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Roast Lamb ‘w’ Blue Cheese Toastie – ChillaxBBQ


Roast Lamb ‘w’ Blue Cheese Toastie – ChillaxBBQ

One second and one first today. Our 2nd trial recipe for ChillaxBBQ Toasties. Our 1st ever delivery. Woo Hoo. OK, I’ll admit it was to a safe audience, being Wifey at work. And, yes the delivery company was yours truly by hand – DaddyRoo?

Good fun though, and I liked the outcomes of today’s ‘experiment’. I used the left-over lamb from yesterday and turned it into a new dish, which was just spanking. This is in mind of my ‘no/minimal wastage’ mantra. She’s a beauty. She is; Roast Lamb ‘w’ Blue Cheese Toastie – ChillaxBBQ.

Beautiful toasted crunch and colours. I actually lightly fried the bread in my ScanPan Skillet in some beef dripping. Fat = Flavour. I also fried off the re-used lamb slices and got them to a nice crisp. Let’s not forget it is all about eyes, nose, mouth in that order. So crispy charred lamb looks amazing, who doesn’t love the look of Kebab/Gyros meat on a spit? Then you get that wafty aroma of the lamb. And finally the crunch and yummo flavour hits. Let’s add to this some blue cheese for some serious Umami inclusion and you have a holy Trinity, my friends. Check this beautiful thing out…

Roast Lamb Blue Cheese Toastie
I like it. I like it a lot… Melty blue cheese underneath crunchy charred lamb, in between toasty beef-fat fried sourdough. Damn!!!
Roast Lamb Blue Cheese Toastie
Beta version of DaddyRoo delivery packaging…
Lamb Roast Blue Cheese Toastie
And the final packaging that was delivered by (my) hand. I caveat all the above is absolutely WIP… Just a play to start.

So there you have it. Our 1st attempt. Roast Lamb ‘w’ Blue Cheese Toastie – ChillaxBBQ was a stonking 1st sandwich to be delivered. Sadly, Wifey ruined it by not eating it until 4 hours later so the bread was soft and soggy, the meat was cold and it was all gloopy.

So, no feedback I can give from a 3rd party on whether it was tasty or not apart from what I ate when I was preparing. It was rather nice actually. The lamb and blue cheese were great bedfellows, so I have to assume that slamming that between some delicious beef-fat fried bread and eating it whilst still hot and crispy would have been absolutely delicious – ENJOY!!!

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