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1925 Brewing Co – Blue Smoke 2022 Review (2023)


Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Foodie Extraordinaire

Blue Smoke Joo Chiat Review - amazing fusion food

WOW. Boy did an amazing experience happen today in one of the East Coast’s food capitals of Joo Chiat. Family K happened to be walking up Joo Chiat Road and I espied this sign for Blue Smoke and immediately asked Amy (AKA Alexa) to check it out. It is the newly added restaurant to what was 1925 Brewing Co Joo Chiat. Sold. We have to go. And the very next day we did indeed come and were able to create the Blue Smoke Joo Chiat Review – amazing fusion food. It’s a mix of American smoked BBQ and Peranakan, it is an insane concept but man oh man does it WORK!!!

Blue Smoke Joo Chiat Review – amazing fusion food is truly some of the very best fusion food I have ever had on this little red dot of Singapore. It is die-die must-try. You have to come here. But PLEASE book. It gets mobbed at 1925 Brewing Co – Blue Smoke Joo Chiat and it’s quite small in here, so again BOOK ahead!!!

Blue Smoke Exterior
Blue Smoke Interior

It’s uber-cool inside. Minimalistic with bare concrete and cool accessories. I like it a lot, but man I wish Jude Jude preferred sitting outdoors… (apologies to the lady on the right, it looks like she has sat on something sharp or just eaten something really really hot).

Blue Smoke Chef BBQ
Blue Smoke open-kitchen

I love the open-kitchen at 1925 Brewing Co – Blue Smoke Joo Chiat open-kitchen, right behind Ollie in the pic. Plus check that Chef in action, now that is a WOW moment for any foodie. She is BBQ‘ing over colas some meats that have just come out from that smoker bottom-left. You just know this is going to be sooooo good!!!

In this 1925 Brewing Co – Blue Smoke blog I’ll be giving you the 2022 menu, address, how to book, how to order and the dishes we ate this day.

Let's hear from our new BFF's at 1925 Brewing Co - Blue Smoke Joo Chiat

"A contemporary Asian Smokehouse where we showcase flavours from all around Asia."

Yep, that is it… Wow, talk about an understatement. Perhaps they’re trying to keep you guessing…? I just don’t know. Suffice to say, this is likely some of the very best beer and food combo you’ll have, and absolutely it is likely to be some of the very best fusion food you’ll ever have in Singapore at 1925 Brewing Co – Blue Smoke Joo Chiat. The Point End for example is just OFF-THE-CHARTS amazing. Fall apart, juicy, fatty, smoky, melt-in-the-mouth and then BOOM rendang sauce. It can only be described as an umami WOW moment. You get poked in the eyes, assaulted up the nose and smacked in the mouth with the look, aroma and taste of this dish. It’s truly up there…

Here is some more background that I managed to glean from Savour;

“The 1925 Brewing Co is a family-run business that is deeply rooted in traditions of old yet embracing contemporary elements of the future. Founded by brothers Ivan and Eng Kuang, and their uncle, Yeo King Joey, the same people are also behind Blue Smoke which is their restaurant arm of the business. With Ivan running the show behind the scene as Head Chef in the kitchen while Eng Kuang oversees the front-of-house.”

Let's have a look at that 1925 Brewing Co - Blue Smoke Joo Chiat 2022 Menu

1925 Brewing Co - Blue Smoke Joo Chiat menu 2022

And now to the food of 1925 Brewing Co - Blue Smoke Joo Chiat

blue smoke smoked tamarind snapper

Literally, the one that got away… Sold out the night we came (damn), so a pic courtesy of the restaurant, this is the Blue Smoke Smoked Tamarind Snapper. Definitely, a reason to come back. 500g red snapper marinated with Tamarind paste and an assortment of pickled chillies and capsicums.

@ $58

blue smoke chargrilled wagyu
blue smoke charred napa cabbage

Chargrilled Wagyu. Wagyu ribeye, 200 grams, grilled over charcoal. Funny to say that Wagyu, my usual absolute favourite meat, was the only disappointing dish on the menu of choices today. A little tough almost corned beef in texture, not like I’d expect this fatty meat to be.

@ $24

The underdog, if you know it, you know it. Served with black garlic aioli. It’s just cabbage, right? NO!!! This is umami cabbage with smoke and charring. It melts-in-your-mouth. Best cabbage ever. 1925 Brewing Co – Blue Smoke Joo Chiat’s Chargrilled Napa Cabbage.

@ $14

blue smoke crispy chicken skins
blue smoke curried pumpkin soup

Woof, or maybe Cluck. Incredible Crispy Chicken Skins. Crispy chicken cracklings that are truly irresistible, with a little fried curry leaf to boot. WOW!!!

@ $14

Slow smoked curried pumpkin soup, creamy and smooth with pumpkin seed paste in the middle which is insanely good. 1925 Brewing Co – Blue Smoke Joo Chiat’s Curried Pumpkin Soup.

@ $12

blue smoke platter

1925 Brewing Co – Blue Smoke platter??? Nope it’s a variety of orders served like it is a platter and what a beauty this would be as a platter. So, to break this down;

  • “Dirty” Basmati Rice – stir-fried with the meat juices collected during the smoking process. A must-have @ $8
  • The most amazing pineapple you’ll ever have. Grilled Pineapple @ $10
  • Banana Shallots that melt in your mouth with smoky goodness @ $6
  • Rendang Smoked Brisket – WOOF!!! Slow smoked grass-fed USDA Brisket (18 hours) with lychee wood and charcoal, served with our homemade rendang sauce, and an assortment of pickles (no price in menu)
  • Miso Butter Baby Potatoes – again, simple delicious little roast spuds @ $10
blue smoke grilled lamb shoulder
blue smoke point end

Cubes of NZ lamb shoulder marinated in a Sichuan-styled rub and grilled over charcoal. Oh boy, this is a winner. So very tender with a slight heat from the Sichuan, but not overpowering the lamby goodness. What a belter. Chargrilled Lamb Shoulder.

@ $22

Man oh man oh man. This is a stunner. You touch this and it falls apart. There is no chewing here, just slurping and sucking because this literally does melt and then you get that whack of the most incredibly fragrant Rendang. it’s a beauty. This is the Point End – Higher content of fat in this cut, giving you the melt-in-your-mouth experience!

@ $30

blue smoke smoked crispy pork belly

This dish gets a big picture because it was one of my favourites of the night. This is one stellar pork belly dish, like up there with the very best ever consumed. Smoked Crispy Pork Belly – Iberico pork belly smoked with lychee wood and then roasted over a charcoal fire for the extra crispy skin!

@ $18

blue smoke tiramisu 1925 Brewing Co - Blue Smoke 2022 Review (2023)
blue smoke goreng pisang split

Tiramisu – voted the best Tiramisu in Singapore (contains alcohol – gets my vote too then!!!)

@ $15

The very best banana split you will ever have. Who could resist a banana deep-fried in a crispy crunchy batter? Certainly not me… I could not stop wolfing this down. What a cracking dessert. Goreng Pisang Split.

@ $15

Our conclusion of 1925 Brewing Co - Blue Smoke

Initially, you might think 1925 Brewing Co – Blue Smoke has gone wayward with their idea and concept of American smokehouse meets southeast Asia / Peranakan, but believe me, it is a match made in heaven. We all walked out singing it’s praises and were constantly ooooing and aaaaing as we ate. Be proud 1925 Brewing Co – Blue Smoke crew, that was one AMAZING dinner thank you.

We’ll be seeing you very soon, and folks, so should you be popping along. Off-the-charts good food.


1925 Brewing Co - Blue Smoke 2022 Review

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How to order from 1925 Brewing Co - Blue Smoke?

Is where you can order from their massive array and variety of hand-crafted beers, but it seems at the moment that you cannot order food so you’ll get your bum down here won’t you, folks.

Blue Smoke Address & Telephone Number

Give them a call here; 8923 1425


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