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Beastly Girls – Best Sandwich Bar Katong


Beastly Girls Sandwich Bar Katong

The Beastly Girls Menu

On arrival at Beastly Girls you are greeted by an extensive menu that meets many types of foodies, from the Breakfast Full Monty at $19 through to the Kayalicious, Cubano style bread with hand made Kaya and some very yellow cage free eggs at $9.

The mains have some gnarly options as well such as the Hot Bird which consists of Crispy Fried Chicken in a Peruvian sauce, Grapes, Pickles, Chili, Lettuce wit ha potato bun top and bottom with a side of fries at $17.50.

Beastly Girls Menu

The Beastly Girl – $18.50

This dish was the reason we headed to Beastly Girls for breakfast, the Grilled Beef Tongue caught my eye on the Instagram feed and boom here we are to savour in its full glory! Unlike my wife I am very decisive and hardly ever change my mind and was glad I did not!

These images do not really do it justice because the fried cage egg covered the grilled beef tongue which was so soft and juicy. On first bite the Tzatziki sauce drizzled out, the sweetness of the caramelised onions with its accompanying jam gelled the potato bun shut which allowed each bite to be enjoyed without the entire burger falling apart! I have to say it was very enjoyable!

I took advantage of the Two pints of craft beer for $19 on offer to wash that delectable burger down and boy was its a great combo!

Avo & Eggs (Vegetarian Option) – $15.80

As you can see from the picture of the Avo & Eggs below its the healthy option and clearly the wifes pick. No complains there for sure. The eggs are cage free and poached to perfection and sit on Togarashi sourdough bread! You can add Smoked Salmon for $9.50 as an optional non-vegetarian version.

Beastly Girls Sandwich Bar - Avocado and Eggs

Beastly Girls – BG Burger $19 (Single)

With daughter in tow she loves a good burger and of course this was her first choice but in hindsight she would have liked the Grilled Beef tongue!

This burger is made from Australian Free Range Grass Fed Beef, they add Double cheddar, caramelised onions, pickles wit ha dollop of roasted garlic shoyu mayo, nom nom nom!

There is a double patty option that brings the price up to $28

Beastly Girls Sandwich Bar - BG Burger

Beastly Girls – Burgers & Beef Nights

A new edition to the opening hours for the Beastly Girls is the Thursday and Friday Burgers and Beer! My only concern here is that beer is not plural, not sure I would come to an event where my beer was limited to 1 beer! 🍺😂

Beastly Girls Tapas Night

Beastly Girls Pop Up Events

The team at Beastly Girls are currently doing a regular Tapas pop up with Al and Natalie from @59JCT. Al, with his Spanish-Moroccan roots, and Natalie from Hong Kong share a deep passion for Mediterranean cuisine. Al grew up savoring traditional Moroccan and Provencal dishes, honing nearly 35 years of culinary expertise.

Natalie, initially a junior chef in Shanghai’s Preggo Italian kitchen, made her mark by launching an award-winning brunch, showcasing her exceptional hospitality skills. Together, their diverse backgrounds unite in a shared love for Mediterranean flavours.

Beastly Birls – x – Is Life a Recipe Collab

Given the team are clearly up for a Collab I enquired and was given a thumbs up, having already chatted to Brian about this he is game, so was this space!!

Beastly Girls Address & Telephone

Address: 11 E Coast Rd, #01-18, Singapore 428722

Telephone: +65 9126 0290

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