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Roast Kurobuta Pork Belly: best pork recipe 2023


Roast Kurobuta Pork Belly & Gravy Rice: an amazing recipe to warm the cockles of your heart

Roast Kurobuta Pork Belly is the Wagyu of the pork world. This is a stunning piece of meat. They take the skin off though for some reason I am not sure of, so no crackling. Hey Ho. Still, it is the very best pork in my reckoning. It’s so tender and sweet meat, it tastes just like a human (apparently haha).

This was our dinner today. So very simple to make too as you just sort of leave it alone to its own devices. That’s both elements of this dish as one goes in the oven whilst the other goes in the rice cooker. Simple.

Roast Kurobuta Pork Belly & Gravy Rice
Stunning Roast Kurobuta Pork Belly – Berkshire pig DNA in a Japanese pig. It’s just amazing. The taste is off the charts and it is so tender, especially if cooked low and slow. #bestporkbelly

Easily enough for four here of Roast Kurobuta Pork Belly and so simple, there is no need for ingredients and instructions;

  1. We had about 600g of Kurobuta pork belly;
  2. Stab your pork belly all over with a meat tenderizer or thin metal skewer;
  3. Pop it in a baking tray;
  4. Drizzle with a good Olive oil;
  5. Season well with sea salt & cracked black pepper;
  6. In the oven, she goes at 90 degrees for 2-3 hours and then 200 for 15 at the end to crisp her up;
  7. Slice into thin slices and serve on a platter – so simple.

DO NOT throw the fats and juices away – keep them for later. It’s a surprise…

Roast Kurobuta Pork Belly & Gravy Rice
Looks simple, but believe me this is a complex dish in flavour. But absolutely so simple to make. A clever new concept to jazz up plain rice.

Same again for the rice;

  1. Something like 2 cups of rice into the rice cooker and steam away;
  2. Whilst that is doing that make some gravy;
    • 2Tbsp beef gravy granules
    • 1Tbsp chicken stock concentrate
    • 1 Tbsp finely chopped garlic
    • Boiling water – stir through until it thickens
  3. When the rice is cooked stir in the gravy so it coats all the rice;
  4. Pour over the super-hot fats and juices from the roasting tray to get that porkiness into the rice too – who needs MSG?

There you have it. My Roast Kurobuta Pork Belly and gravy Rice. It’s a match made in heaven. So easy to prep and cook, with super-intense flavor outcomes. It’s a must for a family lunch for you one day. Or dinner of course.

It’s a cracker it really is. Flavor explosions for this dish my friends. Nothing really glamourous, but the flavor punches above its looks and weight. Get in there and – ENJOY!!!

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Roast Kurobuta Pork Belly

Ah, Kurobuta pork belly, the illustrious jewel of porcine indulgence. A slab of succulence that would make even the most disciplined dieter’s resolve crumble like its crispy crackling. As you contemplate this porky masterpiece, remember, that it’s not just a meal; it’s a rendezvous with gluttony.

Now, let’s dive into roasting this divine slab of swine. Prepare yourself for a journey through tantalizing textures and flavors that only a pork belly could deliver:

Behold the Kurobuta pork belly, lying there as if it knows it’s the star of the show. A well-marbled canvas that promises a symphony of taste and texture. If it were any more opulent, it would demand its own red carpet.

First, preheat that oven of yours. We’re not just cooking; we’re conducting a culinary opera. Crank it up to a temperature that says, “I’m serious about this pork,” somewhere around 190°C. You’ll want to ensure it’s hot enough to transform that fat into crispy, golden perfection.

As for seasoning, be gentle, yet assertive. Massage the pork belly like it’s just come back from a long vacation. A simple rub of salt, and pepper, maybe a sprinkle of paprika for intrigue, and let’s not forget a touch of garlic for that aromatic whisper. Keep it classy; we’re not trying to steal the spotlight from the pork’s natural charm.

Place that luscious slab on a wire rack, elevated above a pan. We’re not dealing with ordinary roasting; we’re conducting an orchestra of flavors, and every element has a role to play.

Pop that belly into the preheated oven. Close the door and let the anticipation build. As the minutes pass, the aroma will creep, filling every nook and cranny of your abode. You might as well have a “Reserved for Pork Belly” sign hanging in the air.

Keep an eye on that belly. We’re going for crispy skin, not carbon. You’ll know it’s ready when the skin has taken on that golden, crunchy armor and the fat beneath it has melted into submission. Depending on the size of your masterpiece, this could take anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours. Patience, my friend, is a virtue that rewards with porky perfection.

And there it is, your Kurobuta pork belly, a triumphant display of culinary audacity. Set it on the cutting board like a work of art, each slice revealing a mosaic of flavors and textures. Crispy skin, tender fat, and meat that yields like a secret admirer finally confessing.

So, gather ’round, ye lovers of decadence, and let your taste buds be serenaded by the masterpiece you’ve wrought. Roast Kurobuta Pork Belly, roasted to perfection, is not just a dish; it’s a sonnet to indulgence, an anthem to flavor, and a memory etched into the annals of your culinary adventures.

What is the origin of Kurobuta Pork?

Kurobuta pork has its origins in the Berkshire breed of pig, which is native to the United Kingdom, specifically the county of Berkshire. The name “Kurobuta” comes from the Japanese term for “black pig,” which reflects the dark color of the Berkshire pigs. These pigs were introduced to Japan and raised in regions like Kagoshima prefecture, where they became known for their high-quality meat with superior marbling and a richer flavor.

While the Berkshire breed originally hails from England, it gained prominence in Japan due to the breeding and feeding methods used to produce Kurobuta pork, leading to its reputation as a premium and highly sought-after pork variety.

What did people also ask about Kurobuta Pork?

What is Kurobuta pork?Kurobuta pork is a premium pork variety originating from the Berkshire breed, known for its rich marbling.
How does Kurobuta pork differ from regular pork?Kurobuta pork is prized for its superior marbling and higher pH, resulting in a more succulent and flavorful meat.
Where is Kurobuta pork produced?Kurobuta pork is produced in various regions, but it is notably associated with Kagoshima prefecture in Japan.
What makes Kurobuta pork so special?Kurobuta pork’s marbling contributes to its exceptional tenderness and a deeper, more flavorful taste.
How should I cook Kurobuta pork?It’s best to cook Kurobuta pork quickly with simple seasonings, as it is flavorful on its own.
Are there different cuts of Kurobuta pork?Yes, Kurobuta pork is available in various cuts like loin, collar, ham, ribs, and bacon, each with its unique characteristics.
Can I find Kurobuta pork outside of Japan?Yes, Kurobuta pork is available in many countries and can be purchased in specialty meat stores and online.
What recipes work well with Kurobuta pork?Kurobuta pork is versatile and can be used in dishes like grilled pork chops, braised pork belly, and more.
Are there health benefits to Kurobuta pork?Kurobuta pork is considered a healthier choice due to its higher monounsaturated fat content and lower saturated fat.
What should I look for when buying Kurobuta pork?Look for pork labeled as Kurobuta, and check for marbling and a reddish hue to ensure its authenticity.

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