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Picture of Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Boozy Traveling Foodie Extraordinaire

English House by Marco Pierre White – Brilliant Menu Update


Picture of Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Foodie Extraordinaire

The English House by Marco Pierre White

Mother’s Day weekend is upon us for Asia, but we also have a kids 5th Birthday Party on Sunday itself. What to do? I know let’s do a surprise lunch the day before. But let’s make it somewhere new. A few friends of mine at work have been chatting about this new place, one of them even met the proprietor when he was over checking progress. So it being a special occasion and all, and me being the foodie that I am, we just had to go to English House by Marco Pierre White – early Mother’s Day lunch.

english house singapore

He’s an amazing guy, is Marco. Have you read his autobiography “The Devil In The Kitchen? You should if you are a foodie. Born in 1961 in Leeds he is one of the most uber-cool Chefs to have walked the planet, tagged as the World’s 1st Celebrity Chef.

In the book, you get some insight into his early life and then his cool era (I got the above photo from Google mixed amongst some early photos of him) almost pop-star in legend. He’s sacked people on the spot, hit people, and thrown customers out. He sure was a wild child in his day. But that all adds to the excitement to have our 1st time eating his food, and it is here in Singapore.

Did you know he trained Chef Gordon Ramsay? There you go… He is also the youngest Chef on the planet to ever achieve THREE Michelin Stars at a restaurant.

English House by Marco Pierre White - (2022) Brilliant Menu Update

The seriously good food at The English House Singapore

English House by Marco Pierre White – early Mother’s Day lunch was great, it really was. I’ll show some of that off soon in the photos. It is $$$ for sure, as you’d expect, and I do have one complaint to mention that I should have aired on the day. C’est la vie.

So let’s get into it. He has this concept of restaurants & rooms. So this place is a HUGE shophouse, as in HUGE, that they will also have boutique rooms above. I am loving that concept, but Rich Huggins and Rabbit Carrot Gun had that 1st in Singapore…

One thing to quickly air to Chef Pierre White was that someone making your mashed potato on the pie this day must have coughed when he/she was seasoning it. The level of salt in the mash was quite overwhelming Sir.

We ended up scraping the potato off, and yes that was the culprit as both the lamb and fish pie beneath it were delicious. Has to be said, sorry!!! Did it spoil lunch, absolutely no it did not? It’s just that you have that Michelin *** reputation in your mind and you think surely someone can’t have over-seasoned, perhaps it’s how it should be… But with 4 individuals all going WOW salty, surely that cannot be. 

the english house

Yes, we did indeed order a Smorgasbord today. Sharing all around is the only way to dine in my reckoning and the family usually all agree. So we did! We went HARD at The English House Singapore. Not in the order of serving comes the food today. Wowser, I’m getting hungry just looking back at the pics…

delmonico steak english house English House by Marco Pierre White - Brilliant Menu Update
english house apple crumble English House by Marco Pierre White - Brilliant Menu Update

We get a BIG sharing plate too. Well, come on you have to try a few things to give a balanced opinion right? So we get right stuck into The Delmonico. A 20 Oz, 45 days dry-aged served medium-rare steak. Choose your sauce? I went with the server recommendation of OxTail and we were all so so so glad we chose that, WOW!!!

This was a killer dish!!! Enough for 2 they say, I think more like 3-4, especially if pigging out on a load of other stuff.

Ollie decides to go full-on heritage English pudding and gets into the Traditional Apple Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream. Looks sublime and so he says it tasted pretty damned good too. I loved the fact that this is served in a Chinese clay-pot bowl you’d normally have clay-pot baked rice in.

Yeah, that’s some fusion right there.

english house asparagus with truffles English House by Marco Pierre White - Brilliant Menu Update
english house champagne vanilla cream English House by Marco Pierre White - Brilliant Menu Update

We then get tucked into another beauty. Fresh Asparagus with Truffles.

Sorry, wait a minute did I hear you right? Yes, I did indeed. Perfectly cooked asparagus, drizzled in a to-die-for truffle vinaigrette with a little crumbled boiled egg.

Stop the boat. Amaze-balls!!!

Ollie and I went double bold and hit dessert. I saw the words Champagne Poached Pears with Vanille Creme.

The pear really was very delicious but OMG the Vanille Creme was out of this world. I am not a huge dessert guy as you know, but this little mound of white with Vanilla pod speckles was an inspiration. Double wow dessert moment for me this!!! LOVED it.

chef marco white singapore
the english house

Apologies for my poor photo. This dish is one of the most beautifully presented & plated and my photo does it injustice.

The fragrance from this dish is just crazy good. The taste, well suffice to say this thing lasted all of 2-3 minutes. It’s just wonderful.

This is the Croustade of Eggs with Truffles. Sublime. Silky Hollandaise to die for. Perfect poached eggs. Stunning crispy pastry tartlet and BOOM truffles. Holy moly.

One of the best for the whole lunch. We all absolutely LOVED it. They describe it more with Maxim’s Mushroom Duxelle, Sauce Hollandaise. Suffice to say – this is a MUST order!!!

Then we come to the 2x pies. I could only ever consume one of course as one was the fish pie.

The whole table tucked in and was then all sort of staring at each other with a face asking; “WOW is it really so salty or is it just me?”

They looked amazing though. The filling was awesome. It clearly was just a bad day at the mashed potato station.

We had both Wheeler’s classic fish pie with buttered garden peas and Mr Lamb’s Shepherd’s Pie with a jus a le Fleur de Thym and buttered garden peas.

Our one and only complaint today – less salt in the mash pretty please!!!

the english house
english house pork belly marco polo English House by Marco Pierre White - Brilliant Menu Update

Yeah, we ordered in bulk as we always do. This was actually the 1st starter up for the day. How could I/we not order this? As soon as Mary and I read the words we both knew this was going to be on the table.

Parfet of Foie Gras Au raisin sec. Holy moly off the charts good is this. You get sourdough with it. The jelly on top of the parfait is a Madere and fruit. And believe me, it is stunning with the foie gras. A match made in heaven!!!

This is some umami in a dish. More, please!!!

We simply had to have this one!!! Come on. Honey Roast Pork Belly Marco Polo. Ollie and I were debating the name… maybe because it is East meets West in the dish.

Slow roast pork belly atop Kway Teow noodles, and then served with a Granny Smith apple puree. WOWEE!!!

By the way, they call them pig-skin noodles here. Double boom!!!

marco pierre white english house
the english house singapore

Oh my goodness, up next is the Potted Duck with Green Peppercorns. Again with our friend the SourDough and some cornichons (pickles).

This again was a beauty when she got to room temperature and the fat on top becomes almost like my Mum’s ‘Beef Dripping’. Literally, it became the butter for the toast and then the scrummy duck became the topping. Yes indeed. we love you.

My Amy goes hard on Wheeler’s Fried Cod and Beef Fat Chips. Even I had to try this to see how this compared to Pete’s Fish and Chips in Margate.

Ding Dong. Absolutely superb. A legendary Tartare Sauce to boot served in an oyster shell (nice touch).

A lemon was sat there in some Muslin so as not to drop the pips when you squeeze – but my Mary and BeBe both thought it was a Pau and asked to share it.

Now to the interior which deserves an equally big call out for being best-in-class

It’s just an awesome space as you will see from the photos. It took me about 30 minutes to actually sit at the table as the kids and I were just wandering around looking at all the photos and nick-nacks on display. Absolutely brilliant theme, decor and ambiance.

the english house
english house dolly dimples picture English House by Marco Pierre White - Brilliant Menu Update

Antique foosball to boot. In every little corner where you turn there is another WOW moment of stuff. It took me 20 minutes to go for a pee because I was looking at all the sketches on the way.

I used to see this sort of artwork down Margate, in the UK, when I was a kid.

Jude fell in love with Dolly Dimples clearly.

the english house singapore
the english house

It’s a jungle out there. Well, it sure is at the front of the restaurant. Check this place out. No nameplates either so get your jungle exploring hat on and punch through the foliage to find the entrance.

You will not be disappointed. 2 Mum’s, three kids and a Dad behind the camera. Let’s go go go!!!

English House by Marco Pierre White – early Mother’s Day lunch

Happy Mum’s and kids all round!!! 

What a cracking lunch treat for us all actually (not just the Mums).

english house happy wifey English House by Marco Pierre White - Brilliant Menu Update
english house interior dark snap English House by Marco Pierre White - Brilliant Menu Update

Bubbles for Mummy, looking very stunning and glamorous. We had to have a quick snap next to this coolest of bars, and yes Jude Jude just had to be in the mix too, well it is Mother’s Day after all.

I mean come on, how can you not fall in love with sitting and dining in here?

Two huge bars and 4 separate rooms make up the restaurant.

As I said this place is massive.

english house jude and amy interior English House by Marco Pierre White - Brilliant Menu Update
english house jude and john lennon English House by Marco Pierre White - Brilliant Menu Update

And then you enter into this space, a huge space. This is one of the all-time best decors restaurants I have ever seen. I just love it.

Higgledy-piggledy, but you can see that it is designed with such care and attention too. It’s just bonkers brilliant. 

Damn you camera flash!!! Jude Jude finds his favourite band The Beatles. I love the fact that some of his favourite music is theirs. ‘Hey Jude’ of course is up there.

But he also loves the classics like Yellow Submarine, and When I’m 64 (I think he sings that for me!!!)

english house singapore
the english house jude with horse

There is a huge amount of B&W photos adorning the walls of English stars from film and song.

And, of course, who should we espy but Sir Paul McCartney belting out ‘Hey Jude’.

So my Jude Jude joined in too.

Jude, Amy and I just could not stop wandering around investigating all the nooks and crannies.

See the lintel at the far end of the room? I love the way the contents here are so English, as in full on English, but they kept the heritage of the building. It’s a stunning Singaporean shophouse after all.

english house michelin man English House by Marco Pierre White - Brilliant Menu Update
english house pig and tattoo English House by Marco Pierre White - Brilliant Menu Update

Of course, they had to have the Michelin Man and some Michelin guidebooks on display.

How could Chef White not? This guy is showing off what my 6-pack looks like bless him.

I tell you what my Tattoo’s relatives just get everywhere. This is a cousin twice removed apparently.

He’s done some films too. You may have heard of him? Kevin Bacon…

The English House
english house toilet corridor English House by Marco Pierre White - Brilliant Menu Update

They even have this extremely cool private dining area. Yes, Jude is also exploring that with me bless him. I’d love to rent this out one day for the family.

Yeah, I went a little moodier for this photo going to B&W.

I love the flagstones.

And this is….? It’s only the corridor to the toilets. Nuts right? Stunning walk for a pee.

english house toilet signs English House by Marco Pierre White - Brilliant Menu Update

Rocking horses, tin toys, art deco, retro everything, and then these two.

Toilet sign art. Bloody hysterical, and yes the kids loved them, clearly!!!

Let's hear from them about English House Singapore

"Elegance and simplicity, inspired by colonial Singaporean heritage, the English House is an institution and a home for people who appreciate an antiquated era of classical food and drink, presented simply as nature intended; orchestrated and conducted by England’s greatest chef Marco Pierre White. Stilted, symmetrical lines of light lead you into the evening; glimmering candles, intimate shadows, walls embellished with the iconic English greats, immortalized through the eyes of Terry O’Neill. The English House is the preservation of a golden age; graceful and natural with a whisper of ostentatious eccentricity."

Our conclusion about Marco Pierre White's English House Menu

English House by Marco Pierre White – early Mother’s Day lunch was a unique dining experience. The food is superb, the decor is out of this world and the service staff was just exceptional.

It really is ‘different’ and a must-try. You just have to. If you are a foodie you’ll love it. If you are English and miss home you’ll love it. We’ll be back for certain, I just need a bonus cheque from work haha, and another special occasion.

We truly loved it and I am certain you would too. Chef Pierre White, it was brilliant thank you. The 1st of its kind on Red Dot.

We had a server who was just incredible this day, and now I check my receipt to see there is no gratuity included and I feel very annoyed with myself for not rewarding her. I am hoping someone reads this and can thank her from us as she was truly brilliant.

In the back of my mind, she is probably the reason I didn’t want to make a small complaint regards two of the dishes.

Folks, make sure you book as it was very busy this day we were there. Get yourself here, you never know you might meet the great Chef himself, as my mate Ian did when he dined here. – ENJOY!!!

The English House FAQ

From 29th March onwards, Mon-Sat our operating hours will be till 11pm and last order 9.30pm. Takeaway and delivery options will still be available!

Mondays to Fridays:
11.30am-3.00pm, 5.30pm-11pm
Last order: 2.30pm lunch, 9.30pm dinner

Saturdays & Public Holidays:
11.00am-3.00pm, 5.30pm-11pm
Last Order: 2.30pm lunch, 9.30pm dinner

Last Order: 8.30pm

28 Mohamed Sultan Road

Tel: +65 6545 4055
WhatsApp: +65 9021 3170


You can read here;

Or just stay in the blog and enjoy the carousel we have given you.

From our research it seems you can only do so from the website;

The English House Address & Telephone

28 Mohamed Sultan Road, 238972, Singapore
Tel: +65 6545 4055
Tel: +65 9021 3170
WhatsApp: +65 9021 3170

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