Iza Izakaya Best Restaurant 2023 NEW MENU Review


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Iza Izakaya (居酒屋) Best Japanese Restaurant 2023 NEW MENU Review

Iza Izakaya (居酒屋) Best Japanese Restaurant 2023 NEW MENU is here. Yes, folks, Amos and the crew have finally launched and they have launched well. We now have an incredible new menu at Iza in Siglap to explore, and boy, did we do that today. The new menu is PACKED with new goodies, including some that meander off the Japanese path. 

The Iza Kitchen re-opened on 8th March with an all-new menu! #izasiglap #yourlocalizakayabar

Siglap’s Iza Izakaya (居酒屋): A Local Favorite for Casual Dining

Iza Izakaya (居酒屋) in Siglap, located at 695 East Coast Road in Singapore, is a famous casual dining spot that offers a variety of delicious Japanese-inspired dishes in a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. This local favorite has been praised for its low prices, excellent value, and ability to cater to a broad variety of tastes.

Iza Izakaya’s cozy atmosphere and neighborhood shophouse appeal make it a great casual gathering spot for a night out with friends and family. The eatery is also packed every night it is open, demonstrating its popularity and appeal.

Overall, Iza Izakaya (居酒屋) in Siglap is an excellent option for anyone seeking a casual and delectable dining experience in Singapore. It’s simple to see why this local Izakaya (居酒屋) concept eatery and bar is a must-try for both locals and tourists, with a menu that includes a variety of small platters, big plates (as of March 2023), sublime desserts, and a plethora of drinks.

The Japanese word izakaya (居酒屋) is made up of three kanji with the meaning, in order, “stay-drink-place.” A spot to grab a drink, settle in, and get comfortable. Sounds about right from all our experiences of Iza in Siglap.

iza izakaya restaurant siglap

Iza, Izakaya (居酒屋), Siglap new menu 2023

Iza Siglap Grilled Quail Eggs


I have to admit I do miss the Quail Eggs wrapped in bacon skewers, but hey a change is as good as a rest. Lovely little boiled hen chargrilled Quail Eggs. Super-yummy!

@ $2.00
Iza Siglap Grilled Pineapple


Honey-sweet grilled pineapples are an all-time favourite. We totally agree. Plain and simple, but punching above its weight in flavour. Sublime!

@ $2.00
Iza Siglap Cold Soba Noodles


Buckwheat noodles, wasabi, spring onion, and onsen egg. Strawberry Blonde got into this in a big way. So much so that she ordered two helpings. This is really her showing her Mum’s side, as Nina LOVED cold soba noodles. It’s stunning plating too, a little food theatre as you mix the ingredients together yourself at the table. Yeah, I like that a lot.

@ $10.00
Iza Siglap Chicken Gyoza


Pan-fried dumplings served with ginger and vinegar. Oh no, my Japanese Mum finally has a competition on her hands. I always thought that Miz’s were the best Gyoza on this planet, but then these bad boys popped up on the menu. These are stunning Gyoza. Hand-made (yes I confirmed that last night), and just so very savoury, with the chew and crunch of the perfect pot-stickers (the cheeky name for Gyoza). QUALITY!!!

@ $10.00
Iza Siglap Squid Ink Pasta with Uni


Squid ink angel hair pasta in a rich king prawn broth. OK, one small complaint from Wifey, was that it was dry. I could see that immediately. This had clearly been left under the heat lamps on the serving jump for too long. Shame. Apart from that, Wifey said it was just extremely delicious. I have to say, it looks stunning on the plate too.

@ $28.00
Iza Siglap Grilled Sweetcorn


I ordered THREE of these. Ask for some additional salt and give this a little Salt Bae treatment. That slightest addition will make this, likely, the best-grilled sweetcorn you’ll ever consume. Just bonkers good. 

@ $2.00
Iza Siglap Pistachio Crusted Lamb Cutlet


Honey balsamic Brussels sprouts, roasted baby potatoes with mint butter, and sublime Heirloom carrots. This was a cracker. I am not sure of the Japanese and Izakaya linkage, but hey who cares, it was just delicious. What a pairing with those veggie options. I could have dip-dipped all day long. A seriously good dish.

@ $36.00
Iza Siglap Steak Tataki


Beef fillet, with rocket greens and topped with ponzu sauce. Thumbs up from me on this one. Simply delicious. Loved it. Maybe a little more seasoning would have knocked this out of the park. Wifey is now asking Amos and Mary (owners) to replicate this with a Tuna Tataki dish. So demanding.

@ $12.00
Iza prawns with garlic and evoo


A dish that is the talk of the week, so they say. Sadly we missed dining on this today. But, boy does that look good too.

Iza, Izakaya (居酒屋) Address in Siglap

What is Iza, and Izakaya (居酒屋)?

Iza, Izakaya (居酒屋): Is The Best Place to Discover Japanese Cuisine

Izakaya (居酒屋) is a Japanese bar that offers a variety of small dishes known as “tapas” or “otsumami” to accompany drinks such as sake, beer, and shochu. In Japan, it is a common spot for socializing and unwinding after a long day at work. With its increasing popularity, izakaya (居酒屋) has become a popular destination for foodies all over the world looking to sample genuine Japanese cuisine.

Iza, in Siglap, has nailed this concept. They have unique beverages like their incredible Yuzu Lager and a plethora of Japanese whiskey and Gins. They really have got the meeting place concept, where friends and families gather to dine, drink and chat. It’s just exceptional.

The word “izakaya (居酒屋),” which translates to “stay and drink sake,” is thought to have originated during the Edo era (1603-1868), when merchants would meet to drink and socialize after a long day at work. Izakaya (居酒屋) is known for its cozy and casual ambiance, where people can unwind and enjoy a variety of food and drinks. That’s what Amos and the crew at Iza, Siglap, have created. Come down and see this concept in action… But, be sure to book. It was JAMMED last night when we visited.

The extensive menu of small plates or tapas intended to be shared among friends is one of the distinctive features of izakaya (居酒屋). Edamame (boiled soybeans), yakitori (grilled chicken skewers), gyoza (pan-fried dumplings), karaage (fried chicken), takoyaki (octopus balls), and many other dishes are famous. Izakaya (居酒屋) also offers seafood dishes like sashimi, tempura, and grilled fish. Iza has taken this concept to the next level with the Iza Menu 2023, with lamb racks, steak tataki, cold sobas, gyoza, and much more.

Izakaya (居酒屋) also serve a variety of beverages such as sake, beer, shochu, and cocktails. Sake is a famous drink that is frequently paired with small plates. There are numerous kinds of sake, each with its own distinct flavor and aroma, making it an intriguing and exciting drink to experiment with. I know this is true of Iza at Siglap because I have to scroll through pages and pages of Japanese spirits to get to the kid’s drinks every time we eat here. If you want an extensive selection of Japanese spirits, look no further than Iza.

Aside from the cuisine and drink, izakaya (居酒屋) has a distinct social atmosphere. It’s a place where people can unwind and appreciate one another’s company. Many izakayas (居酒屋) have private rooms or booths that can accommodate small groups, making it a great spot to socialize and catch up with friends.

Finally, izakaya (居酒屋) is a wonderful place to learn about Japanese food culture. It serves a wide variety of dishes intended to be shared, as well as a selection of drinks to complement the food. Izakaya’s cozy and casual atmosphere makes it an ideal location for socializing and spending time with friends. If you want to try authentic Japanese cuisine, izakaya (居酒屋) is a great location to start. I would say that Iza in Siglap is absolutely the BEST Izakaya (居酒屋) on East Coast, and potentially our Red Dot.

Iza Siglap is up there now for us. You may have seen before that we frequent Mikawa Yakitori Bar, Siglap quite a lot. Well hey presto, Maurice, Mary and son (P.O.D) have now opened a new joint literally just up the road. This is a Yakitori Singapore skewer bar which is a very popular Japanese restaurant style for workers to sit, eat, drink and relax whilst being constantly handed skewer after skewer.

This is known as Iza, Izakaya (居酒屋) Bar & Restaurant, Siglap. Iza Siglap, located at 695 East Road, is a local Izakaya concept restaurant and bar. It is a cracker, a family and suburb favourite. It gets MOBBED pretty much every night it is open, it is a true Siglap restaurant favourite and is absolutely such good value for money so it is a cheap eat in Singapore to boot.

It is a must try in my humble opinion, one of the best Japanese restaurants based on the East Coast, and easily the best skewers. The only complaint I had back in 2018 when we first visited was that service was a tad slow, but that was likely the teething pains of a brand-new restaurant. They are now 4 years old and ROCKING. The staff are wonderful, the food is excellent, and the service is incredible it really is up there as the best restaurant on the East Coast.

I’ll share a little later on the Iza Siglap menu, with its array of plated dishes and so many skewers.

Maurice and Mary be proud.  We are now regulars at Iza Siglap, dining there 2 times a month or so. It is just so so good. There’s a variety to other menus, and it is super fresh and massively family-oriented. We love sitting outside watching the Siglap world go by and watching the parakeets in the trees whilst supping and chomping on the amazing fare and drinks the guys have to offer.

A must-try on the drinks front for us lager boys is their Yuzu Lager. It is off-the-charts good. My favourite beer in Siglap, maybe the best beer on East Coast?

And family favourites on the food front;

(I apologise for the quality of my photos. I give credit to Iza for a number of these from their Facebook page, but they are all foods we have consumed. I need to go back soonest and get some much better snaps than I took on this 1st visit.

Frequently asked questions about Iza, Izakaya (居酒屋) Bar & Restaurant, and Siglap answered by ISLIFEARECIPE-dia

Oh I love the meaning of Izakaya. It sums up Iza, Siglap, perfectly.

The Japanese term izakaya is composed of three characters that translate as “stay-drink-place. A place to grab a drink, settle in, and make yourself comfortable. Usually lots and lots of skewers, small-bites to accompany the beer.


At an izakaya, you may choose from a broad choice of Japanese and occasionally foreign meals from the menu. Sashimi, yakitori, grilled meat and seafood, salads, pickles, fried meals, regional specialities, hot pot dishes, rice and noodle dishes are some of the most popular things on the menu in Japan.

Iza is mainly charcoal grilled skewers as a speciality, with a handful of larger per person dishes, a huge array of drinks and enticing  desserts.

Indeed they do. 
Daily delivery hours: 15:00-21:00
Order Hotline: 8727-1315 / 6385-2883

Nestled in the uber cool and hipster suburb, Siglap, on the East Coast of Singapore. Siglap and its neighbours of Bedok & Katong are fast becoming the food meccas of Singapore with an incredible array of offerings from local to international.

695 East Coast Road Singapore, Singapore 459059


Let's hear from Iza, Siglap

IZA is a local izakaya (居酒屋) concept restaurant and bar. Our chefs are the famed guys from The Skewer Bar. Drinks are mainly Japanese beers, sake, umeshu, shochu, and award-wining Japanese whisky. Not forgetting our craft beers and special drinks on the menu

iza izakaya bar & restaurant

Iza Siglap Decor: Good looking joint on the inside – but bring a jacket as they crank the aircon up high. We love to sit outside, it’s so nice there. Breezy, airy and much to watch going on in our little suburb of Siglap. Superb alfresco dining in East Coast.

best food in the east coast

What did we eat the first time we visited?

best food in siglap
iza izakaya bra and restaurant siglap

We have actually stolen this one for ChillaxBBQ because it is such a winner. Bacon Wrapped Lychee. We coin them Bacon Lychee Poppers, because they explode with umami flavours and textures. So simple but man alive, so good.

@ $2.80

Oh my goodness these are my favourites. Si simple but absolutely delicious and moreish and beer food… Bacon Wrapped Quail Eggs with a dollop of Japanese mayo. Yummo!!! 

@ $2.40

iza izakaya bar and restaurant

Another call out from this platter is the spicy Lamb Skewers to the right, wow so bloody good. Packing a punch, but so damned tasty, and tender. Seriously good! 

@ $1.90

Also on here is;

best restaurant east coast
iza siglap

Another winner is the Deep-Fried Chicken Soft-Bone. It’s like KFC on steroids, and so perfect with the cold Asahi I had in my hand. WOWSER!!!

@ $1.90

Sorry guys – didn’t like the Broccoli @ $1.90, came out a little bitter. The Grilled Sweetcorn @ $1.90 was ace though, and Mary said the Shishamo @ $2.00 was the best ever she has tasted!

iza izakaya siglap
iza izakaya siglap

This was legendary! Have you ever had Iza Siglap special Grilled Avocado? Me neither. This was grilled, served with a poached egg and bacon bits. Oh yeah baby, we really, really liked this one! We have this one every single time we come here now.

@ $5.00

It’s funny that the Char Siew Sticky Pork Ribs were actually the least favourite. Seemed to be a tad overdone, and a little tough. When I say funny, I mean the restaurant is owned by Singaporean Chinese and Char Siew is a stable food, but their Japanese stuff was way way better.

@ $18.90

iza izakaya bar siglap

Mary had the Grilled Oysters too. These took for ever to be served, but when the oysters came she got stuck in and really liked them. So again great work there Iza Siglap. 

@ $12.00

iza izakaya bar & restaurant
iza siglap

Jude Jude’s favourite for a while is this amazing eggs dish. It is something like 4 different styles of prep of eggs in a little ‘cup. This is Iza’s Four Ton Chawanmushi.

@ $4.50

You can never go wrong with Chargrilled Pineapple. Get some of that charring and get the sweet and savoury kick. Yummo!

@ $2.00

Iza Izakaya Bar & Restaurant Menu

The menu is big on the food, as you’d expect, but massively big on drinks. As I mentioned, I love the Yuzu Lager but if you love a whiskey or sake this is your location. Hence I cal this a bar in Siglap as well as a fantastic izakaya restaurant.

iza izakaya bar and restaurant
iza siglap menu
iza siglap menu
iza siglap menu


Come on East Coasters come support your local suburbs, and eat at Iza Izakaya (居酒屋) Bar & Restauarant. Just be patient, order what we ordered and you will absolutely not be disappointed. It was seriously fantastic food. 695 East Coast Road, near to Jag’s Bistro & Bar, Al Forno Tapas, POD (sister of Iza), George’s Madbar, Malthouse, and the like. Give them a lookup on Facebook; ‘The Skewer Bar’, as it might be sensible to book because it is usually packed. It’s a must folks. Get down here (居酒屋).


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