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Jag’s Gastro Pub Siglap Bar


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Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Foodie Extraordinaire

Best Siglap Bar on East Coast Road

Jag’s Gastro Pub Siglap Bar is my local. Owned and run by the lovely Tanya and her crew it is the CHEERS or the East Coast of Siglap. Literally, everyone knows your name, the crew know your drink and food preferences, know when to start serving your next drink or to stop the auto-serve and prepare the bill, hey they have even seen my family grow up. It really is the epiphany of the English Local Pub, and I LOVE IT!!!
jags gastro pub siglap bar
jags gastro pub siglap bar

Tanya and the Jag’s crew also hold the #1 spot on the table of cheapest beer on the East Coast Road at $8 NET for a FULL-PINT of Heineken. Remember our Best Bars on the East Coast Road review? 

Jag’s also have a rather excellent Chef, Vijay, leading the kitchen and offering up crazy good priced bistro food as you’ll see shortly. It’s not fancy, but it is just so very good. Callouts are their Mac ‘n’ Cheese which is just a WOW and Jude’s absolute favourite, the Pork Belly, Chicken Tikka Pizza (I kid you. not), Wifey’s most-desired Sweet Potato Fries and Sambal Squid, their Sirloin Steak, Duck-Fat Fries and my mate Charlie’s favourite thing ever – Chicken Tenders.

And that is literally just to mention a few. It really is an excellent menu and priced so very well. I’ll give you an example. A recent takeaway dinner of some 5-6 dishes for the family did not even break into \$100 including delivery charge. Now, in Singapore that is indeed incredible pricing.

Jag’s really is a bar not to miss on the East Coast Road. In my humble opinion, it is absolutely one of the very best bars on the East Coast, and the best Siglap Bar on East Coast Road.

Pop in and say hi to Tanya and the crew!!! Have a super cheap beer and some delicious grub.

jags gastro pub

We said they're the cheapest bar on the East Coast Road, well just check out these prices, folks...

jags gastro pub

Best Bars on the East Coast Road

Let's hear from Tanya at Jag's Gastro Pub Siglap

"We came, we left, we're back! The popular watering hole for the upwardly mobile ;)"

Frequently asked questions about Jag's Gastro Pub Siglap Bar, answered by ISLIFEARECIPE-dia...

I’ll be sharing a few photos below of the food and incredible pricing, but you can see the full menu here at your pleasure;


No pictures though…

Jag’s is open Mon to Sun which is ace as a local.

Mon-Thu; 15:00-22:30

Fri-Sun; 13:00-22:30

Despite tables for 5 allowed now this place is still getting mobbed, especially on Fri-Sat so I absolutely recommend that you book, just save a chair for me please. 

They have al fresco (covered if raining) dining and drinking and cool inside space too (rather too cool for my liking aka aircon).

Call the crew at; 6241 2168

WhatsApp the crew at; 98385862

Book online at; quandoo.sg

Or drop them an email at; hello@jags.com.sg

It is nestled in the hipster and groovy neighbourhood Siglap.

It rubs shoulders with incredible dining options, which I’ll share more of later, and heaps of beer bars and bistros.

Do NOT get it confused with Jag Wine Bar as that is on the Joo Chiat Road stretch of the East Coast Road. Many have done that. 

Tell your Grab driver; Jag’s @ Siglap, 922 E Coast Rd, Singapore 459114

Let's check out that food from Jag's Gastro Pub Siglap Bar, shall we...? This is but a mere 'snapshot' of what Chef is pumping out daily....

jags gastro pub spam fries
jags @ Siglap duck fat fries

Jag’s Spam Fries. You can’t go wrong with these, with a mayo and anchovies dip (I think). Yummo!

@ $10

The infamous and World famous Jag’s @ Siglap Duck-Fat Fries aka Heart-Attack On A Plate, but so so worth the heart attack – these are awesome.

@ $12

jag's @ siglap mac n cheese
jag's @ siglap chicken tenders

Jude’s absolute favourite, and many others too. This is one of the very best Mac ‘n’ Cheese you will find in Singapore. Truly!!!

@ $8

Yes, EIGHT!!! 

You can have a Mac ‘n’ Cheese, a pint of Heineken for the same as one pint down Boat Quay. I know where I’m going!!!

My mate Charlie T’s all-time favourite. He’ll have about three bowls of these in one booze session. They are perfect beer food and so moreish, you just can’t help yourself, grab-dip-chomp / repeat!!! Chicken Tenders.

@ $10

jags gastro pub chicken skewers
Jag's at Siglap chicken tikka
@ $10

Photo borrowed from Tanya’s Facebook. This is their seriously super Chicken Tikka. You get one waft of this if someone else has ordered it and hey presto you’ll be next. It’s gorgeous. Also, don’t forget the Chicken Tikka Pizza, it’s BONKERS!!!

@ $12 for Chicken Tikka

@ $18 for Chicken Tikka Pizza

jags gastro pub roast pork belly

Jag’s Gastro Pub Roasted Pork Belly – pork belly braised overnight with crispy skin. This is a cracker. Tender, juicy pork meat topped with stunning crackling that would break the toughest teeth. Then dip in the gravy and it goes up another level. WOOF!!! 

@ $14

Jags sweet potato fries
Jags rib eye steak Jag's Gastro Pub Siglap Bar

Wifey’s absolute favourite and an ‘always order’ when we visit is Jag’s infamous Sweet Potato Fries. Legendary!!!

@ $12

Up next is a stunner and so incredibly cheap for what you’re getting. A beautiful cooked and seasoned steakGrilled Angus Ribeye. Australian Angus Ribeye Steak with lemon herb butter.

@ $17

Jags Beef Skewers Jag's Gastro Pub Siglap Bar

A new one for us that we tried recently and what a better this is. Wifey dived in first and took a pause and said; “It’s like butter…” Wow, way to go, Chef Vijay, big compliments for this. A stunner. Grilled Beef Kebab. 3 tender chunks of beef with peppers & onions.

@ $12

Our conclusions about Jag's Gastro Pub Siglap Bar

Exceptional, in a word.

You could spend every night touring Singapore’s bars and restaurants in quest of the best cocktails, beers and bars, and we’ve compiled a list of the best Bars on the East Coast Road for you, but one always stands out for me.

Jag’s @ Siglap is everything a local pub should be. In every sense, it is at the heart of the Siglap community. It serves a wide variety of drinks, good-value and delicious food and is run by staff who care about what they do and care deeply about their customers.

It is hard to beat on so many fronts and is the benchmark for other bars and bistros along the East Coast Road, in my humble opinion. Be Proud Tanya and the Jag’s crew, you are what makes it so special.

I’ll keep coming back as long as they’ll have me. Jag’s @ Siglap is my favourite bar on the East Coast Road without the shadow of a doubt.

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