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Museum of Ice Cream | Singapore | Family Fun


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Brian Kennett

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Museum of Ice Cream

Singapore | Family Fun

I know, I know – this is hardly a restaurant, but hey they were serving food.

Let’s call this a hybrid restaurant and family fun review. The Museum of Ice Cream Singapore.

One word; AWESOME

It really is just brilliant fun for any age. It surely made this 53-year old become a little bit of a kid again. You just can’t help yourself. You walk in and get that WHACK of sugar-sweet smell, like INTENSE. You just know this is gonna be sugar rush time.

It’s spread over some old barracks up Dempsey. Painted bright pink so you really cannot miss it. And it is full of playgrounds – I would say is the best way to describe it. Also includes 5 free-of-charge, included in the entrance ticket, all-you-can-eat ice-cream stations. Yep, see what I mean, sugar rush sugar rush…

There’s ball pits, swings, claiming frames, bouncy-castle, disco balls, arts & crafts, wall magnets, blah blah blah. It is fricking AWESOME!!!

If you are looking for things to do with the family & kids, look no further – get up to Dempsey and The Museum of Ice Cream. It really is a BRILLIANT 2 hours or so of pure fun plus ice cream.

Oh yeah, you’ll need to book tickets in advance at the moment with our mate Covid; https://www.museumoficecream.com/singapore


Museum of Ice Cream Childrens Party

Is it time to throw your child’s next birthday celebration? The Museum of Ice Cream can help you create the perfect event, from the food and drink options to the unique items!

Drop them an email to hello@museumoficecream.com.sg

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