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Mykonos on the Bay @ Sentosa


Picture of Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Foodie Extraordinaire

Mykonos on the Bay is an incredible Greek Restaurant on Sentosa

Sentosa Quayside Isle

Mykonos on the Bay, what a Great Find! We visited at 6-months into Covid and I think everyone is realising just how bloody small Singapore is now because we have no breaks away from it. No long weekends to the chaos of South East Asia on our doorstep anymore. It’s like doing quarantine in a big room, but just a room of 50×27 Km.

We needed to get somewhere else. I saw some mates of mine hit this new beach/sea view restaurant called Stella Seaside Lounge down Changi but we could not get a booking. So a quick search on Google and I found a few and we chose Mykonos Sentosa. In this blog we’ll be sharing the food options we devoured including pricing, and also the Mykonos on the Bay Menu (2022).

It felt like we had left Singapore for a day @ Quayside Isle. Well, a lazy long lunch, sitting at Mykonos Singapore admiring all the super-yachts and the like, mixing with the Sentosa Islander folk. We were very impressed with where Mykonos on the Bay is located as the Quayside Isle is just awesome. 


You surely do pay for the experience at Mykonos on the Bay, but we ate a lot, absolutely agreed, but this was one of the most expensive meals we have had in Singapore.

They are charging $16++ for a pint of beer for example. WOW. I get a pint for $8 net in Siglap, but I do get having a price-hike for where you are eating, but double the price and ++ is way over the top. Really way over the top. I’ll share some pricing in the Mykonos On The Bay review below.

What does Stella Artois use as a strapline; “Reassuringly expensive…” Agreed!!!

It does make me giggle that Sentosa Cove residents get a 10% discount on food. Hold on a minute, it’s us that can’t afford to live in Sentosa that need the discount surely, and we have the cost of getting there too.

Perhaps the additional cost is for this, because they are Top;

    1. best 5 Greek restaurants in Singapore
    2. 10 best restaurants with a view in Singapore
    3. 15 restaurants for the best romantic dinner in Singapore
    4. Mediterranean restaurant in Singapore by Top in Singapore
    5. Best Restaurant in Sentosa by Best  in Singapore

Anyways, moan over and back to lunch at Mykonos on the Bay, Sentosa.

mykonos sentosa

So lovely to see a family photo with smiling faces in this Covid-19 world we now live in. The eyes have it…

“When you’re smiling, when you’re smiling…”

Let's get to the food at Mykonos Sentosa

mykonos on the bay menu

Try and pronounce this dish. Htapodaki. Yeap, AKA char-grilled Mediterranean octopus, and pickled octopus terrine. Now that terrine you can see at the back is bloody unique because I have never ever heard of that before. A stunner of a plated dish with flavour and textures going off all over the place. Top drawer dish, and great work Mykonos on the Bay.

@ $26.00

mykonos on the bay

Do you want a unique super-refreshing salad then look no further than the Watermelon Salad ‘w’ Feta. A tad of an underplays with the wording in the menu because this is incredible. See that green on the top? It’s sorbet drizzled with balsamic and not just any sorbet because it’s mint. Holy cow! So they say; “refreshing watermelon bits, tangy feta cheese, mint sorbet, arugula, aged balsamic vinegar.” Yeah, it’s complex and bloody good!!!

@ $19.00

mykonos on the bay menu

Without a doubt, the very best Hummus and Pita I have ever had. Soooo nutty in flavour and it is off the charts. I read on the menu that they use sesame paste and lemon juice with chickpeas and garlic. Well, there you go because it is heavenly and it is about the same price as one beer here, bargain!!! Did I mention the $16 beers?

@ $17.00

mykonos on the bay

Up next is the very best Saganaki I have ever eaten in my life, including sitting on waterfronts in Greece because this is just bonkers good. In the menu, it states it as Graviera Saganaki, but I think we ordered the special of the board.

Hey whatever, it was absolutely fantastic squeaky cheese. It states it is glazed with ouzo and lemon juice. I’ll have that every day of the week because it is so creamy and so savoury all in one mouthful. Just incredible! Nice one Mykonos on the Bay team!

@ $15.50

mykonos on the bay 3 Mykonos on the Bay @ Sentosa

Then we went a bit over the top ordering two huge meat platters despite the recommendation of the server. Yeah, we ate with our eyes. This is a 4 pax platter. This is a LOT of meat. The Mixed Grill Platter. Chicken sausages with enough chilli to burn your cat a new one. 

Lamb chops. Gyros shaves (yes they have a Gyros spit out the back). rib-eye steak (absolutely a stunner of a steak). Minced lamb skewer and a tonne of chips. OMG!!! Food coma just looking at it.

@ $187.00 for trhe 4 pax platter

They also have;

@ $96.00 for 2 pax

@ $269.00 for 6 pax

mykonos on the bay menu

So because we ordered that monster platter, how about we also order Pita Gyros. Yeah, why not. It’s official we have massively over-ordered. But this is so flipping good. Like A++ good off the spit out the back. 

Holy cow (pig) this is amazeballs good. They state, and I wholeheartedly agree; “mouth-melting pork belly shaves, sweet onion, tzatziki, pita bread served like a platter…” Soooooooo good!!!

@ $27.50

mykonos on the bay menu

And to close and add more pain to an already bloated stomach. Let’s be having you Olive Oil & Chocolate. I just could not refuse those words, especially when it then said sea salt flakes too because Chocolate, Olive oil & salt – come on!!! I literally slipped into a food coma halfway through this, Wifey, and I could not finish it. So decadently delicious but man oh man so filling. Great job through Mykonos Sentosa.

@ $16.90

Let's hear what Mykonos on the Bay have to say for themselves

Mykonos on the Bay chefs

Mykonos On The Bay is an extension of co-owners Executive Chef Mauro Muroni and General Manager Gerri Sottile's time in Greek Tavernas around the Hellenic Islands in Greece. As part of the Mangiatutto Group of Restaurants, our focus is on authentic Greek cuisine using the freshest and finest ingredients.

Mykonos on the Bay Opening Times

Sat, Sun and PH:  all day dining; 12pm – 10:30pm

LUNCH; Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 12pm – 3pm

DINNER; Monday to Friday: 6pm – 10:30pm

They close on Wednesday lunch .

Mykonos On The Bay Menu

Mykonos on the Bay 1 2 Mykonos on the Bay @ Sentosa

Location and Contacts for Mykonos on the Bay booking

31 Ocean Way, #01-10 Quayside Isle, Sentosa Cove

Tel; +65  6334 3818


What's our conclusion of Mykonos by the Bay, Sentosa?

So there you have it. A lovely afternoon with the family. Rather delicious food whilst looking over amazing yachts and boats. Stunning actually. And yes, cold beverages. Just abso-bloody-lutely expensive beverages. Not really incentivized to sit there again for a long afternoon of beers.


But, the food really was excellent. The Mykonos on the Bay Menu, so damned good too.


Mykonos on the Bay @ Sentosa is serving up truly excellent Greek food. It really is up there with the best we have had in Singapore and overseas. Great service too from the lovely ladies at the front-of-house, all of whom were Filipina. It’s well worth a visit. Maybe BYO on the hooch front, haha – ENJOY!!!

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So, Mykonos on the Bay, Sentosa has a sister. And that would be Sole Pomodoro

solepomodoro sentosa Mykonos on the Bay @ Sentosa

SolePomodoro Trattoria Pizzeria focuses on authentic Italian food and specializes in wood-fired oven pizzas.

SolePomodoro also offers a wide selection of traditional Italian dishes such as Spaghetti Carbonara, Lasagna Alla Bolognese, Spaghetti Frutti di Mare, and Tiramisu.

The wine wall boasts an extensive collection of Italian and international wines to complement your meals.

Contact details for SolePomodoro

Tel; +65 6339 4778


[Please indicate SolePomodoro in the email subject]

Opening hours of SolePomodoro

Sat, Sun & PH: 11:30 am –  10:30 pm All Day Dining

They close on Tuesday lunch 

LUNCH; Mon, Wed to Fri : 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm

DINNER; Mon to Fri : 6:00 pm – 10:30 pm 

*last order kitchen 10:00 pm

Location of SolePomodoro

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