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Best Lobster Recipe with Sriracha Mayo, Butter, Lemon, and Seaweed


Luscious Lobster Delight: Elevate Your Palate with our Butter, Lemon, Seaweed, and Sriracha Mayo Infused Recipe!

Lunch for Wifey today and time to use up the freezer contents. Yes, this is #BillWallaceFriendly. I had some lobster in the freezer and crafted this rather delicious and lovely-looking little dish. My Wifey was very happy, which makes me happy too haha. Quite a simple dish too as you’ll see from the recipe & instructions. This is my Lobster ‘w’ Butter, Lemon, Seaweed & Sriracha Mayo.

Sriracha Mayo: Best Lobster Recipe for 2023 with Butter, Lemon, and Seaweed
Come on, how pretty is that? Tasted bloody good too, so I heard from Wifey.

You will need;

  • 1 packet of lobster
  • 2 sheets of crispy seaweed
  • 1″ knob of butter
  • 1/2 lemon – cut to quarters
  • Spring onion
  • Sriracha mayo
  • Sea salt & cracked black pepper

And follow the steps folks;

  1. Pop the lobster on a baking tray;
  2. Season with sea salt & cracked black pepper, squeeze one-quarter of the lemon, and pop the butter on top;
  3. In the oven at 200 degrees for about 10-15 minutes until it is plumped up and cooked through;
  4. On your plate lay down a couple of sheets of crispy seaweed;
  5. On top goes the lobster with the remaining quarter of lemon;
  6. A little sea salt & cracked black pepper on top;
  7. Finely slice the Spring onion top (green bit) and sprinkle that over; and
  8. Drip some Sriracha mayo – all Chef-like and service her up.

Cooking Lobster Tips

What is the tastiest way to cook lobster?The tastiest way to cook lobster is a matter of personal preference, but many people enjoy lobster boiled, grilled, or broiled for its natural flavor.
How does Gordon Ramsay prepare cooked lobster?Gordon Ramsay prepares cooked lobster by grilling it with garlic and herb butter for a delicious, smoky flavor.
Why put lobster in ice water after cooking?Placing lobster in ice water after cooking stops the cooking process and prevents the meat from overcooking, keeping it tender.
When cooking lobster do you boil or steam?You can cook lobster by boiling or steaming. Both methods work well, but boiling is more common and often preferred.
How long do you leave a lobster in boiling water?The cooking time depends on the lobster’s size, but a general guideline is to boil it for about 8-12 minutes per pound.
Why do you put lobster in boiling water?Lobsters are put in boiling water to cook them quickly, preserving their flavor and texture. It’s a common cooking method.
What to do before boiling lobster?Before boiling lobster, it’s essential to make sure it’s fully alive, clean it, and prepare any seasonings or butter for flavor.

That’s it, folks. That is Sriracha Mayo: Best Lobster Recipe for 2023 with Butter, Lemon, and Seaweed. Looks and tastes amazing and is actually really simple to make as I think you’ll agree. Wifey loved it. Very restaurant-looking too. Are you going to have a go? Go on – ENJOY!!!

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