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245 East Coast Lagoon Hawker – known as ‘the local’


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Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Foodie Extraordinaire

245 East Coast Lagoon Hawker

Heading to 245 East Coast Lagoon aka my Local this Sunday for an ice cold beer!

245 East Coast Lagoon
My local. OK everyone does NOT know your name, but they sure know what you drink, and will also be over like a flash as soon as you have emptied your bottle. Oh yeah a bottle that is a long-neck and costs $6 – come on city drinkers come to East Coast, it’s beautiful and cheap.

Few pints and some bar food with the family – nice!!!

245 East Coast Lagoon is not like your typical UK local, usually an interior room, sport on TV etc. This is Singapore, where you spend 70% of your time outdoors. So my local is thus to. I am placing this in my ‘a hawker, a hawker’ section because this is where my local is.

Have a trip to 245 Lagoon Hawker Centre, East Coast Service Road. It’s worth a visit.

245 East Coast Lagoon
Well the view is not too bad I think you’ll agree. OK this is just up the footpath but is indeed the view we look over if not interrupted by loads of people walking and cycling. Better than the inside of a building, and way better than a TV set.
bone marrow
Bar food is very interesting – here is Amy and Ollie sucking out bone marrow from slow cooked, marinated pig legs. This stuff is amazing, cooked for days, fall apart when you touch it with this unctuous gravy. WOW, to die for this is and I think you’ll agree the kids think so too. Oh yeah and this costs the Princely sum of $5.50, about 2GBP.
bone marrow
Ollie’s off doing the same. Strawers arrived later to allow them to get every single last little drop out. Love my kids for being major foodies like me, I guarantee if we had still been in UK they would not be doing this, and like most kids there refusing to eat anything green let alone bone marrow. Well done kids.
245 East Coast Lagoon
Why do I love going. I can take my kids. I can people watch 1,000’s of different people ambling past me as I relax, and I do so relax. We chat as a family, we relax as a family, we interact with friends, we’re outdoors and I also get access to my friend Tiger and cheap cheap prices, some of my favourite food on display from marinated pork leg, pork rib soup, sautéed peanuts and my friend Tiger (did I mention that all ready?)


East Coast Lagoon Address

1220 ECP, #245 East Coast Lagoon Food Village,

ECP, Singapore 468960

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