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The Common Man Coffee Roasters – what a lunch…

Where did I go for lunch today?

Common Man Coffee Roasters Singapore breakfast

A little off my usual beaten track. Off to a new place for me with Grant my friend and colleague. Off to Robinson Quay, near to work, near to where Grant lives.

I have to say the food was right up there on the ‘price-o-meter’, but it was a pretty damn funky place, and the food was pretty damn good too. As I sat there it reminded me of days in Melbourne, eating out in cafe culture, usually urban in style like this place, wafts of good coffee and local Australian cider – well hello there Pipsqueak.

I was at The Common Man Coffee Roasters, at 22 Martin Road. Check then out at http://wwwcmcroasters.com

What did I eat?

I delved in to the world of Common Man All Day Breakfast. Holy cow this dish was a monster. And so was the price at $26 – ouch – this has better be a bloody good brekkie.

For that price tag you get;

  • 1x sausage
  • 3x beautifully grilled tomatoes with herbs
  • 2x grilled and seasoned mushrooms
  • 3x rashers of grilled back bacon
  • 2x poached eggs on a slice of toasted ciabatta

Now coming to the two best bits;

  • 1x home made hash brown which had some ham or bacon in it – oh yeah baby
  • A portion of baked beans, but baked beans cooked with chorizo sausage – double oh yeah baby

So credit where credit is due;

The food was delicious and the place was well worth the visitation. All credit to them.

BUT – if I went there too frequently I think I would be needing a new line of credit – boom boom.

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