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Nakhon Kitchen Restaurant, East Coast

Nakhon Kitchen Restaurant, East Coast

If you want to get some of the very nicest Thai food down your neck, look no further than Nakhon Kitchen Restaurant, East Coast. They are located at Parkway Parade, just past the large foodcourt on the lane way. You must visit, believe me folks.

Nakhon Kitchen Restaurant
Best Tom Ka Gai ever – wow!!!

I tell you what they surely don’t hang back on the chili. This is going to hurt coming out I tell tou. But what a great soup. I absolutely loved this, and if you like your Thai food authentic then get yourself here. This was sweet, sour, spicy all in one. Seriously one the very best Tom Ka Gai I have ever eaten, and I mean ever. Nakhon Kitchen Restaurant, East Coast it was legendary.

Nakhon Kitchen Restaurant
And Mary says the same about her Tom Yum version.

You really have to come to Nakhon Kitchen Restaurant, East Coast, even if all you try are these two soups. I was blown away by the quality of the flavour. I’ll be back next weekend of that I am certain. I just have to have these soups again. I wish these pictures could be smelled – the fragrance coming from these soups was intense.

Nakhon Kitchen Restaurant
Larb gai was so so to be honest. Not nasty or anything like that, it was just OK.

Nakhon Kitchen Restaurant, East Coast @ Marine Parade Central is a place you have to visit if you like Thai food, and authentic Thai food at that, that is so very reasonably priced. I tell you the Tom Ka was sublime. I’d go back again and again just for more of that. You have to go and enjoy this no frills, but delicious fare – ENJOY!!!

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