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Alegria Singapore: Best Latin Asian Restaurant on Tek Lim


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Alegria Singapore Review

Alegria Singapore Review: A Latin-Asian restaurant located at 18 Teck Lim Road in Singapore’s Keong Saik district. It offers a fusion of Latin-inspired and Asian dishes, creating a unique and eclectic menu. Alegria is known for its vibrant atmosphere and the pleasure of good company, making it a popular choice for casual dining, business meetings, drinks, and more.

The restaurant is also known for its sangria bar, and it’s worth mentioning that renowned Filipino actress Dimples Romano is one of the co-owners of Alegria Singapore.

Alegria Singapore Menu

Alegria means “Joy and Happiness” in Spanish and that’s exactly how we want guests to feel when they dine with us. Hailing from one of the hottest dining spots in Manila, Philippines, Alegria Singapore is the first international offshoot specializing in non-traditional Latin Asian cuisine.

All Alegria Singapore hot dishes are cooked over Binchotan and wood fire to bring out the unique flavors of each ingredient.

The Alegria Singapore Menu Experience brings together Latin Asian food and bespoke cocktails with a playful expression that leaves room for discovery!

We have not had chance to revisit Alegria Singapore yet, so the following photos are courtesy of their Facebook

Alegria Singapore Menu: Signature Items

Here are some of the signature Alegria Singapore Menu items, a lovely picture and description courtesy of them, and including Alegria Singapore Price. Which shows you how prices have gone bonkers in Singapore when you look at the Bistecca at $45 twelve months ago to now $54.

alegria singapore bistecca

The Bistecca

A symphony of Latin and Asian spices, perfectly grilled to steal the show. Ready to indulge in a tantalising Ribeye? @ $54

alegria singapore pulpo

Alegria’s signature Pulpo

Served with spicy explosion of chilli crab mamak sauce and perfectly balanced with a side of fresh salsa. @ $36

alegria singapore beef birria

Alegria’s Beef Birria

Tender slow-cooked beef birria tacos with spices and melted cheese. Dip it in flavourful consommé and savor every bit of it – It can’t get any tastier than this! @ $20

Alegria Singapore: revamped

Alegria Singapore closed its doors for a Dimples Romana revamp. This was super-exciting news that reported, which will also cause us to scamper back to try out the new Alegria Menu. They closed from the 18th to the 27th of June and opened again on the 28th of June – my birthday.

They state, and I quote: “On 28th June we unveil a new menu, revamped layout, and good vibes only, as always!”

Charles Montanez, Executive Chef Alegria Singapore Menu

“We’re not even going to try doing traditional Latin food because you can’t get the same ingredients they use. What we’re doing here is get the soul of the dishes and present them using our own style of cooking that fits the Filipino palate.”​

Alegria Singapore: Best food on Tek Lim Road?

This is a new restaurant for us. I spotted it whilst searching for Filipino restaurants to treat Wifey to some home food because we have not been home for 2 years now. But actually, Alegria Singapore offers Filipino fusion food offerings with Mexican and Latin American influences. How could I not come and explore a place that is serving Sisig Tacos. I mean come on, the last time I had those was at one of our favourite restaurants Smoque in our 2nd home Island home of Bohol, The Philippines.

Alegria are nestled in amongst some hallmark foodie neighbours, such as Lime House, Potato Head and our BFFs down the road on Ann Siang Road The Tippling Club. They also used to be direct next-door neighbours to Chef David Pynt and Burnt Ends before they relocated to be part of the Dempsey Hill food scene.

The name Alegria is derived from the Portuguese word for “joy” or “happiness” which perfectly captures the essence of this place because it really is joyous, bright, and brilliant. They have these eye-catching wall murals akin to Graffiti and a visually striking bar as you’ll see from the photos.

A little bit of history about Alegria Singapore to start because my Wifey loves this. It’s actually owned by a very famous Filipino Actress, namely Dimples Romana. Her love for restaurants and F&B may herald from her studies because Romana finished International Hospitality Management Major in Culinary Arts at Enderun College. She has also been named as an ambassador for the Philippines Department of Tourism – hey “It’s More Fun in the Philippines!!!”

Cool bars of Singapore

I love an open kitchen at Alegria Singapore

Dimples Romana

Photo courtesy of Dimples Ramora’s Instagram

What did Dimples say back in May 2021 when Alegria Singapore opened?

The past week has been a blast as our Team Alegria in Singapore has been experienced and enjoyed by locals and our fellow Filipinos—the food, the ambiance, the drinks. The new restaurant offers fusion food that is non-traditional and Latin-American-Asian, however it absolutely reflects the Filipino spirit. 2021 is all about going international, bringing Filipino food and culture to the world

Alegria interior...​

Alegria Singapore Bar
Alegria Singapore Interior

Our first foray into the overseas market., Alegria Singapore is a cosy restaurant nestled along the bustling Keong Saik district a celebrated conservation area known for its bustling nightlife and flourishing food scene. We specialise in Latin Asian cuisine reinvented with Asian and European influences, such as our signature homemade tacos and an bespoke range of handcrafted beverages.

Alegria Address & Telephone

Address: 18 Teck Lim Rd, Singapore 088390

Telephone: +65 6223 1553

Nearest MRT: Outram MRT (EW16/NE3/TE17)​

Alegria Singapore Food (2022)

Alegria Ceviche
Alegria Chicken Skewers Alegria Singapore: Best Latin Asian Restaurant on Tek Lim

Ceviche – Tuna, Octopus, Scallop, Ponzu Vinegar, Sesame, Mango Salad. How pretty is this dish? Woof!!!

@ $22

Antichucho De Moela – Grilled Chicken Gizzard Skewers, Adobo Rub, House Vinegar. Filipino street food on steroids served with the classic Flipino Native Sauce. Woof! What a great start.

@ $8

Alegria Cheesy Breads
Alegria Sweetcorn

We had to order two of these. My goodness, such incredible bread. So doughy, chewy and cheesy. This is WOW bread, man I loved this. Pao De QuiejoBrazilian Cheese Bread.

@ $12

Oh my goodness, incredible sweetcorn. He went bonkers on this, as did I. So very delicious with insane textures popping all over the place as well. Elote – Charred Corn, Chicharon (yes, crispy pork skin), Cilantro Crema, Cottija (Mexican cheese).

@ $15

Alegria Wagyu Steak
Alegria Octopus DIsh
Very tasty, just a little chewy sadly but that’s USDA for you. It was very beefy and tender, just overly chewy and gristly and needed trimming, and it definitely needed some salt to lift it. Bistecca – 380g USDA Angus Rib Eye, Cherry Tomato Confit (deelish), Chimichurri which was fantastic with the steak.
@ $45

Of course, we ordered this because wifey saw this on the menu. Pulpo – Like the steak, she also said it was. a little chewy and the sauce was SUPER-spicey but she ‘soldiered’ on and ate the lot haha. 

Singapore’s top pulpo dish as rated by my Filipino is still Spago up Marina Bay Sands.

@ $40

Alegria Sisig Taco
Alegria Dessert

Hello, my darling. One of the key reasons to visit Alegria today was this that I spotted on the website. Sisig – Pork Belly, Dinakdakan Sauce, Onions, Purple Yam Tortillas. Just wonderful!!!

@ $8

Of course the kids in with dessert, but actually I think Wifey ate the most of this. Churros – Fried Dough, Dulce de Leche, Cinnamon, Sugar.

@ $14

Alegria Mocktail

The kids go straight to the Mocktail menu and order these Berry Bubbles. Seriously so refreshing, me like this.

@ $12

Alegria Singapore Review: Conclusions

Alegria Family Shot

Exceptional, in a word.

Alegria lived up to the name for sure, because we walked out of there with a spring in our step and full of “joy” and “happiness” – yes, Alegria Singapore.

We were able to get our fix of Mexican food Singapore, and sort of visiting a Filipino restaurant in Singapore at the same time. You have to love fusion!!! This is a GEM in the Keong Saik Food scene, just turn off Keong Saik Road into Tek Lim Road to come to visit. The action happens here.

I can’t say that it is the best Flipino food Singapore because it is a hybrid fusion with the Latin American influences kicking off all over the place.

I love the simplicity of the menu, but I think perhaps some specials will be needed on top of that or a rather frequent menu change to keep the footfall coming back. In my humble opinion that is.

The crew at Alegria was great. Super-helpful and chatty and knew their product so well. Thank you guys and Be Proud Dimples, your team here is living the brand.

The Alegria Singapore Menu was fantastic. I really enjoyed it. Just a couple of over-chewy moments to mention was literally the only niggle. Plus to wash down with some icy cold San Mig OPilsen was heavenly for me and it has me transported back to the Philippines in the blink of an eye.

We’ll be coming back to Alegria for certain. Great location, superb restaurant, delicious food and awesome crew looking after you.

Alegria Exterior

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