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Bochinche Restaurant


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Bochinche Argentinian Restaurant
Bochinche Argentinian Restaurant

If you are looking for a great steak restaurant in Singapore look no further because Bochinche Restaurant on Club Street offers some of the greatest Argentinian food you can eat outside of Argentina.

I first visited this venue when it was IZY Fook, they handed over the place to new operators who have revamped the concept from being Japanese Fusion food to a more Argentinian steakhouse style but they do offer some other non beef steak related options, lets get into the venue first.

Bochinche Restaurant - Steak House on Club Street

Bochinche Restaurant Décor

At this swanky steakhouse you will find some of the best steak Singapore has to offer. As you look at Bochinche Restaurant from the outside, you’ll see that the decor is high end and given its location on Club Street you would think that the price point would be considerably higher than it actually is read on for more details on the pricing at this steakhouse.

Bochinche Restaurant Front Door on Club Street
Bochinche Restaurant Inside Club Street
Bochinche Restaurant Bar Counter
Bochinche Restaurant Corridor

About Bochinche Restaurant

We are a modern Argentinian cocina in Singapore’s Club Street neighbourhood serving modern Argentinian dishes, masterful steaks, natural wines and cocktails in a fun, lively atmosphere.

Dining at Bochinche is a journey. From bold flavours to delicious discoveries, savour a world of unique meats, curated from the best in Argentina, Spain and Japan.

At the core of the restaurant, our charcoal griller allows us to showcase traditional Asado techniques. Kissed by fire, and forged by culture-rich recipes, our menu brings forth delicious fare enhanced by cooking with fire.

Bonchinche Griller

What does Bochinche mean?

The term “Bochinche” refers to nasty gossip that is intentionally circulated about with the goal of smearing the reputation of the victim and providing entertainment for others around them.

What did we eat at Bochinche Restaurant


Argentinian Spring Rolls

Argentinian Spring Rolls Pig Ears Padron Pepper Piquillo Coriander and Ponzu Mayo

Argentinian Spring Rolls, Pig Ears, Padron Pepper, Piquillo, Coriander & Ponzu Mayo $14

Seemed weird ordering spring rolls here to be honest but they had me at Pigs ears! I first tried pigs ear in a jellied terrain when Fergus Henderson of the famous St. Johns restaurant did a one night only event at Osia Steak & Grill on Sentosa. We even got to meet Fergus on the night, what an incredible Chef that’s taken the Nose to Tail dining experience to another level.

The term “Making a Pig’s Ear of things” by definition means to do something badly, wrongly, or awkwardly but in this caser Chef did nothing of the sort! The Pigs ear was light not chewy yet still had a bite to it.

The padron peppers had a robust taste that was at once spicy, sweet, and even a bit nutty. The Piquillo peppers gave it a more tangy but mild heat which was uplifted by the coriander and ponzu.

Pulpo A La Braca – Grilled Octopus

Pulpo A La Braca Crema De Aji Guindillas Pepper Sundried Tomato Tarragon Emulsion and Infused oil

Pulpo A La Braca, “Crema De Aji”, Guindillas Pepper, Sundried Tomato, Tarragon Emulsion & Infused oil $36

Brian’s Mary always grades the pulpo on this site so when I saw it on the menu I had to have it! The trouble with ordering grilled octopus is how long they cook it for can ruin the dish. The difficult part is getting the appropriate texture for the octopus; you don’t want it to be either too soft or too firm.

Mary’s favourite Pulpo venues are Lavo followed closely by Spago, guess she has not been to Bonchinche to grade them yet!

In this instance the chef at Bochinche Restaurant got the consistency exactly on point, it was melt in the mouth delicious!

Mains to Share - Beef Steaks

Bife de Lomo Beef Fillet Steak Argentina 300g

Bife de Lomo | Beef Fillet Steak | Argentina 300g \$80

Tender and flavorful, the beef fillet steak is cut from the sirloin region of the animal’s lower center back. We ordered this medium rare which suited me perfectly, but the wife wanted to more medium and so sent half of it back to be finished to her doneness.

A lite sprinkling of some high-grade sea salt was all it took to bring this up to perfection! A truly incredible piece of beef fillet!

Hanging Tender Mbs 3+ USA 300g

Hanging Tender | Mbs 3+ | USA 300g $65

Many people overlook the Hanging Steak but its known as the Butchers Steak for a reason. This is the tenderloin and is known for its rich flavours. The cut is taken from the upper belly of the cow. The Hanger steak looks like its poor cousin the flank steak but this is much more tender! I highly recommend it when you get the opportunity.

Sides Hand Cut Chips “Provençal” $10

Dry Aged T-Bone!


Bone-In Vintage Galiciana Striploin Aged 38 days | Mbs 3+ | Australia 400g $145

When we arrived the maître offered us their Bone-In Vintage Galiciana Striploin Aged 38 days, I even watched at they seared the T-Bone on the grill, the flames leapt up around this fatty aged meat. In hindsight I should have gone for it but decided not to at the time!

What is Galiciana Beef?

The Rubia Gallega cow is more frequently referred to as Galician. The Rubia Gallega breed is raised in the Spanish Hills of Galicia, which are located in the north of Spain. This breed is allowed to live around 10 years eating on the hillside grass, which results in meat that is very flavourful meat over a much longer period of time.

Bochinche Restaurant Menu

What did we drink?

Decero Syrah 2017 $115

Finca Decero is located in the Agrelo, Mendoza region in Argentina. Decero means Starting from Scratch which depicts the winery starting with a blank canvas back in 2000. Finca Decero took its time to choose the location based on the glacial waters to feed the vines, coupled with the altitude and soil in the area it led them to an award winning wine in 2006.

Decero signature range features three elegant and balanced varietal wines: Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah

The 2017 vintage of Decero Syrah has flavours of red fruit, spices, and minerals. This wine has a pleasant acidity, soft tannins, and a lengthy finish, and it has a medium body. After maturing for 14 months in French oak barrels, the wine gains further textural richness. Alcohol content is high at 14.9%.

Iced Latte $7

My daughter being underage for drinking the wine opted for an iced latte, they only normally do hot lattes but made her this one especially, a nice touch when people go out of their way to make your experience complete.


“Dulce De Leche” Bunyols De Vent & Banoffee Ice Cream $16

“Dulce De Leche” Bunyols De Vent & Banoffee Ice Cream $16

Dulce De Leche is sweetened caramelized milk coupled with Bunyols De Vent which means Wind Donuts. During the season of Lent, Catalans like eating wind donuts, which are typical fried sweets from the region. 

Banoffee is normally a pie filling that consisting of toffee and banana. If you like a sweet dessert, then this is for you! I loved it and took the lions share!

Dark Chocolate Fondant, Salted Caramel, Spiced Pickled Plum, Crumble & Avocado Yuzu Ice Cream $19

Dark Chocolate Fondant, Salted Caramel, Spiced Pickled Plum, Crumble & Avocado Yuzu Ice Cream $19

I am sure you have all tried dark fondant cake before, adding in salted caramel is not new either but when you couple that with a pickled plum and a scoop of avocado yuzu ice cream sitting on a bed of crumbled that gave it texture it is truly mind-blowing! This dessert skips across the taste bud spectrum like the first time you had popping candy!

Bochinche Delivery

Bonchinche Restaurant open for delivery & takeaways at or GrabFood & Deliveroo!

Bochinche Restaurant Review Conclusion

Bochinche Restaurant despite its location is certainly not an overpriced restaurant like many in the area.

The food is exceptional, the service level is very good indeed and the pricing is extremely fair.

Based on all of that we would return in a heartbeat! Next time I’ll try the Empanadas and the T-Bone Galiciana Striploin Steak!

They even have a set lunch that’s priced at $38 / $48 respectively and seriously looks worth a try.

Bonchinche Address &Telephone Number

Address: 27 Club Street, Singapore 069413

Telephone: +65 6235 4990

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