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Soregashi Restaurant Tokyo Japan


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Brian Kennett

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A Bird restaurant Specializing in Chicken Dishes

by Soregashi


Again extremely lucky for me to be in Japan for a work trip a week or so ago. Add to that that of course I get to see my mother and father in law. Remember the blog re me meeting up with my niece all the way from NYC another time I was there in Japan. Well this trip her Mum was there too – so we all met up again. Timing is everything. Haruko, Mizuyo, Yuko and I all went along to a wonderful restaurant, a family friend as chef, an internationally renowned chef no less.

What a lovely dinner we had. A family dinner that has not happened since 5 years prior in Singapore. What a lovely evening chatting and eating and reminiscing and what better place to do that in.

I apologise now for the photos as I only had iPhone with me. They truly do not do it justice, so perhaps here a picture paints 500 words. The food is incredible, fresh, so fresh and all prepared right in front of you. Literally the chef was standing a metre from me preparing dish after dish.

I suggest you get there if you can – you need to be able to read Japanese or know someone that does from the website though (I have that luxury of course), looks to me like 3x locations with 3x separate numbers. Have a look at;

Soregashi Restaurant

What an experience.

Now lets have a look at that food.

Soregashi Restaurant, Tokyo, Japan
Here comes number one.

Now trying to remember what we had here. Some courgette steamed to the right, in some grated radish I think. Soft, sweet and succulent. Some seared duck breast that was melt in the mouth, seriously delicious. A tomato stack salad, oh my. Raw pumpkin, apparently the only of its kind that you can eat raw, sweet and soft again with orange segments, just incredible. And finally uni, those sea urchin roe – with sea salt overtones. Man what a starter and just look how beautiful the presentation is – only in Japan, wow!

Soregashi Restaurant, Tokyo, Japan
Here is the great man.

See what I mean about sitting close, watching his every move. The precision taken, and the care for the presentation was amazing to watch. Here is a sort of hot pot he is cooking a variety of chicken dishes that he then hands over to you as you’ll see below. What a great man!!!

Soregashi Restaurant, Tokyo, Japan
Here comes some of the cooked chicken now that chef has just finished.

This is actually finely sliced chicken thighs. Perfectly poached in the sauces in the pot, and then dropped in to this special raw egg wash. Swill it around a little and wolf it down – goodness me this is sweet, tangy, eggy. Boy this is so good.

Soregashi Restaurant, Tokyo, Japan
A tester for the Westerner now.

Chicken throat – I think ha ha. This was so very tasty, but now those textures we probably don’t like. Crunch cartilage basically. But the taste was sublime. Such intense chicken flavour, then a lightly glossy coating of the egg wash and down your throat. Delicious.

Soregashi Restaurant, Tokyo, Japan
Miz and I chose chicken to share and Haruko and Yuko chose the wagyu to share. Now doesn’t that look damn good too. Look at that presentation again, perfection even down the placement of the flower and the vegetables beneath.
Soregashi Restaurant, Tokyo, Japan
This one was a cracker.

Such intense chicken flavour for this mince chicken dish. A sprinkle of some herd and an egg yolk on top. This had this intense flavour of chicken, almost like chicken skin does but somehow in this mince. I really really loved this dish. A-Grade!!!

Soregashi Restaurant, Tokyo, Japan
Another not for the feint hearted – scuse the pun.

But yes here we are, eating the whole chicken it seems. So lets eat the little chaps heart, again with that egg yolk wash. I wonder if we really will eat the whole bird, I wonder if we’ll get to the bottom of it. Oooooooh!

Soregashi Restaurant, Tokyo, Japan
Not a witch in sight with this cauldron…

Now you can see in that amazing cauldron he has been working with religiously for Miz and I. Hearts, thighs, tofu, chicken balls, throats all simmering away in this sweet sweet sauce that is closely guarded as a secret by the chef. And rightly so as this was tremendous food in a truly beautiful setting with my family enjoying it with me. Does it get much better? I don’t think it does you know. But wait there is one more. Now all the meat is served what do do with the gravy? Hmmmm – let’s have a think.

Soregashi Restaurant, Tokyo, Japan
Oh I know says the chef. How about I stir an egg through it and then serve it on top of some plain steamed rice. Wow that works. What an end to the meal. All washed down with beers and Sake.

I loved this place.

You needed Japanese support.

So thank you family Oyama and Pan. What a great trip. So lovely to see you all, and together

Let’s try not to make it 5 years next time.

What a place!!!

Soregashi (鳥料理それがし) Address

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