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ChillaxBBQ does kid’s birthdays now…


ChillaxBBQ does kid’s birthdays now…

Now there’s a first. We had a brief from the clients Iain and Clair, that their daughter, Ottie, was turning 4 and she loves Jellyfish. Now that is one brief and a half haha. It was supposed to be 15 kids and 10 adults but turned in to 20 or so kids and approximately the same number of adults. It’s sort of how we like it. Baptism by fire. But we did it. We rocked (so we were told). So yes folks ChillaxBBQ does kid’s birthdays now…

Firstly to the crew; The Beard, Frankie Goes to OllieWood, #1 and Jhea. A couple of firsts for ChillaxBBQ does kid’s birthdays now… crew members as #1 was wearing Chef top for the 1st time, and I had him on the tools most of the party. Very proud of him as he nailed it. Jhea was the lone server, as we got let down by another of the crew. Was I worried? Absolutely not and she knocked it out of the, what an incredible Daddy-Daughter Day. Great work you two. Be proud of yourselves. Approximately 20 additional covers, and a member of the crew down, and look what you did. Just brilliant.

Another first for ChillaxBBQ do kid’s birthdays now… was Pocket Rocket in live action mode. She was a bitch to start off with, as she really wasn’t playing ball with lighting and staying alight. But after much perseverance from Frankie Goes to OllieWood (nice mate, nice), she started to perform well. Part of Ottie’s party commitment from us was to have the little ones able to make their own pizzas for us to then bake, Ollie to cut and plate, and Jhea to find them and serve back. What a cracking idea that was. Frankie Goes to OllieWood and #1 became the stars of the kid’s show, literally surrounded for most of the party. Great work boys.

Frankie Goes to OllieWood left early, just in time to get his brother from the airport with his 2 little kids. Clearly a glutton for punishment. “I need more kids, PLEASE!!!”

The other big surprise for Ottie was that I had had a creative moment related to her passion for jellyfish. A few Tigers in one day I came up with the concept of a beach scene food diorama. A bit of a Heston idea. Literally, everything would be edible. How about that idea? Both Claire and Iain were in complete agreement. This was agreed on via this scribble on a napkin. How to put this into reality and prove that ChillaxBBQ does kid’s birthdays now… ?

ChillaxBBQ does kid's birthdays now...
From this scribbling can I make it happen? Can I make Ottie an edible beach scene food diorama? I’ll give it a bloody good go. Let’s have a look, shall we? Clearly, some light refreshment was needed too. Hey it was hot!!!
ChillaxBBQ does kid's birthdays now...
1st up is making my watermelon clam, with watermelon pearls. A measuring spoon makes a great melon baller substitute. It has begun.
ChillaxBBQ does kid's birthdays now...
Talk about a blank sheet of paper. I grabbed the picnic bench and got #1 to lay down a load of baking paper. And it begins!!!
ChillaxBBQ does kid's birthdays now...
After some careful hand-carving, I managed to create the melon clam, complete with olive eyes. Open his mouth and get stuck into the melon pearls. I have to admit I was very proud of this piece of food art. Very cute. And that also has to be said for the lovely little birthday girl, Ottie, dressed up as her favourite creature – yes a jellyfish.
ChillaxBBQ does kid's birthdays now...
Frankie Goes to OllieWood laying down the sweetcorn beach as I put down the jelly sea. Carefully watched by our quality control, Jhea. The sweetcorn was warmed through with cream, butter, S&P and was very yummy.
ChillaxBBQ does kid's birthdays now...
I LOVE these. My dolphin bananas. Look at them swimming in the jelly sea (thanks Wifey) with their little grape balls in their mouths. So funny was that the kids were tricked into eating fruit this day. What child would not want to eat one of these cute little dolphins? Sadly we had some Global warming moments though and the jelly sea bloody melted on to the floor. Luckily all the dolphins had been saved. Well eaten actually.
ChillaxBBQ does kid's birthdays now...
And we are finished. It gets the right result of the WOW factor. The kids and parents both seemed to really like it. Quite a few photos taken, and a lot of parents asking for our name cards. There you go. Creativity and hard work paid off. Very proud of this piece. Truly food art that you can eat.
ChillaxBBQ does kid's birthdays now...
Buckets and spades for chips, sweetcorn beach, blue jelly sea, banana dolphins, watermelon clam, hot dog octopuses, and chicken cheese croissant crabs. Phew!!!
ChillaxBBQ does kid's birthdays now...
And now cheese quesadilla jellyfish. Seriously how cute is that.
ChillaxBBQ does kid's birthdays now...
Yeah, it surely did garner a lot of attention from the guests. Job well done!!! Happy faces all around. Happy Birthday, Ottie.
ChillaxBBQ does kid's birthdays now...
Our gorgeous server Jhea. 1st time forever doing this and she was just brilliant. Well done daughter. You made me very proud today. Awesome!!! Out goes the citrus and fresh herb salmon.

Today we served up;

  • The kid’s diorama of course;
  • Kids DIY make-your-own pizzas;
  • Signature sausage selection;
  • Signature slow-roast pork belly with hollandaise & English mustard sauce;
  • Signature medium rare Toma;
  • Chicken kebabs with home-made chilli sauce;
  • Tuna Tataki;
  • Citrus and fresh herb salmon;
  • Manuka honey, citrus and paprika prawns; and
  • Ponzu scallops with crunchy bacon bits.
ChillaxBBQ does kid's birthdays now...
Pocket Rocket finally started to behave and churn out some brilliant pizzas. All hand-made by the kids and baked by our very own Frankie Goes to OllieWood. Genius!!!
ChillaxBBQ does kid's birthdays now...
He sure was in demand. We had a little HSE concern as Pocket Rocket gets seriously hot. So we were having 2 at a time for pizza making. The legend that is Frankie Goes to OllieWood, and #1 so so busy. Great work boys, great work. You surely had some very happy party goers. Just brilliant work from #1, the first time in the jacket and 1st time on the tools for the whole event.
ChillaxBBQ does kid's birthdays now...
And you can tell he is having such fun, so absolutely he owns this work-station for any future pizza parties.
ChillaxBBQ does kid's birthdays now...
Fast becoming a favourite is our tuna Tataki, now being plated with a little fish roe too. How good does that look?
ChillaxBBQ does kid's birthdays now...
Signature Toma. Spiked, seasoned heavily, reverse seared at 90 degrees for an hour and a half, charred on the BBQ for a perfect medium rare deliciousness. #beststeakever And partner in crime is a hunk of sashimi grade tuna searing away for the next batch of Tataki.
ChillaxBBQ does kid's birthdays now...
Does it get any better?
ChillaxBBQ does kid's birthdays now...
We missed so many photos today as we were just so very busy and a little short-handed. So here are the Ponzu scallops with crunchy bacon bits. This got a major thumbs up.

And there you have it folks our first foray into the world of kids birthday parties. This was ChillaxBBQ does kid’s birthdays now… Massive thank you to the crew – The Beard, Frankie Goes to OllieWood, #1, and Jhea. Just a brilliant event. A first but also one of the best yet. Also our first for handing out name cards, at the request of the customers too. One lady even started a WhatsApp chat group between all the parents to share our contacts and photos – how about that? Thanks to Claire, Iain and of course Ottie for having us over for the birthday. Great work team – be proud! Bell us if you want the same. Pretty confident you will!


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