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Panamericana Singapore Review 2024


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Panamericana Singapore Review 2024 Excellent Menu Update

Panamericana Review Contents

Panamericana Singapore Review needs a menu update with some excellent and exquisite new dishes to share with you. Jules #BeProud, the new food is truly wonderful and the crew at the restaurant was just so on point as always. So very attentive, helpful, and just so absolutely lovely.

My beautiful 1/2 Japanese niece who lives in New York, happens to be studying in Japan, so came to join us for a few days of tourist stuff. That turned into us showing off a number of our favourite dining experiences on Red Dot, and of course, that includes Panamericana @ Sentosa Golf Club. How could it not?

Panamericana Sentosa

Panamericana Singapore, inspired by the Argentine Asador, specializes in farm-to-fire cuisine, serving exquisitely grilled, roasted, and charred quality meats, seafood, greens, and grains.

With this Panamericana Singapore menu, you may taste the best of the regions that line the spectacular Pan-American Highway and take a gastronomic tour of the Americas.

Panamericana Sentosa Parsnips
@ $22
Panamericana Sentosa Padron Peppers
@ $15
Panamericana Sentosa Octopus
@ $54
Panamerica Singapore Ham & Cheese Puff

Kid’s Ham & Cheese Puff. I saw this on the bakery menu, but you can’t order it from there for dinner. But, says our server, I could give it to you from the Kid’s Menu. Woof!!! Thanks so much. That meant we all had to try probably the best Croque Monsieur we have ever had, and likely will have. Wowser. This ain’t kid’s food, it’s just wonderful. Flaky pastry packed with smoky ham and gooey melty cheese. #TopDrawer.

@ $14

Panamericana Sentosa Empenadas
@ $16
Panamericana Sentosa Chicken Sliders
@ $24
Panamericana Sentosa Lamb Asador
Panamericana Sentosa Burrata

Burrata (V) Kale Crisps, Pickled Grapes, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Walnuts. Holy Moly, this is a beauty. This dish sends you all over the place with your eyes first going WOW because that plating is beautiful.

Then the sweet scents of Balsamic start smashing your nose. When you taste (if you get a bit of everything in one bite) you are sent spiralling. This is savoury, sour, sweet and super-creamy (a call out of the pickled grapes, just add this super-surprising ZING).

It’s so umami it’s not funny. And then a 4th sense, is the textures that take you on a rollercoaster ride in your mouth. The Kale chips are insane, I seriously could just eat a bowl of these with a cold beer. The Burrata is like soft butter. Then the nuts crumble as you chew. Yep, this is heavenly. Great job Panamericana Singapore #CheeseHeaven.

@ $30

Panamericana Sentosa Kurobuta Pork Collar

Kurobuta Pork Collar Ham Hock Jus, Buttermilk Fennel Salad. Yeah baby, this was a beauty. Fall-apart pork. Like so very seriously juicy and tender. Then the taste test. It’s mind-blowing. It truly is.

Almost like it has been dry-age smoked. Such a wonderful flavour and texture, with that stunning Jus and then almost palate-cleansing accompanying salad. Match made in heaven. This surely is going to be a repeat offender for us on the next visit to Panamericana Sentosa. You have to try this.

@ $54

Panamericana Sentosa PanAm Cotta

PanAm Cotta, Mango Coulis, Mixed Berries, Salted Caramel Crunch, Mint. We did have a dessert as well, but when it arrived we thought it was another Burrata dish. Look at it. But then you take the 1st scoop. Your senses are attacked. It’s the only way to describe it. It’s a food onslaught. Texture, flavour, aromas, and combinations of all start slapping you about.

It’s so crazily good. Those little beads of caramel crunch, for example, are like pop-rocks and balance out the sweetness. The mint comes in subtly, but it’s there. Then sourness from the berries and mango and a savoury sweet smack from the Cotta. This surely is a beauty. We were all a gasp at this, despite being in a food coma already. What an amazing dessert!!! BOOMSKI!!!

@ $15

Conclusion of Panamericana Singapore Review

The conclusion of our return, and Panamericana Singapore Review Excellent Menu Update. We really did miss our favourites of the Argentine Empanadas and Wagyu Sliders, but the new dishes are just exceptional. But the new dishes more than compensated. My niece had a wonderful time. The food, crew and views just kept on giving. And it is so family.

That’s really important for me, and this closing picture of this review signifies that for me, with my niece and youngest happily colouring in the midst of all that was happening, and Panamericana Sentosa embraces that. A sublime dinner. Job done. Niece happy and full of memories. Thank Jules and crew. Be seeing you soon.

Panamericana Singapore Review

Sentosa Restaurant Reviews

Panamericana Singapore Review came about from a referral from a hot to trot ‘lead’ and reference from my BFF Archer as a must-visit. We’d had this place in thought for some time, and today we put that into fruition due to Thursday being my last day off the grind of work for an 8-day stay-cation with the family

That has been the most amazing 8 days of fun with Wifey and the kids. We have done so much from zoos, bird parks, swimming, island hopping, cooking, eating, food exploring and the like. It has been bliss and, to be honest, I am dreading the work return tomorrow. A very sad day.

But today we had fun at this place, and what a place it is. It also came with a massive surprise for me with a certain individual standing behind the pass.

I hope you enjoy this Review of the Panamericana Singapore.

panamericana singapore

Panamericana Sentosa has a major patio/veranda thing going on with views of The South China Sea. I came here once when it was Il Lido and the 1st tee of the golf club was right below you – and I played the golf club from that very tee box too many years ago. Talk about pressure…

Welcome to Panamericana…

It surely is not a cheap option, but then again you are eating at a restaurant on Sentosa in the Golf Club with just the most amazing views of the South China Sea from this little Red Dot Island we live on. Plus the food is outstanding as you will see, so the premium is well worth it in my reckoning.

This is absolutely now one of our favourite dining places in Singapore, without a doubt. The food is just incredible. It’s so fresh and full of amazing plating, flavour, texture, aromas. It hits all your senses and is just so very good – and with that beautiful backdrop, it is really going to take some beating.

panamericana singapore

How splendid is that entrance? This is actually the entrance to Sentosa Golf Club and we had to take an immediate right-turn after those pillars to the sea view balcony of the Panamericana restaurant.

What is the Dress Code for Panamericana?

Another thing I loved about here was the Panamericana Singapore dress code. They actively encourage you to dress according to the vibe, clearly stating in CAPS;


Also when you get shown to your table there is a printed placemat; ‘HOLA BRIAN’. I really love stuff like that.

Read on, this is going to be EPIC!!!

Panamericana Food


This is a speciality dish for Panamericana on Sentosa. This is the Brunch Lamb or Asador Lamb and it is a beauty. Slow roast/BBQ over wood with a secret marinade. HEAVENLY!!! South American Inspired; 7-hour Wood-Fired with Chilli, Thyme, Rosemary & Garlic.

@ $67 for 300g

panamericana singapore

Peruvian Ceviche. You must get this just to try that accompanying sauce. Holy moly it’s good. Red snapper, chilli, coconut milk, papaya, and coriander. What a combo. Everything is so fresh, so colourful and the taste… well it’s a WOW!!! Well done Panamericana, you nailed this one.

@ $32

panamericana sentosa

Again a stunner of a dish plated. Hidden under the greens is a Burrata cheese ball. We’ve all had that. Usually with some bread and tomatoes and maybe a little parma. But, not here. Here it is with kale crisps, pickled grapes, balsamic vinaigrette, and walnuts. Stop the bus folks…

What an amazing dish, and I really mean amazing because this was off-the-bloody charts amazing in fact. What a combo of flavour and texture. A match made in heaven. Delicious. And they call this amazing dish what? Simply Burrata. Talk about playing it down…

@ $30

Why not wash the food down with a classcic Panamericana Tequila Cocktail. The infamous Palomatized

Panamericana’s Palomatized; Los Arcos Blanco Tequila, Mezcal, Pink Grapefruit, Lime, Pineapple & Grapefruit Oleo Saccharum.

@ $25

Now, back to the Panamericana food. The exciting food of Panamericana Sentosa - Our Panamericana Review

Panamericana SG

Their menu does not do this justice. Argentinian Empanadas ‘w’ Salsa. These are insanely good as a starter. We always order these. Crispy from the frying, but then gooey and chewy in the middle and filled with a spicy warm mince filling packed with flavour punches. Incredible dish and a family favourite.

@ $16

panamericana empanadas inside Panamericana Singapore Review 2024

And now play it forward to 2021 – Michelin Star grade – the very same incredible dining experience on these pillows of excellence

panamericana chicken sliders Panamericana Singapore Review 2024

And here is another ‘Blimey Charlie’ dish. A simple slider? No way, not for these boys and girls because these are on steroids sliders. Chicken, slow roast and then fried with molten blue cheese and a hot dipping sauce. OMG, these were bloody heavenly. Sod you and your McClownChicken as these are the very best chicken in a bun I have had.

It’s juicy chicken with a perfect crunch of the batter, with this molten blue cheese drizzled all over and then dip in that spicy smokey hot sauce and yes, the angels did indeed start to sing. This is the Panamericana Uncle Charles Southern-Style Chicken Sliders – Brioche, Roquefort Mayo, and Hot Sauce. Sounds simple, but so very not when you take a bite.

@ $24

panamericana sentosa

Uncle Charles’ Fried Chicken Sliders are just off-the-charts superb, as Jude would like to testify.

You MUST eat the Chicken Sliders ‘w’ Blue Cheese Mayo & Hot Sauce.

Some of the best grub to go down my throat and clearly Jude Jude is in complete agreement in 2021 when doing our father-son lunch.

Panamericana Lamb Asador

Remember the Panamericana Lamb Asador? Well hereis how they do that. I am literally in food heaven. Talk about food theatre.

panamericana sg

Asador station is right in the middle of the Panamericana Singapore restaurant – which is the Argentinian way of doing BBQ. There’d be hot coals & smoking wood on the stone floor there and a whole lamb strung up on a metal ‘crucifix’ to be slowly BBQ‘d for something like 7-8 hours. OMG here we go, now I am getting really excited.

panamericana sg

Jude Jude and I came here for a boy’s BFF lunch in 2021 and the Asador was in full working glory, so here I am merging 2 blogs to update some snaps of that, and Jude Jude and I enjoying a different perspective due to table location. Seriously though check out that whole lab on the Asador frame being cooked the Basque way over a wood fire. I want it, I need it.

Back to that food at Panamericana Sentosa

panamericana cheeseburger Panamericana Singapore Review 2024

I was very surprised by my little Co-pilot and Sous Chef Jude Jude. He ordered from the kid’s menu and went with the Panamericana Cheeseburger.

That’s kind of unlike him when there are steaks and Japanese Wagyu and all that on the menu. But a good choice it has to be said as the burger was awesome and the chips were superb… haha!

OK, OK, good choice Jude Jude. He also ate a load of the sharing plates anyways, so he doubled down. Good work!!!@

No longer on the menu.

panamericana singapore

I had a wee nibble on this but the brown sauce AKA negra mayo in the parsnip puree knocked me sideways because I think perhaps anchovy or something. The fish won. Bugger.

But Wifey, Strawberry Blonde, and #1 were fighting for the pieces of this which proves a lot right. Plus how beautiful is that plating and a new fruit/vegetable called a tamarillo on there that looks like a tomato but is not… Such a cool-looking dish.

This is Charred Octopus Tentacle – parsnip puree, negra mayo, and tamarillo.

@ $54

panamericana singapore

This could turn you vegetarian (OK minus the bacon). I tell you this is the very best pile of green stuff I have ever bloody eaten. Best salad EVER. It’s crunchy, creamy, nutty, salty, herby and and and…

It is bonkers good. A MUST-EAT. They call this California – Romaine lettuce, pistachio emulsion, queso fresco, and crispy bacon. Another heavenly moment in this restaurant. They just keep on giving those moments dish after dish.

@ $25

panamericana sentosa

Sadly this bad boy got a little ‘ignored’ due to all the other goodies on the table but was still so very good.

The Panamericana Patatas Bravas with Manchego cheese, paprika, and chipotle aioli.


@ $15

panamericana menu 2022

Man, these were so good too. I have had this with the big sweetcorn cobs but not with baby corn. One mouthful bite-sized pieces and super sweet too. Genius. We wolfed these down double fast time. The Panamericana Cubana Baby CornSriracha mayo, Cotija and chives. Simply brilliant!!!

@ $14

panamericana bevette steak Panamericana Singapore Review 2024

I saw this on the specials and just could not refuse… Anytime I see the words Bevette/Hanger/Skirt in front of the word steak I have to have it. It is fast becoming my favourite cut and no surprise it is also called the Chef cut. It’s just a beauty.

It was matured and originated from the same farms in Oz that supply Chef Pynt @ Burnt Ends, Blackmore. Best Australian Wagyu. Look at that beef, pink2pink medium-rare, just as the family’s boys enjoy it. Salt, chili, and a chimichurri-like salsa. Heavenly, heavenly, heavenly.

Specials menu on the day 

panamericana singapore

Reaching the end now of our lunch this day. But saving some ‘best-to-last’ dishes with this beauty. This is the 7 hour slow-roast Lamb Al Asador that has been crucified over a wood-fired BBQ cooking low and slow in the smoky heat. It is fall apart and incredibly flavoursome. 

This will be some of the very best lamb you have likely ever eaten.

Lamb Al Asador 300g, South American Inspired; 7-Hour Wood-fired with Chilli, Thyme, Rosemary & Garlic.

@ $67 for 300g

panamericana japanese a5 Panamericana Singapore Review 2024

From the tastes of North, Central, and South American regions, Panamericana is known for its farm-to-fire cuisine that uses only the freshest and most flavourful ingredients from the region.

And this is no exception. Some of the very best tasting steaks, albeit a little bit chewy, it has to be said. 

Japanese A5 Wagyu Roll. Pink2Pink Perfection. A char crust to die for adding such texture and flavour.

Specials menu on the day 


Romeo & Juliet dessert to finish things off – WOOF!!!

Cheese Custard, Pink Guava, and Sago.

Not on the menu now

To my favourite section of the blogs, let's hear from Panamericana Singapore themselves:


Panamericana is the ultimate casual. It brings to life the rich diversity of cultures and cuisines found in the 14 countries along the sprawling 50,000km of the Pan-American Highway that stretches through the North, Central and South Americas.

Panamericana enviably sits on a prime spot upon Singapore’s finest and most prestigious golf club, set against the scintillatingly South China Sea, offering a relaxing and stylish setting with mesmerising ocean views.

With more than 7,000 sq. ft of indoor and outdoor dining and drinking space, Panamericana boasts a fully-stocked bar, a charming and spacious indoor dining where natural daylight floods through floor to ceiling windows, a breezy long verandah that curved to give a vast view of the sea, fringed by the lush golf course on the one side and tropical greenery on the other, and a perfectly manicured lawn.”

Watch this little video clip of our arrival at Panamericana Singapore and the 1st impressions…


Panamericana Singapore Review
- the interior and exterior

sentosa island

How stunning is the view from Panamericana Sentosa? What a view… A beautiful breezy view of the Singapore Strait & South China Sea. Very beautiful. Looking forward to this lunch, big time!!!

panamericana sentosa

Stunning views from the Panamericana Singapore of The South China Sea as you dine. Sea Eagles soar, golfers swing, ships sail and warm sea breezes waft you as you dine and drink…

You can even rent the Panamericana Lawn that you can see in the photo for private events of up to 500 pax (of course pre-Covid)

panamericana singapore

A wee sneak at the Panamericana Singapore interior. I like it a lot, but we absolutely like it more on the outside.

Fun and friends at Panamerica Singapore

Bottle of Corona

“What’s this nonsense about Corona being a bad thing? I love the stuff…” said Jude Jude

panamericana chef keith Panamericana Singapore Review 2024

I could not believe it when I popped in to look at the Panamericana kitchen and spotted the Head Chef behind the pass. Well, bugger me if it isn’t Chef Keith from Kilo that mentored me when I did Kilo Under Pressure 4 years ago. Talk about small worlds colliding. Just incredible.

We had a really good chat with Keith after service and he also slipped us a dish or two ‘from him’ which was so very much appreciated. It really was so very great to see Keith again and to eat his OFF-THE-CHARTS good food today. Made my day even more special!!!

kilo under pressure

That was now and this was then. 4 years ago my 1st experience as a Chef running a restaurant with 150 covers that night. Mentored here by the very same Keith we met again today.

It was so brilliant to see him again today. Funny how things have changed.

This was Kilo Under Pressure now it’s My Shirt Buttons Under Pressure because of the Kilos… 

If you want to have a look at the Blog for my Kilo Under Pressure experience CLICK HERE. It takes me back to October 2016.

Before you start to order food, make sure you order this...

panamericana free flow

It’s the ideal way to start the meal, in our opinion, if you buy a ticket to their two-hour bottomless tipples of house wines, beers, Prosecco, and house spirits

There will be no extensions, and it is not applicable in conjunction with any other promotion or discount.

Our conclusion of Panamericana Sentosa

Panamericana Sentosa be absolutely so very proud of what you have going here. It is a stunning place to dine. You have an incredible staff. All of them. From the front-of-house, serving crew and of course Chef Keith and his crew.

We had such a wonderful lunch. Worth every single cent for that experience. We’ll be back another special day, you can absolutely guarantee that. Folks this is one NOT TO MISS. It is just brilliant. Get your bums across that causeway and – ENJOY!!!

Panamericana Singapore Address & Telephone

Address: 27 Bukit Manis Rd, Sentosa Golf Club, 099892
Telephone: +65 6253 8182

Panamericana Sentosa FAQ

Monday to Sunday: 12pm–10:00pm

Make sure you book!!! Especially if you want one of those coveted seats outside overlooking the South China Sea. And then I say book, I mean book in advance not just on the day. You increase your choices for premium seating with notice. Don’t be disappointed, the full package is the mind-blowing thing about this place.

This is beautiful because of the recipes from each of the 14 countries that span the Pan-American Highway that stretches through the North, Central and South Americas. Talk about variety, but an overlapping variety with some common themes. It is simply one of the best restaurants on Red Dot, not cheap but you get what you pay for and add the view and service.

They say it so much better than I; “

With the Argentinian Asador at its heart, Panamericana specialises in farm-to-fire cuisine, offering succulent grilled, roasted & charred premium meats, seafood and produce that are typical of North, Central & South America.

The menu is a gourmand’s journey brought to life with the best flavours of the regions located along the impressive Pan-American Highway.”

There are two Panamericana Singapore Menu options.

Yes indeed they do that. From corporate events, to weddings and general celebrations. 

If you want to plan a successful event, you need a great location, in our opinion. Incredibly beautiful location. A place where originality in creation is valued.

Panamericana, located in Sentosa Golf Club, is the city’s finest grill restaurant. Located in a coveted section of the golf club, with breathtaking views of the Straits of Singapore, this venue is ideal for hosting business functions and social gatherings in comfort and style.

All of their venues are large enough to host events with up to 500 guests.  It is also possible to rent the entire restaurant.

Enquire here; https://www.panamericana.sg/events

Panamericana Sentosa Menu

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