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Picture of Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Boozy Traveling Foodie Extraordinaire

Kubo Singapore: Incredible Woodfired Kitchen Review (2024)


Picture of Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Traveling Foodie Extraordinaire

Kubo Restaurant Singapore : inspired by the cuisine of the Philippines and Chef Kurt Sombero

It's May 2023 and Mother's Day. Where better to have lunch than Kubo Restaurant Singapore. Gets my vote, and that of the Wife, and it's a new Kubo Menu 2023

Kubo Restaurant Singapore is such a family favourite, for obvious reasons. So when Amy suggested here for Mother’s Day lunch in 2023 it was a no-brainer decision. Back to see Chef Sombero and crew, and the new Kubo Restaurant Singapore 2023 menu. Yes, there are a few new items on the new menu that are must-tries for us. 

Picture this:

You’re strolling along Robertson Quay in Singapore, your senses already tingling with anticipation. Suddenly, a vibrant and enticing aroma catches your attention, leading you to a little culinary gem that promises an unforgettable adventure. Welcome to Kubo, where the flavours of the Philippines come alive in every bite!

Short answer:

Kubo Restaurant Singapore is a Filipino-inspired kitchen restaurant that offers a tantalizing fusion of authentic Filipino cuisine and a contemporary dining experience.

A Taste of Filipino Culture:

Discover the heart and soul of Filipino culture as Kubo immerses you in a world where traditional meets modern. Explore the story behind the restaurant’s name, inspired by the iconic nipa hut, a symbol of community and togetherness.

Culinary Diplomacy:

Learn how Kubo is not just a restaurant but also an embodiment of cultural diplomacy. Find out how the Philippine Embassy in Singapore has shown its support for this culinary venture, promoting Filipino businesses and strengthening ties between nations.

An Inviting Playground:

Delve into the lively atmosphere that awaits you at Kubo. From the trendy Robertson Quay location to their opening hours, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to plan your visit.

So, get ready to embark on a flavourful journey as Kubo Restaurant Singapore invites you to experience the vibrant and diverse culinary traditions of the Philippines. From mouthwatering grilled delights to tantalizing traditional dishes, this is a culinary escapade you won’t want to miss!

Kubo Singapore is a restaurant that offers woodfired Filipino-inspired cuisine. Located at The Pier at Robertson in Singapore, Kubo aims to redefine the flavors of the Philippines while celebrating the diversity of cultures and ingredients from around the world. The restaurant utilizes traditional woodfire cooking techniques to create unique and flavorful dishes.

Kubo Singapore offers a menu that showcases a range of dishes influenced by Filipino cuisine. Some of the highlights include Crab Fat Risotto with Tobiko, Inasal Mid-Wing with Annato glaze and pickled green papaya, and Quail Adobo with Adobo glaze and potato. The restaurant provides both dine-in and takeaway options, allowing customers to enjoy their meals on-site or in the comfort of their own homes.

Customers who have visited Kubo Singapore have praised the restaurant for its flavorful dishes and cozy ambiance. The woodfire cooking method adds a distinct smokiness to the dishes, enhancing their taste and appeal. Kubo Singapore aims to introduce the rich culinary heritage of the Philippines to Singapore and provide a memorable dining experience for its patrons.

kubo restaurant singapore mother's day 2023

Happy Wife (Mother) = Happy Life… smiles all round. Can’t beat a quality family lunch like today. Thanks to Chef Sombero and crew, today was amazing as always.

kubo restaurant singapore honeycomb tripe

Honey Comb Tripe

Crunchy beef tripe seasoned with paprika and spicy chickpea purée. This is just quality. A family favourite, yes, all of us. It’s crunchy, deep-fried beer food and some.  This is a must-try when you visit.

@ $12

kubo restaurant singapore inasal mid-wings

Inasal Mid-Wing Chicken

Oh boy, this is good. You can literally suck the meat off the bone. Minimal chewing is needed as the meat is super-tender and so very flavourful. Smoky goodness reigns. Smoked and grilled chicken mid-wings with atchara and annatto sauce

@ $12

kubo restaurant singapore cassava chips

Home-Made Cassava Chips

Crispy cassava pulp with Tobiko, smoked eggplant, and miso dip. Have a look at how beautiful that ‘dip’ is below. Quiet the stunning thing.

@ $10

kubo singapore restaurant cassava chips dip
kubo singapore restaurant pork chicharon

Pork Cheek Chicharron

We had two of these again. It’s crunchy fried pork, I mean come on, how could you not want to keep digging into this? It’s served with this dipping sauce, akin to a Japanese curry. It’s insanely good. Crunchy Spanish pork jowl with smoked housemade plum ketchup and pickled cauliflower florets on the side.

@ $12


kubo singapore restaurant chicken with truffles

Truffle Chicken

This was not on the menu. A special for today, for Mother’s Day. Really good. Super-smoky. Quite punchy $$$ for some chicken, but marinated for 24 hours and added cooking time so I get it. The killer in this dish though for me was the puree. I think some form of pulse or bean, pureed and with added pesto on top. Absolutely killer!!! Loved it.

@ $68

kubo singapore restaurant octopus


OMG, it happened. Wifey gave this an on par with Lavo’s as an all-time favourite octopus dish in Singapore. That’s amazing, believe m. Chef popped his head out and explained that they sous-vide, hence the super-soft texture of the octopus. Great job Kubo Singapore. You now sit with the best of the best, as voted by the Philippines. Smoked octopus tentacles in a squid ink brine with adobo and white bean purée

@ $16

kubo singapore restaurant mango float

Mango Float

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Super-fresh mango. 

@ $10

kubo singapore restaurant crab fat risotto

Crab Fat Risotto

Another new one for us today. Wifey was so very happy to see this, and almost absorbed it. How beautiful does that look? Wifey said, super-creamy, sour, and perfectly salty AKA seasoned to perfection. This dish was devoured in the blink of an eye. Top drawer!!! Arborio rice seasoned and cooked with coconut milk, Calamansi, and crab fat.

@ $22

kubo singapore restaurant Hida Wagyu steak

Japanese Wagyu Hida Steak

Another off-piste adventure and meander from the menu. This was a belter. Perfectly cooked, perfectly seasoned, and just downright delicious. melt-in-the-mouth Wagyu. Great work Chef Smbero and team, a beautiful steak.

Hida cattle are a kind of Japanese black cattle that have been raised in a special area of Japan in the Gifu prefecture. Here, they live next to Japan’s stunning Northern Alps. They enjoy clean, fresh air and water, and are treated like royalty. That’s Wagyu for you, hence the price.

@ $124.70

Answers to what people asked about Kubo Singapore Restaurant...

Is Kubo Singapore halal?

A: No, Kubo Singapore is not halal-certified.

What type of cuisine does Kubo Singapore serve?

A: Kubo Singapore serves Filipino-inspired cuisine with a focus on wood-fired cooking techniques.

Where is Kubo Singapore located?

A: Kubo Singapore is located at 80 Mohamed Sultan Road, #01-12 The Pier at Robertson, in the Central Area of Singapore.

What are the operating hours of Kubo Singapore?

A: The specific operating hours of Kubo Singapore may vary, but generally, they open for dinner from Tuesday to Sunday and offer a weekend set lunch. It is advisable to check their official website or contact them directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Does Kubo Singapore offer delivery or takeaway services?

A: Yes, Kubo Singapore offers kerbside pickup and no-contact delivery services. Customers can order their food for takeaway or delivery.

Kubo Woodfired Kitchen Review 2022 outside Kubo Singapore: Incredible Woodfired Kitchen Review (2024)

Kubo Singapore Retaurant Woodfired Kitchen Review (2022) is a proud one for me. What with my Filipino wife, 2.5 kids, house in Bohol, and so on. I love to be able to write about some of my favourite food on this planet because sometimes Filipino food gets tagged, incorrectly, as bland. It is far from it and Chef Sombero is pushing that ‘rumour’ even further into the back with his menu and offerings. This place came as a recommendation from a colleague of mine, Mr Lois Baude and I thank him sincerely for this. It’s a belter.

Chef Sombero is importing wood from Australia that burns hot and blackens because it is dry. The wood in Singapore is too wet for his needs. It’s a perfectionist thing. This wood gets super-hot and generates that all-important smoke to feed his smoker – read on for more on that below.

Chef Sombrero stole some of his Grandmother’s artwork from her house in the Philippines, and that now adorns one of the private dining rooms in this Filipino restaurant in Singapore: Kubo Singapore Restaurant.

There is imported furniture from the Philippines to make this as authentic as possible, even with little mock-up Kubos for the outside dining.

They have stunning murals painted on the walls depicting old Kubo from back home, but interestingly they have been painted by an Indonesia artist 

Kubo Woodfired Kitchen Review 2022 bar left right Kubo Singapore: Incredible Woodfired Kitchen Review (2024)

Chef Kurt Sombero worked under Chef David Pynt at both Burnt Ends and Meat Smith.

Chef mentioned to me that Chef Pynt has been super-supportive of his Kubo style restaurant and helped him massively with the set up of this new Filipino restaurant in Singapore, Kubo Woodfired Restaurant.

He even extended that support to the use of the Woodfired Oven, Smoker, and Gaucho (adjustable) Grill – that you’ll also see front and center at Burnt Ends.

As I sat there I realised that I had briefly met Chef Sombero when he was Head Chef at MeatSmith. MeatSmith and Burnt Ends were part of a Sky High Gourmet Fiesta event run by Marina Bay Sands and Ce La Vi. Remember that blog? Have a read below.

Here's some of our smorgasbord of excellent Filipino food Singapore. You need this in your life... Kubo Woodfired Kitchen Review (2022)

Kubo Woodfired Kitchen Review 2022 smorgasbord Kubo Singapore: Incredible Woodfired Kitchen Review (2024)

At this Kubo style restaurant there is Sisig, Lechon-Style (and full-on Lechon to come), Chicharon, Turon, Halo Halo, Sorbetes, and so on. Plus they have their very own spins on Filipino classics with Tuna Tartare replacing the infamous Kinilaw. This really is exceptional Filipino food Singapore, just with a quirky spin, and you should try it.

I reckon this could be one of the very best Filipino restaurant in Singapore, hands down!!! It is oozing with quality. Quality EVERYTHING.

Let's hear from Kubo Woodfired Kitchen about their Filipino food Singapore: Kubo Woodfired Kitchen Review (2022)

"Kubô is a Woodfired Kitchen that redefines the flavours of the Philippines and celebrates the diversity of cultures and ingredients around the world. Our food is inspired by the heritage of Chef Kurt Sombero and his influences. Every dish us about turning the humble ingredients from our pantry into a dish that we are proud of serving to everyone who enters our home. Through our custom-built "pugon", the heart and soul of the Kubo, we would like to bring back old memories and allow the new generation to experience the honesty of wood-fired BBQ that Chef Kurt enjoyed during his childhood. The fundamental pursuit of our identity is to give warm welcome to our guests, gather them around the firepit, and allow them to celebrate simple things in life in this modern and fast-paced world. Welcome to our home #kuboSG."

Breaking news from Kubo Woodfired Restaurant is that LECHON will soon be on the menu

Filipino Lechon is some of the very best pork you will eat in your life. I kid you not. It is my stable food whenever I am in my second home. They have even coined a new version BellyChon, for smaller hawker-style restaurants that can’t have the whole beast. Well, it is coming to this Kubo style restaurant imminently. I saw the roasting pit, spit, and even coconut husks. It’s gonna be epic!!!

Some ISLIFEARECIPE-dia for you. What is LECHON?

All over the Philippines, lechón is a staple food that is cooked for holidays, celebrations, and other special events all year long. Despite its Spanish name, Philippine lechon has pre-Hispanic roots; pigs are a native domesticated animal of all Austronesian cultures and were transported to Polynesia during the Austronesian Expansion.

The Philippines is a country that was once colonized by Spain. Lechón’s meaning has broadened over time to encompass any type of roasted pig (including suckling pigs). Lechón de leche is the name for suckling pigs in the country, which is the equivalent of the Spanish word cochinillo.

Its original Tagalog name, inihaw [na baboy], means “charcoal-roasted/barbecued pig” and is synonymous with lechón.

For several hours, they are turned constantly (traditionally by hand) on a bamboo spit that is placed over a charcoal fire. After several hours of roasting, the pig is ready to eat. The crispiness of the pork skin, a result of the cooking and basting process, is one of the dish’s defining characteristics.

Kubo Woodfired Kitchen Review (2022) VLOG

Kubo Woodfired Restaurant Al La Carte Menu (2022)

We actually found it really hard to find the Kubo Woodfired Kitchen Menu, so we are delighted to be able to offer that to you at the click of a button above.

We dined from the Al La Carte today at this Kubo-style restaurant, but my next trip is the Kusinero Menu. Only served at the bar, so also you get to watch all the prepping, cooking, and plating action. Kusinero is Filipina for Chef or Cook. So you get to watch Kusinero Kurt Sombero working his magic.

This is priced at $150 a head, with an additional $40 supplementary. This is a superb option to consider because you get 5 or so menu options from the Al La Carte menu, and then an additional 5 unique offerings prepared by Chef Kurt. The intent is to provide a gastronomical journey to experience the essence of Kubo Woodfired Kitchen.

I am so coming back to have this with either Wifey or another “boy’s lunch” with Jude Jude.

Let's see the food we consumed this day at Kubo Woodfired Kitchen. Yep, it's a LOT... Kubo Woodfired Kitchen Review (2022)

Kubo Woodfired Kitchen Review 2022 mid chicken wings Kubo Singapore: Incredible Woodfired Kitchen Review (2024)

Inasal Mid-Wing, Annato Glaze, Pickled Green Papaya

We had two serves of this. It really is just an incredible dish. The chicken is fall-apart tender, it’s so very juicy, smoky and then that crunch of the skin. This is, without doubt, one of the best chicken dishes ever to cross these big hairy lips of mine. Outstanding.

@ $14

Kubo Woodfired Kitchen Review 2022 sisig Kubo Singapore: Incredible Woodfired Kitchen Review (2024)

Sisig, Foie Gras, Salted Egg

This is like a Pinoy tacos recipe, just with these superb homemade flatbreads instead of the actual tacos. Sublime, with each Quail egg being perfectly onsen with a runny yolk within.

Now that is one thing I was not expecting to see on a Pinoy pork menu. With those homemade flatbreads, this became almost a Pinoy tacos recipe. Delicious Filipino food. I will say though, that I am a Sisig purist and I do like a bit of pig ear, liver, kidney, and sour in a sisig. Still is an exquisite dish though. Great job Chef.

@ $25 

Kubo Woodfired Kitchen Review 2022 cassave chip Kubo Singapore: Incredible Woodfired Kitchen Review (2024)

Home-made Cassava Chips, Roasted Egg Plant, Tobiko

Wifey had this one and gave it a 50/50 sort of response. Sure looks pretty though.

@ $12

Kubo Woodfired Kitchen Review 2022 honeycomb tripe Kubo Singapore: Incredible Woodfired Kitchen Review (2024)

Honeycomb Tripe, Chick & Green Peas

Oh man was this good or what. Beer food on steroids. You could not stop chomping on this. Crunchy, almost like crisps. I think this could have been Jude Jude’s favourite. It surely was up the top of the list for me too. Scrummy!

@ $14

Kubo Woodfired Kitchen Review 2022 green mango kimchi Kubo Singapore: Incredible Woodfired Kitchen Review (2024)

Green Mango Kimchi

All I can say about this is WOOF!!! Absolutely genius dish. So tart with a lovely warmth throughout. Best kimchi ever. It’s like a little palate cleanser. Just superb.

@ $8

Kubo Woodfired Kitchen Review 2022 bone marrow Kubo Singapore: Incredible Woodfired Kitchen Review (2024)

Bone Marrow, Corn Custard, Beef Coin

You know, I didn’t get the corn custard. In fact, I couldn’t taste much corn. I found it more like Chawanmushi. It was really good with the veggies on top when mixed, but it sort of didn’t get me with the bone marrow. I think I would prefer that delicious unctuous bone marrow x 3 or 4 just with some plain old sea salt. That was cracking.

@ $16

Kubo Woodfired Kitchen Review 2022 duck fat sweetcorn Kubo Singapore: Incredible Woodfired Kitchen Review (2024)

Duck Fat BBQ Sweetcorn

Another absolute cracker of dish from Chef Kurt. Holy cow (literally). 3 things I absolutely love are all added together. Goodness me. I have to type it out again. DUCK FAT. BBQ. SWEETCORN. Oh yeah, with a little sea salt too. BOOMSKI!!!

@ $8

Kubo Woodfired Kitchen Review 2022 pork jowel Kubo Singapore: Incredible Woodfired Kitchen Review (2024)

Pork Cheek Chicharon, Paprika Powder, Plum Ketchup

Two orders of this were consumed. The very best pork jowl. It’s so tender and seasoned to perfection with the spices. Then you get that little pop of the paprika dusting, and the plum sauce is absolutely KILLER with it. One of my favourite dishes of the night. This ROCKS.

@ $12

Kubo Woodfired Kitchen Review 2022 octopus with white beans Kubo Singapore: Incredible Woodfired Kitchen Review (2024)

Octopus, White Beans, Crackers

Yep, this wolfed down by Wifey and BeBe. Gone in the blink of an octopus. Super-soft, nicely salty, beautiful plating.

@ $18

Kubo Woodfired Kitchen Review 2022 grilled barramundi Kubo Singapore: Incredible Woodfired Kitchen Review (2024)

Barramundi, Sweet Potato Leaves, Fish Bagoong Dressing

OK, this was the girl’s absolute favourite. They both said they’d order this every time they come back to Kubo. Unbelievably good fish. Look at that monster slab. It flaked in huge pieces, and you could see just how moist it was, but then that charring from the Woodfired oven is just wow. Damn, I hate myself again for not liking fish. How good does that look? WINNER!!!

@ $38

Kubo Woodfired Kitchen Review 2022 Lamb Neck 1 Kubo Singapore: Incredible Woodfired Kitchen Review (2024)

Lamb Neck (replaced today with Lamb Chop), Coconut, Green Chillies, Watercress

How if my brother looked at this he’d run to the hills because; “it’s not cooked properly”. Yes, he is from the well-done brigade, boo. They say a picture paints 1,000 words, but it doesn’t in this case. What you missing is the smoking that this lamb has had. It is umami and a half. Super-smokey, but still so very lamby, and so tender you really didn’t need to chew. This was just fantastic. That smoking is killer for this dish. Just a truly wonderful lamb dish, and some punch if you want it from the green chillies. Quality!!!

@ $52

Kubo Woodfired Kitchen Review 2022 apple pie mocktail Kubo Singapore: Incredible Woodfired Kitchen Review (2024)

Apple Pie Mocktail

I had one little sip of this and it reminded me of Christmas, and mulled wine. Crazy good mocktail. 

@ $14

And now it is dessert time at Kubo Kitchen

I didn’t take a picture of Jude’s. But I have to call out this was double-weird. Jude didn’t eat it. I need to ask Chef what the green stuff was on top of the ice cream because that was weird in a really weird way. Smoked Yoghurt Ice-Cream, Granola, Apple, and some green stuff

@ #12

Kubo Woodfired Kitchen Review 2022 turon roasted banana Kubo Singapore: Incredible Woodfired Kitchen Review (2024)

Turon, Roasted Banana, Jackfruit Jam, Coconut Butterscotch

Wifey wasn’t too sure about this one either. She’s a picky one today, that’s for certain. That’s Filipina food critics for you. She said you couldn’t really taste the banana or Jackfruit, and it was missing the crunch. She admittedly stated she is a Turon connoisseur and sets the bar HIGH.

@ $12

Kubo Woodfired Kitchen Review 2022 flaming halo halo Kubo Singapore: Incredible Woodfired Kitchen Review (2024)

I love some food theatre and how about this. Flaming your dessert table-side. Yeap, that’s a winner in my book. Toasting that coconut and charring that meringue a little.

Kubo Woodfired Kitchen Review 2022 halo halo Kubo Singapore: Incredible Woodfired Kitchen Review (2024)

Halo-Halo, Purple Yam Sorbetes, Coconut, Meringue

This was just divine. I tried a little of Strawberry Blonde’s and yep it’s up there. Just a perfect dessert and plating to die for. Seriously good dessert.

@ $12

Kubo Woodfired Kitchen Review 2022 smoked davao chocolate Kubo Singapore: Incredible Woodfired Kitchen Review (2024)

Smoked Davao 70% Chocolate Ganache, Milo, Olive Oil Caviar

Yep, me last. I am a sucker for high coca content chocolate and simply love sea salt and olive oil with that. Hey presto here that is, also on a ‘bed’ of mashed crunch Milo. Decadent? Yep surely was. But quite small, so not sickly. A beauty.

@ $8

The Embassy of the Philippines, Singapore, leant in to support this new Filipino restaurant Singapore. Kubo Woodfired Restaurant

Visiting the restaurant were the Philippines Cultural Officer Ms. Rosellie L. Bantay, Third Secretary and Vice Consul Joy Anne B. Lai, First Secretary and Consul Joyleen E. Santos, Political and Public Diplomacy Assistant Ms. Ivanah Karla F. Vicencio-Luz, and Third Secretary and Vice Consul Renee Gaylee M. Chua.

Now that is not a bad turnout, is it? Chef Kurt’s wife, Ms. Sheine Ebora-Sombero, hosted the Embassy officials back in early August.

Kubô’s aim is to make their kababayans in Singapore proud and to promote Filipino food, culture and heritage to Filipinos and foreigners alike.

Let's check out some shots of the interior of Kubo Woodfired Kitchen, literally the kitchen...

Kubo Woodfired Kitchen Review 2022 kitchen Kubo Singapore: Incredible Woodfired Kitchen Review (2024)

The name, Kubo Woodfired Kitchen is not a throw away. EVERYTHING is cooked over wood, or smoked by the wood. There is literally no gas in the kictchen. Zoom in on this photo above and you’ll see what I mean.

I loved the fact that Chef Sombero hates sous vide, I could have kissed him. It’s all low and slow, reverse searing and smoking. The Gaucho grills allow indirect heat and direct heat. Again, I am officially in love.

The fire pit has a tube behind it that ‘feeds’ the silver cabinet to its right. That is the smoker. That is where a lot of the magic happens and that umami flavor gets slapped on as a hallmark of the food here.

I want to work in this kitchen. One day. Just one day. But, believe me, it is HOT HOT HOT in here. Standing next to the Chef for a fleeting moment to get a photo I think I lost 4Kg. Another great reason to work here.

Kubo Woodfired Kitchen Review 2022 dry ageing duck Kubo Singapore: Incredible Woodfired Kitchen Review (2024)

2 dry-agers as you walk in. Like an idiot, I only took a photo of one. Duh. The duck is in here, as you can see. In the other were the OP Ribs which I have to try one day at Kubo Kitchen. 

Kubo Woodfired Kitchen Review 2022 bar right to left Kubo Singapore: Incredible Woodfired Kitchen Review (2024)

Check out that uber-cool decor. It’s special in here.

Kubo Woodfired Kitchen Review 2022 chef invite me in the kitchen 1 Kubo Singapore: Incredible Woodfired Kitchen Review (2024)

I ask Chef Kurt to get in the picture and he said: “Only if you come round…” I nearly lept over the countertop. Any chance to meet the main man and to experience the kitchen closer up. it is just bonkers in there. The heat from the fire is just incredible.

Kubo Woodfired Kitchen Review 2022 Chef Kurt me Kubo Singapore: Incredible Woodfired Kitchen Review (2024)

Like a kid in a candy store. A big fat beardy kid that is. Big time. As we were chatting he said two things to me that blew me away;

  • I joked about working there and he said I am hiring right now.
  • I talked about the lamb cooking method and he said it was sous vides. My stomach turned and I felt nauseous. But, then he joked again. Can you see sous vides anywhere? I was right, the lamb was slow-smoked. He hates sous vides.

I nearly got on one knee to propose, right then and there.

Kubo Woodfired Kitchen Review 2022 Jude Jude Kubo Singapore: Incredible Woodfired Kitchen Review (2024)

It is just such a cool space. The vibe is awesome. The aromas are to die for. You can see all the action. I am 1000% coming back here with my BFF Jude Jude for a ‘boy’s only lunch’. 

Our conclusions of Kubo Woodfired Kitchen Review (2022)

Prepare yourself to walk away smelling like you’ve visited a Korean BBQ joint. But once you read this Kubo Woodfired Kitchen Review (2022) you won’t care I am certain, because you’ll be desperate to try that food.

The food was exquisite and so unique. Chef Sumbero teases you with Filipina originals and then sends you off somewhere you didn’t know you were going to, with textures and flavours off the usual Filipina beaten path. Come on, foie gras in a Sisig is just insane, but it works!!! It’s sort of Kubo modern cum Kubo style restaurant, with Chef Kurt Sombero’s flair. Genius.

The decor and vibe just pop. The crew is super-attentive and knows their menu inside and out. The price is not cheap, but it is worth every single cent you’ll spend. It is just quality, and I loved it.

Sadly a couple of the desserts for us were a bit of a letdown. Jude Jude’s smoked yogurt ice cream I didn’t even get a photo of. It was just rather strange. There was this green soft fondant-like squirt on top that had just a funky taste, almost a little bile-like. Sorry Chef, it’s true.

Overall we absolutely loved it here. Quality food. Great staff. Amazing location. And breath-taking kitchen; both to look at and also because it’s so hot in there, literally taking your breath away. The smoking of the dishes is quality and unique for Singapore I’d say. Don’t forget there is no gas, it’s all Woodfired in the oven, Gaucho grill, and smoker. We’ll be back 1000%, especially when those lechons start turning.

In closing, it’s funny how things happen. Lois, my colleague, and recommender of Kubo Woodfired Kitchen happened to pop in the same day after we had left. I think we’re becoming one big happy Filipina family now. Well, Benetton family with Filipina, Singaporean, English and now French too. AWESOME!!!

Kubo Woodfired Kitchen Review 2022 Lois Kubo Singapore: Incredible Woodfired Kitchen Review (2024)

We are truly living the Kubo Woodfired Kitchen dream; “Kubô’s aim is to make their kababayans in Singapore proud and to promote Filipino food, culture, and heritage to Filipinos and foreigners alike.

We will be back again and again and again. Of that, there is no doubt. And that next session will be when that whole pig is on and Chef Sombero is chopping up Lechon. Be seeing you then Chef!!!

Kubo Woodfired Kitchen gets a massive thumbs up from ISLFEARECIPE and family Kennett. It’s a die-die must-try!!!


What are the opening times of Kubo Woodfired Kitchen?

Sunday12–3pm, 5:30–10pm
Saturday12–3pm, 5:30–10pm

What are the contact details of Kubo Woodfired Kitchen and how to book and make a reservation?

Phone: +65 9645 8436

What's the address of Kubo Woodfired Kitchen?

80 Mohamed Sultan Rd, #01-12 The Pier at Robertson, Singapore 239013

Where else can you find more exceptional filipino restaurant in Singapore?

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