain @ Vivo. So, of course, for lunch, today family Kennett frequented Tapas Club Orchard Central, and had a very happy and stonking lunch!!!

Let’s have a look, shall we?

Tapas Club Croquettes

Oh yes. Creamy as you like Jamon Croquettes. Soft, fluffy and creamy mashed potato with small pieces of cured ham, breaded and deep-fried. I mean what is not to like about that combination. 2 of them please garcon!!!

Tapas Club Jamon

Likewise garcon, we’ll have to of the Iberico cured ham platters please, as I think Jude just ate the first one all to himself. Little bugger. This stuff is just off the charts. Smoky and salty and sweet all in one. And so tender, just buttery. Damn fine. Served with a little bruschetta style bread. Yep, this is killer!!!

Gambas Alajillo

Not so good a picture sorry. But absolutely delicious, believe me. This was devoured, and more bread was ordered to finish off that unctuous sauce. This is the Gambas Alajillo. Garlic prawns with some chilli and paprika I assume. Stunning!

Pulpo a la Brasa

My Mary was absolutely in heaven because she can order this. Her favourite of all time. Before the main piece though, a call out to the spuds. Holy Moly. Delicious, and a little dip in the garlic mayo and BOOM. WOW! Now to the 8 legged, well two on the plate. Pulpo a la Brasa, or grilled octopu in other words. Apparently, this was stellar, according to wifey.

Cazuela de Setas al Ajillo

Oh yes, indeed this was super duper. Cazuela de Setas al Ajillo. Cured ham and a perfectly poached, almost onsen egg sat atop garlic mushrooms. I kid you not. Jude had the honour of popping the egg so the egg yolk oozed all over the place and that was that, it was gone. Just a brilliant sharing dish!

tapas club lamb shank

Oh my, I am sweating a little right now as I type this. Do you want an incredible lamb shank, then look no further. Absolutely insanely good is this one. Tender as anything I have eaten before. Super flavourful. And the lamb fats then drip all over the spuds below and jeeze they almost mash into the most amazing, quasi bubble and squeak roasties. Off the charts this dish. I think they underplay it by calling it just lamb shank. So let’s give it a more romantic, befitting Spanish ‘flavour’ = Jarrette de Cordero. This is a MUST order if you dine here.

Spanish Mackerel with tomatoes and chorizo

Clearly not one for me. This is the Spanish Mackerel with tomatoes and Chorizo. I have to say it looks really good, but that is one fishy dish. Chorizo Y Tomate.

Grilled Iberico Pork

Grilled Iberico Pork up next. Hmmm – I might have a wee dig at this one. Quite a lot of gristle guys, and for me, more seasoning pretty please. The accompanying salad was great with it – nice acidic and nutty twist.

tapas club orchard creme brulee

So there you have it – our wonderful Spanish lunch diversion as supplied by Tapas Club @ Orchard Central. It’s cracking. Family Kennett had a brilliant time. We’ll surely be back if Vivo or Orchard way again. Hopefully not because of Orange Fanta on my new Mac. Cough Cough. Hoping the snaps get you going. It’s really superfood, so go get some and seriously.


Tapas Club Orchard Central Address

Address: 181 Orchard Rd, #02-13 Orchard Central Singapore 238896

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