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Stinky Blue Cheese Pears


Why do I call it this – well mainly because of the blue cheese!

Stinky blue cheese pears

Even Amy commented on the smell when I opened the packet, but she had one little taste and started demanding more.

I know you have probably seen something like this before, but chances are it is likely with walnuts. I have changed a couple of things. See what you think.

This will make enough for at least 6 pear halves – so if using this as a starter or interesting dessert, there you have it, enough for 6;

  • 3 pears – any will do, halve them and then cut in and remove the cores – this will leave a nice natural hollow;
  • 1 packet of strong blue cheese – crumbled;
  • 1 packet of pistachio nuts – chopped roughly;
  • Some honey; and
  • A little oil.

OK – stick those pears in some boiling water for about 10 minutes to soften them a little.

Not too soft though.

I would also add a spoonful or two of sugar in to the water.

Once you have done that spin your oven to 250. The rest happens fast.

Drain the pears. Place on a sheet of baking paper on the baking tray.

Sprinkle some of the chopped pistachio in, cover with crumbled cheese and again a few more nuts.

Straight in the oven until the cheese melts – probably 5-10 minutes will be all this needs.

I also did spin the grill on for the last couple of minutes to brown off the cheese. Plate up, sprinkle with a few more chopped nuts, and drizzle with some honey. Yep I hear you – you must be thinking that’s crazy. Give it a go – these 4 items all sing together in harmony.

Bloody nice – looks pretty damn good too!


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