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Ponzu and bacon bit scallops


ChillaxBBQ ponzu and bacon bit scallops

This is a crackling little dish. Design by and for ChillaxBBQ. Recycled serving shells again for that single serving and no plastic. This is ChillaxBBQ ponzu and bacon bit scallops. These little beauties have flavour and texture explosion all in one, and they look bloody nice too. This dish is also rather simple to do. Let’s go, shall we?

ChillaxBBQ ponzu and bacon bit scallops
A new one for us that has been evolving each time we cook it. We have a new wholesaler too that is supplying us the scallops at a very reasonable price, so these have become a regular.

You will need;

  • However many scallops you want – make sure on the half shell;
  • A bunch of finely chopped fresh chives;
  • Bacon bits – the little crunchy ones are the ones to get;
  • Ponzu sauce;
    • 200 ml of soya sauce;
    • 200 ml of fresh lemon or lime juice;
    • 200 ml of vegetable stock;
    • 200 ml of rice vinegar; and
    • 100 ml of Mirin.

And off we go;

  1. Trim all the yucky bits off the scallop and pop the meat in a zip-lock bag;
  2. Mix all the Ponzu ingredients together and pour half in the zip-lock bag as a marinade;
  3. Leave those overnight if you can;
  4. When you are ready to BBQ drain off the marinade and get the scallops on the coals – likely 2-3 minutes a side until a little charred;
  5. Pop them back in their shells and drizzle over some of the remaining Ponzu;
  6. Sprinkle on some of the finely chopped chives; and
  7. Finish off with a sprinkle of the crunchy bacon bits.

Et voila. That is that. ChillaxBBQ ponzu and bacon bit scallops boom!!! I served these at a recent ChillaxBBQ quite near the end and one guest loudly exclaimed; “Holy shit, the boys have saved the best until last!

What a dish!” So have a go yourself, you can see it is pretty simple. Of just give the crew a call and we’ll be over to do it for you. Either way I can guarantee that you will absolutely!


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