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THE TEQUILA AFFAIR; an after-work Fiesta

The Dempsey Project is a cool hangout joint on Dempsey Hill where the buildings that were formerly used as barracks by the British army are now home to a variety of one-of-a-kind shops and eateries.

The Dempsey Project

The Dempsey Hill Project sits on the former site of Jones the Grocer and certainly brings a breath of fresh air to the area. The building is huge, with tall high ceilings and is very spacious.

Whilst The Dempsey Project is an all day dining venue it also doubles as a gourmet pantry where you can buy some incredible foods from around the globe. Just take a look at their cheese room,  I would if permitted spend a night in there bathing in the fabulous fromage aromas!

The Dempsey Project Dining
The Dempsey Project Interior
The Dempsey Project Cheese Room

How The Dempsey Project describes itself

“Community and culture come together at our exciting venue where a focus on fine foods and specialty beverages heightens the senses.”

The Dempsey Project Themed Nights

To add a little more mystic to the place I met with the owner and was informed that they have a line up of themed nights in conjunction with some of the Embassy’s in Singapore, take a look at the line up for August below. The time and effort that goes into organising this with coordination and bringing in guest chefs is extraordinary. Do get on their extensive guest invite lit for future events!

The Dempsey Project Themed Nights

The Tequila Affair

Tonight’s event was aptly named THE TEQUILA AFFAIR; an after-work Fiesta as it was a collab between The Dempsey Project and Tequila Stop an Ultra-Premium distributor of Tequila, Agave and Mezcals from Mexico!

Most people balk at the thought of drinking tequila because they had a bad first or even second experience when they were young but trust me on this, if you have not tried to ultra premium tequila then don’t knock it until you have tried it!

I happen to like Tequila and am still learning about this stuff, so bear with me!

The team at Tequila Stop are giving Is Life a Recipe 10% off all online orders for the next one year! Use the button below to head over to their site and add in the code ISLIFEARECIPE10 to get the discount!

Tequila Affair

I was seated on the Tequila Stop table alongside some dignitaries from the Mexican Embassy and some people from the Mexican community and boy was it a fun night.

I learnt so much about Mexican culture, language, and the way the Mexican Embassy works closely with many of the Mexican restaurants and suppliers to help bring in the best of Mexican foods for us here in Singapore! I could do another post just on Mexico and probably will, but this is focused on The Dempsey Project and Tequila Stop, so let’s carry on!

The Dempsey Project Menu

The Dempsey Project Menu

As it is a themed night coupled with the fact Tequila is mentioned they had to pull out all stops to bring in the best of Mexican cuisines and they did not disappoint.

A Mexican chef was brought in, and the staff all trained in new cocktails made with high end Tequila for this evening that included some of the exquisite selection of Tequila, Agave and Mezcals that Tequila Stop had brought along to wash down the Mexican dishes presented.

The Dempsey Project Menu Food
The Dempsey Project Menu - Roasted Corn Elotes
The Dempsey Project Menu - Prawn Guajillo Garlic
Prawn Guajillo Garlic
The Dempsey Project Menu - Albondigas (Meatballs) in Morita
Albondigas (Meatballs) in Morita

Cheese & Bell Pepper Quesadilla

Whilst all of the food was really authentic the stand out for me was the Cheese & Bell Pepper Quesadilla, mainly because had I seen it on the menu it would not appeal to me but this was light, warm and extremely comforting to eat and I’d go back just for this when given the chance! The cheese was warmed through, the green chilli gave a little heat and the radish a peppery bite!

PS do not eat the small peg!

The Dempsey Project Menu - Cheese & Bell Pepper Quesadilla

Cocktails & Dreams

We kicked off the evening with a welcome cocktail, followed by a Kiwi Margarita and 3 different shots all supplied by our host Tequila Stop.

The Welcome Cocktail had La Cofradia original Anejo Tequila that was aged 12 months. It had a little spicy salt rub around the glass rim, delectable!

The Dempsey Project Tequila Affair Welcome Drink Mexican Style
The Dempsey Project Tequila Affair Welcome Drink
Kiwi Margarita
Kiwi Margarita
Kiwi Margarita with Water Melon
Kiwi Margarita with Water Melon

The Kiwi Margarita had a sugar rim that made it very sweet but delicious! Plus it was 1 for 1 so go for it!!

Shot, Shot, Shot!

It was not how you imagined, we did not all down Tequilas, they are so smooth that you sip them slowly! 

We had the Cavas Agave Triple distilled Reposado aged 24 months, La Cofradia El Balon extra Anejo aged 36 months, and Cavas Agave triple distilled Anejo aged  36 months. The Cavas Agave 36 month tripled distilled is my go to drink!

Tequila Stop are on Instagram, be sure to follow them there for news and events coming up!


Bottled and hand painted in 1260° Celsius furnaces, Balón is a Tequila made from 100% Blue Agave that is bottled and hand painted in ceramic bottles .

Because of its high quality and the fact that it’s been matured in white oak barrels for 36 months, this product is only made available to the most discerning consumers. The Mayahuel deity used to guard the wealth hidden within the bottle.

Alcohol Volume: 80 proof/40%
Aged36 months in white oak barrels
Raw Material: 100% Agave
Visual: Dark Gold
Body: Heavy Weight
First Aroma: Soft Agave
Second Aroma: Cooked Agave
Taste: Fruit Barrel
Bottle: Ceramic Bottle
Net Content: 750 ML
Country of Origin: Mexico

Tequila Stop
Tequila Stop Agarve


Alcohol Volume: 76 proof/38%
Raw Material: 100% Agave, Triple Distilled
Aged: 3 Years in French Oak Barrels
Visual: Gold
Body: Heavy
First Aroma: Wood
Second Aroma: Vanilla
Third Aroma: Nuts & Almonds
Taste: Great Smootness, Vanilla, Sweet Agave, Nuts, Almonds & Spices.
Bottle: French Glass Bottle, Spanish Wood Top
Net Content: 750 ML
Country of Origin: Mexico

The Dempsey Project Address & Telephone Number

Address: Block 9 Dempsey Rd, #01-12, Singapore 247697

Phone: +65 6475 2005

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