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Inasal, Lucky Plaza


Authentic Filipino Food at Lucky Plaza

If you want to get your Filipino taste buds going great guns, get to Orchard Road, 4th Floor of Lucky Plaza and the unassuming Inasal.

I know I know - sounds like two noses about to marry. "I nasal, take thee..."
I know I know – sounds like two noses about to marry.
“I nasal, take thee…”

It is a replacement for another very frequent visiting place of ours that used to be on the same site – GP Restaurant. So sad we were to lose that.

BUT glad we are to gain Inasal. It’s wonderful. One down-side – no beer license, hey ho you can’t have everything.

I won’t share pics of everything we ate but I will share some highlights, in fact only two highlights – the best of the best as fas as I am concerned and well worth a trip here just to sample these – but we had crispy pata, sisig, tocino, bulalo, and fish soup.

To my highlights;


A class act from Inasal, Sisig the best yet

Absolutely made as it should be – well from the research I have done.

This is ‘the left overs’ of some poor piggie that’s probably been roasted or fried for pata. This is pig ear and liver, with some chill, shallot, an egg, kalamansi and some other secret spices. This one will seriously take some beating and is just the best I have ever had on many trips to Philippines.



This is a bowl of clear beef broth, a couple of Chinese cabbage leaves and then hulking great lumps of beed bone and bone marrow.

I just happened to see this on another table with another diner. Ding Dong goes the lightbulb – I have to try.

Mary explained what it was and bang that was on the order list.

Bulalo, Filipino Beef Marrow Soup

We attacked this dish with soup spoons, steak knives, small children’s hands and even straws to get those last bits of bone marrow out of the bones.

This dish is something I’ll be back to get again and again and looking out for whenever we eat Filipino.

Just incredible. If you like Vietnamese Beef Noodle soups – you are seriously going to love this one.

Inasal – get your beer license and you’d be perfect in my books.

What a delicious lunch!

The one time it was OK to have your boner out on the table, and enjoy it in front of everyone else.

Thanks and see you VERY soon!

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