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Bolonia Singapore: Best Spanish Restaurants Singapore Permanently Closed


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Bolonia Singapore is the newest Spanish Restaurant to join the impressive list in the Lion City. Islifearecipe had the great fortune to meet the owner with the Spanish Economic Ambassador recently

Bolonia Singapore Restaurant is a brand-new establishment located in the Singapore city centre that offers divine Spanish cuisine. It is an all-day, tapas bar restaurant situated at Republic Plaza, catering to office workers, locals, and tourists alike.

This restaurant provides an authentic Spanish dining experience in a vibrant and bustling setting: you can choose to dine inside, or al fresco, as Jo, the owner, has designed the restaurant to be completely open making it THE corner restaurant in the city centre to visit.

The Bolonia Singapore Restaurant is inspired by the beautiful coastal region in the south of Spain, and it serves as an all-day dining concept. It offers a menu filled with Spanish dishes and tapas, making it a great place for those looking to savour Spanish cuisine in Singapore, plus breakfast and coffee, and then sublime cocktails as the night draws in. 

But tonight we were treated like Royalty (well Economic and Trade Ambassadors) because we meandered with an array of exquisite foods not on the menu, with the most wonderful bottle of red. 🇪🇸🍷

'Where coastal charm meets culinary delights in a warm and inviting atmosphere. iVamos a disfrutar! (Let's enjoy!)'

Bolonia Singapore: Contents

Picture courtesy of Bolonia Singapore Website

Bolonia Singapore Menu

Keep watching Islifearecipe for a monthly 'guest' cocktail from Bolonia Singapore, and others of course... It's a new feature we're running for all you boozers out there.

bolonia singapore cocktails
bolonia singapore spanish restaurant exterior

I was here for dinner, so it’s evening time. How inviting does that look? All was designed by the owner, Jo, including hand-picking tiles and creating certain features in the restaurant from pictures of Bolonia in Spain.

You can dine indoors, al fresco, or even (soon) tabletop to watch the Chefs in action (this was confirmed by Jo, as I noticed handbag hooks under the counter). Or you can just sit at these high tables and grab one of their infamous cocktails after work.

bolonia singapore spanish restaurant interior from back end

We sat inside tonight. I tell you what, how cool is that interior? It’s so open, and then imagine shuttering the doors and windows as well: it will feel twice the size. A stunning open bar and kitchen too. Come on, we all love some food theatre, right…?

bolonia singapore spanish restaurant interior with bar

It’s an open kitchen so you can see the perfectly coordinated chaos, and watch the Chefs plating, prepping, and cooking. This place has a vibe and a half. Antonio even called out the sound track which was pumping out feet-tapping Spanish toonz a many. I like it here, I feel at home and also very welcome. That’s a skill to achieve that, believe me.

Islifearecipe was very honoured and humbled to be dining this evening with The Spanish Economic and Trade Counsellor, Antonio Garcia Rebollar, and Bolonia Singapore Owner, Jo Hu with the main man: Head Chef Rueben delivering his food playlist to us. Let's be having it...

bolonia singapore spanish restaurant spanish ambasador and Jo

Remember Islifearecipe has been writing quite a lot about Restaurants of Spain and ICEX Singapore? Well, that is for the lovely Antonio, and today that has extended to include Bolonia Singapore.

I just want to give some call-outs here to Chef Rueben Pillay. Yes I know he looks about eighteen years old. But, he has had some SERIOUS mentors and previous cooking locales. 

How about the Michelin Star owner of Gaig, where Rueben was trained by the Head Chef in Spain. He has also worked at Next Door Spanish Cafe and remembers me from there, another family favourite and great friends of ours. Yes he certainly has the cooking credentials of Spain.

Well, that certainly gets my vote, and some!!!

bolonia spanish restaurant chef reuben plating

The Bolonia Singapore Menu that we dine on this evening. #BeProud Jo, Chef Rueben and the Bolonia crew...

There is absolutely some guesswork to happen here, as the tasting we did was not on the Bolonia Singapore menu so I can’t go back to reflect and/or review. This was off-piste Chef Rueben’s Omakase Menu…

So, I apologise in advance to Jo and Chef if I explain anything incorrectly. You can always put me right via WhatsApp, and I’ll update the blog accordingly.

bolonia singapore spanish restaurant oysters with prawn sauce and caviar

Fresh Spanish Oysters with Caviar and Prawn Broth

Yes, it did not start well for me. I had to gracefully bow out from this dish and bring in my stunt-double, Antonio. It was evident that Antonio was more than welcome to take one for the team. In fact, I blinked, and it was already gone…

When I get served something like this and I decline it, I really do hate myself. I love preparing fresh oysters, as you would have seen my recipes many a time. I just can’t eat them. I’ll cook any fish, shellfish, or mollusk with no issue: but, eat it – no thanks!!!

Truly sorry Jo and Chef Rueben. But I looked across at a very happy Antonio. Every cloud…

bolonia singapore spanish restaurant sardine and heirloom tomato salad

Heirloom Tomato Salad with Fresh Sardines

Of course, mine was ‘special’, and came with pine nuts. So refreshing, almost a palate cleanser. Such a clean salad, but I do wish I could have tried the sardines. Damn, this dislike of fish I have… One day. 

Notice the avocado and pomegranate in there as well – yet more textures and flavour pops.

bolonia singapore spanish restaurant baramundi croqueta

Barramundi Croquettes

Again I was the special needs and had my very own Jamon Croquette. That was sublime I have to say. Easily up there with the best, this fat hairy face has consumed. Stunning little morsels. I do so love tapas.
Jo and Antonio had the proper serving for this Chef Rueben Omakase tasting though. And with all the oohs and aahs coming from the other side of the table I was wondering actually what was happening. I jest, they were simply in awe of these little beauties. I have never ever heard of Barramundi Croquettes Tapas. Nicely done Chef, another first. Sadly, one I could not try.
Antonio looked at me and the Chef angrily because I had a special Jamon Croquette served, and not a third Barramundi, that he could have kindly offered to eat if I didn’t want it.
Superb croquettes Chef. 
bolonia singapore spanish restaurant foie with caramel bikini

Foie Gras 'Bikini' With Balsamic and Caramel

If I were asked to choose, this is my number one. This little sandwich had the Spanish food Gods singing, believe me. What an absolute belter this was, Chef you are indeed a legend. I will never forget this little toastie. One of the tastiest things I have ever consumed. 

I called it a bikini because it does indeed resemble the Spanish tapas toastie, which has Jamon and Cheese, like a Spanish Crouque Monsieur.

But Chef Rueben’s is off-the-charts. Toasted bread surrounding one huge slice of the most perfect foie gras, with some balsamic vinegar, chives, and then the ‘shhhhh’ secret ingredient: Caramel. Insane you might think: foie gras and caramel. Well, dear reader, you’d be absolutely wrong. The genius of the Chef has proven that.

Die-Die-Must-Try. This was a knockout. I’d come back again, and again, and again just for this. WOOF!!!

bolonia singapore spanish restaurant spanish prawn

Grilled Spanish Prawn with Mash and Unctuous Jus

Grilled to pink and puffy perfection this prawn was a cracker. Yes, even I ventured into this one, without sucking out the head fat, as my Wifey would. It was actually really nice, not fishy in any shape or form. Plus the plating is really quite nice.

bolonia singapore spanish restaurant fried bread

Grilled Spanish Prawn with Mash and Unctuous Jus

I really do love little touches like this. There’s an unctuous jus, and mash with that beautiful prawn. There’s no way that prawn will be enough to mop that up, so how about we fry off a little ‘soldier’ of the most-crunchy and perfect fried-bread? Surely works for me, Chef. Loved it.

bolonia singapore spanish restaurant patatas bravas with truffle

Huevos Estrellados: Truffle potato, mushrooms, Jamon, onsen egg, and even little green tips of celery leaves... WOW!!!

The chef goes quirky with his presentation of this Spanish Classic dish, using Chinese soup bowls atop stunning Spanish crockery. A genius idea.

He nailed this, as in absolutely nailed it. This is like a flavour and texture hand grenade that explodes in your mouth. Wow. 

I seriously recommend you book and ask for Chef Omakase… Some of these, not-on-menu dishes have been quite the most superb.

bolonia singapore spanish restaurant frozen chocolate dessert

My goodness, what a finale from the Chef.

This was a frozen chocolate dessert, nicely bitter, with sour Spanish cherries inside. Now that was a pairing made in heaven, but… How about I then add some chocolate crunch, fresh strawberries, and mint? That was dazzling. But, wait, there’s more. Now I am going to drizzle it with some of Spain’s best Virgin Olive Oil, and then sprinkle sea salt: said Chef.

You know me and desserts. I like savoury not sweet. Well, this one was absolutely up there with the very best. A stunning way to finish the Spanish smorgasbord of delights

You may be wondering why this Spanish Restaurant in Singapore city centre is opening it's doors at 08:00 am?

Well, folks, that’s because they’re serving up some amazing breakfast options and fresh brewed coffee. That surely gets my vote, because my office is a 5-minute walk away!!!

I have not personally sampled this yet, so cannot really comment, but the pictures look just wonderful, and if the food is anything like last night’s you’re rocking. What a great way to start the day.

Pictures courtesy of Bolonia Singapore Facebook site.
bolonia singapore breakfast

Full Breakfast: Choice of 2 Eggs, Spanish Ham, Grilled Chorizo, Grilled Tomato, Sauteed Mushrooms on Sourdough Bread

@ $22

bolonia singapore breakfast croissant

Ham & Cheese Croissant

@ $12

What does Bolonia Singapore have to say about itself?

Welcome to Bolonia, an All-day dining concept inspired by the beautiful coastal region in the south of Spain. Located at the entrance of Republic Plaza, in the heart of Singapore's bustling financial district, our restaurant brings you vibrant flavours and relaxed ambiance reminiscent of the Bolonia beach area. With a prime location at Raffles Place, we cater to the discerning palates of professionals working in the surrounding offices, as well as tourists exploring the downtown area of Singapore. Our goal is to become your go-to destination for breakfast, leisurely lunches, after-work drinks, and memorable dinners with friends.

Our conclusions of Bolonia Singapore Spanish Restaurant

Picture this: You’re wandering the bustling streets of Singapore, and suddenly, a tantalising aroma wafts through the air as you turn a corner. You follow your senses and stumble upon this stunning blue facade that is Bolonia Singapore, a gem that’s as vibrant as the streets of Barcelona itself and as welcoming as an old Spanish taverna. This is no ordinary restaurant; it’s going to transport you to the heart and soul of Spanish cuisine right in the Lion City. And the crew are just wonderful, friendly, attentive, chatty, and boy do they know their stuff.

And what is truly amazing is that has been achieved in less than four months from concept, construction to opening. They’re now one month in active service, and already have a following, with full bookings during lunchtimes and breakfast. What an achievement.

Do you remember our first blog about Bolonia Singapore, when we espied the boards up stating ‘opening soon?

In this blog, we’ve hopefully taken you on a gastronomic journey with Bolonia Singapore, revealing its delectable menu (on-piste and off-piste), its captivating ambiance and decor, the lush cocktails, early morning pick-you-up coffee and breakfasts that make it a must-visit for city workers, locals, and tourists that love chomping down on fine Spanish ciusine.

Bolonia SG is proving itself to be a Spanish restaurant that is a true standout in the Lion City centre!

I’ll say it again: Jo, Chef Rueben, and the Bolonia crew #BEPROUD: You have worked some magic here to open so fast with such a wonderful dining location in the city, offering A-grade ingredients and Spanish dishes, an incredible array of Spanish wines, and soon to be tried by us plethora of cocktails. Islifearecipe will be coming back very soon, and with the families when you get those weekends going. Folks, get into the city and get to Bolonia Singapore, you will not be disappointed. Say hi to Jo, Rueben, and the crew from us – ENJOY!!!

What is the address of Bolonia and the Bolonia Singapore Contact Details?

Address: 9 Raffles Place #01-03, Republic Plaza Tower 1, Singapore, 048619
Telephone: +65 8028 1899

What are the opening hours of Bolonia Singapore Spanish Restaurant?

Sunday Closed

Monday 8 am–11 pm

Tuesday 8 am–11 pm

Wednesday 8 am–11 pm

Thursday 8 am–11 pm

Friday 8 am–11 pm

Saturday Closed

Worth noting that Jo and the crew at Bolonia Singapore will be opening weekends, keep watching Islifearecipe for that announcement.

People also asked about Bolonia Singapore Restaurant

Q1: What type of cuisine does Bolonia Singapore Restaurant serve?

A1: Bolonia Singapore Restaurant specializes in serving Spanish cuisine.

Q2: Is Bolonia Singapore Restaurant open for all-day dining?

A2: Yes, Bolonia Singapore Restaurant offers all-day dining.

Q3: Can I order food from Bolonia Singapore for delivery?

A3: Yes, you can order food from Bolonia Singapore for delivery through platforms like Oddle Eats.

Q4: What are some popular dishes on Bolonia Singapore’s menu?

A4: Some popular dishes on Bolonia Singapore’s menu include Andalusian Breakfast, traditional Spanish tapas, and Paellas.

Q5: Where is Bolonia Singapore Restaurant located?

A5: Bolonia Singapore Restaurant is located at 9 Raffles Place, #01-03, #1 Republic Plaza, 048619, Singapore.

Q6: Does Bolonia Singapore Restaurant offer any special events or promotions?

A6: Bolonia Singapore Restaurant may offer special events and promotions; you can check their official website or contact them for the latest information.

Q7: What are the opening hours of Bolonia Singapore Restaurant?

A7: Bolonia Singapore Restaurant typically opens at 8 a.m. however, it’s a good idea to check their website or contact them for their current opening hours, and to make a booking.

Q8: Is Bolonia Singapore Restaurant known for its authentic Spanish cuisine?

A8: Yes, Bolonia Singapore Restaurant is known for offering authentic Spanish cuisine in a vibrant setting.

Q9: Are there any customer reviews or ratings available for Bolonia Singapore Restaurant?

A9: Yes, you can find customer reviews and ratings for Bolonia Singapore Restaurant on platforms like Google Reviews, Facebook, and Tripadvisor.

Q10: Does Bolonia Singapore Restaurant offer takeaway options?

A10: Yes, Bolonia Singapore Restaurant offers takeaway options in addition to dine-in service.

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