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Sinpopo Joo Chiat Road, Katong: Breaking News 2023


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Sinpopo Joo Chiat Road, Katong: Breaking News For 2023

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Sinpopo Joo Chiat Road, Katong has some big bad Breaking News for  2023. It is no longer Sinpopo Joo Chiat Road, Katong, but will now be called Sinpopo Brand Restaurant @ TANGS. Maybe not looking for the heritage roots of Singapore suburbs anymore, and looking for top-end spenders and tourism.  

Remember that quote from the Katong Menu:

Sinpopo is an ode to Katong and its heritage. Since the 1950’s Katong has been well-known for its unique Peranakan culture and cuisine. Today, Katong is completely different. With a plethora of Western-style cafes and restaurants, large shopping malls, and condominiums, Katong‘s heritage and its heritage businesses are being crowded out.

We want very much to keep it alive because it is a part of us. So we’re not just some hipster cafe. We don’t simplify or fusion-ise. We spruce up the old traditional recipes to keep them relevant.”

Sinpopo says: Goodbye, Katong!!!

sinpopo tangs interior

Very much more fine dining design options have been taken it seems. Perhaps keeping up with Violet Oon, by locating in major shopping centres, not Singaporean heritage suburbs. It’s a shame to say goodbye to this restaurant in Katong, and we won’t be visiting Orchard any time soon, shopping for free aircon is not in our DNA.

The new Sinpopo Brand flagship restaurant, called Sinpopo Tangs, is situated in Singapore‘s Tangs in Tang Plaza on Orchard Road. Local Singaporean classics are still to be combined with delectable modern flavours at Sinpopo Tangs to create a tempting and sensation-rich menu. The eatery offers modernized Mod-Sin food with a hint of grandeur.

Sinpopo Tangs opened its doors after moving from its old location in Katong. The restaurant was able to increase its visibility and serve a larger clientele after moving to Tangs at Tang Plaza. Diners can now enjoy local gourmet cuisine in a convenient and central location right in the middle of the Singapore tourist shopping Mecca at the new restaurant.

sinpopo brand tangs baked miso cod hor fun

Baked Miso Cod Hor Fun

@ $23

Butter Miso Atlantic Cod, Black Cod Broth, and Wok Hei Hor Fun

The menu of Sinpopo Tangs offers a variety of delicious dishes that are inspired by age-old recipes that have been handed down through the centuries. A blend of classic and modern flavours will be served to guests, making them a distinctive dining experience. The menu features a wide range of meals that highlight the finest of Singaporean cuisine, from appetizers to main courses.

Sinpopo Brand Tangs - You Tiao and Calamari Rojak

Calamari and You Tiao Rojak

@ $15

Rojak the way everyone likes it, plus crispy Calamari.

Sinpopo Tangs offers diners a cozy and welcoming atmosphere in addition to delicious food. The restaurant strives to deliver a wonderful dining experience by fusing top-notch cuisine with friendly service. Sinpopo Tangs has already gained popularity among both locals and visitors to Singapore because of its excellent location and elevated menu options.

Photos are courtesy of Sinpopo Brand Tangs’ Facebook Site

Contact Details, Opening Hours and Address for Sinpopo Tangs

Address: 310 Orchard Road, Tang Plaza, #02-22/27/29, Singapore 238864

Operating Hours: 11am – 9pm daily

Telephone: 65 6530 3825


Sinpopo, Peranakan on Joo Chiat Road, Katong

Sorry We're Closed

I was made redundant and had a load of time on my hands whilst Isearched for new employment, I took the kids to school and had lunch with wifey pretty much every day. It was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. But, of course, it ended and I had to be back to being an employed adult. Whilst researching where to eat, I found a new gem on East Coast. One I have walked past many a time but for some reason never ventured in. But today wifey and I did and I am so glad we did. This is a cracking place, this is Sinpopo in Joo Chiat Road, Katong.

I’m going to steal some text from their menu to describe the style. Suffice it to say though, it’s Peranakan. It’s a converted shophouse (still with original floor tiles in place). It’s minimalistic with basic colours and a mixture of textures like steel menus on the walls. It’s just uber cool. We really liked it and will be back with the kids for sure. 100% I know they will dig this spot too. Sinpopo in Joo Chiat Road, Katong is awesome. A must-try in my humble opinion.

Sinpopo menu for 2022 - crazy good Peranakan food

sinpopo menu 2022 Sinpopo Joo Chiat Road, Katong: Breaking News 2023

To their menu, and I quote; “Sinpopo is an ode to Katong and its heritage. Since the 1950’s Katong has been well-known for its unique Peranakan culture and cuisine. Today, Katong is completely different. With a plethora of Western-style cafes and restaurants, large shopping malls, and condominiums, Katong’s heritage and its heritage businesses are being crowded out.

We want very much to keep it alive because it is a part of us. So we’re not just some hipster cafe. We don’t simplify or fusion-ise. We spruce up the old traditional recipes to keep them relevant.

Here's is what Sinpopo Brand has to say about themselves - THE SINPOPO BRAND STORY

Sinpopo Brand is an ode to Katong and the heritage it has passed down to us. In the 1950s, Katong was well-known for its unique Peranakan culture and cuisine. As gentrification encroaches on the spaces that Katong's heritage businesses once called home, we took it upon ourselves in 2013 to preserve what was left of the neighbourhood's greats. We wanted to keep as much of Katong's traditions as we could alive while adapting to this ever-changing neighbourhood. As the same folks who started and continue to run Awfully Chocolate (also born in Katong in 1998), we bring every fibre of passion into all that we do. We run a full-fledged Sinpopo Brand restaurant kitchen, where we respect the essence of not-to-be-messed-with local recipes but spruce them up to keep them relevant. At our Sinpopo Brand Coffee concept (Funan), we use a local roast to make our coffee using state-of-the-art espresso machines, and craft cakes and bakes handmade from scratch at Sinpopo Brand Grocer (Paragon & Square 2), where we also #SupportLocal, working with heritage brands such as The 1875 Clipper Tea Company, Nanyang Sauce and more.
We don't simplify or fusion-ise, and a hipster café we are not. We do things the traditional way we learned as local artisanal bakers and chefs. Where our inspiration, families, surroundings and dreams lead us, we take heart in what we have learned from our traditions to make things better. Come revisit cherished memories of your favourite local delights with Sinpopo Brand!"

I love this type of pride in your own place. Great work Sinpopo. Be proud because your space is amazing, and the food was of absolute quality. We will be seeing you soon. But 1st here is today, wifey and my lunch date together here is Sinpopo in Joo Chiat Road, Katong.

sinpopo katong

I go hard for the recommended pork chop marinated in soy and I am so glad I listened to the recommendation because this was amazing. OK, I think it was a sous vide which you know I hate as a cooking technique but this is a thick pork cutlet so needs to be cooked properly all the way through. Some nice charring to boot or flaming as they call it and served with this insanely good Hainanese curry dip. Holy smoke this was so so good. Loved it. Amy and Jude would be all over this like a rash. We are so coming back.

Sinpopo Menu 2022 update. I cannot believe they have taken this pork cutlet off the menu. Goodness gracious me.

sinpopo novena

Wifey goes full on for their Cod Fish dish. Baked Cod with Dao Jio Crust They call this Sinpopo’s unique Dao Jio crust, which is served on a bed of tang hoon tossed in their special garlic oil. Yeah, not one morsel was left on the plate by wifey. She said it was an amazing fish dish and she loved it. 

@ $23

sinpopo paragon

OK, OK it looks like a bar of Coal Tar Soap. I hear you, but… This dessert was off the charts good. It is a jelly, yes, but a jelly that falls apart quasi melts in your mouth. I have never experienced anything like it. It’s savoury too. Not over-sweet.

It’s a bonkers good dessert and a must-try. This is Gula Melaka Tiramisu, a time-forgotten dessert. They call it a super soft Gula Melaka agar agar prepared with egg white for an amazingly light mouthfeel. Served in time-honored tradition with coconut sauce. It is just crazy good and it gets a huge recommendation from me. Must try!!!

@ $13

What does Sinpopo Brand say about the Sinpopo Menu?

Located in a conserved shophouse in Katong, Singapore's rich heritage district, Sinpopo Brand serves authentic and traditional local gourmet food refreshed for the most discerning of palates. The Sinpopo menu features souped up local gourmet food such as our Signature Nasi Lemak served with Angus Beef Rendang and Har Jeong Kai wings, a buttery baked atlantic miso cod hor fun and more! Whether you're craving a casual bite or a hearty meal, Sinpopo Brand's local gourmet fare are show-stoppers that will leave you wanting more. We have elevated your familiar local flavours to scrumptious dishes such as the Jambu Jack Salad, Braised Cabbage in Superior Stock and Sotong hitam with Handmade Crab Tortellini. Best part? They are all available for doorstep delivery. You can now have our best-selling wok hei-rich Sinpopo Crab Bee Hoon and Signature Nasi Lemak in the comfort of your own home.

Other interesting snippets about Sinpopo Joo Chiat

sinpopo cakes

Sinpopo Brand also has Sinpopo Cake, and once a year they even introduce Sinpopo Mooncake. Have a look at these. 

This is the rather amazing-looking Dar Dar Mille Crepe.

sinpopo hand crafted cakes Sinpopo Joo Chiat Road, Katong: Breaking News 2023

Sinpopo handcrafted cakes menu. Stealing from the Sinpopo website; 

Scrumptious layers of contemporary Singapore classics are made with love.
Premium and handcrafted, our homemade cakes are perfect for any occasion!

Sinpopo Brand is all about coming up with new recipes with inspiration and being able to keep food locally relatable. With that, they have created six unique locally inspired handcrafted cakes, available for walk-in purchases at all Sinpopo stores and online delivery. 

  • Gula Melaka Cake
  • Mao Shan Wang Durian Cake
  • Pulut Hitam Cake
  • Putu Piring Cake
  • Dar Dar Mille Crepe
  • Pandan Kaya Cake

These delicious homemade local cakes are available in 6” and 8” inches in Singapore, perfect for group celebrations!

They believe that the flavours of Singapore’s history go a long way. They satisfy the taste buds of both the young and old. At Sinpopo, they want to bring back the magic of Singapore‘s childhood days with a contemporary flair with their local cakes, while respecting the traditions of the past.  

Sinpopo cakes

Sinpopo, The best of Singapore brands menu.

Choose from a premium assortment of traditional flavours curated by Singapore’s Best Brands

Handcrafted Chocolate Bars & Cookies from Awfully Chocolate. Clipper Tea – Singapore’s Oldest Tea Producer. Pineapple Tarts from Glory. Hand-brewed & Bottled Sauces from Nanyang Sauce. Marmalades from Award-Winning Straits Preserves. Jewel Rock Sugar Sticks by Cheng Yew Heng – the only sugar manufacturer in Singapore.

sinpopo delicious bakes menu 1 Sinpopo Joo Chiat Road, Katong: Breaking News 2023

Sinpopo Delicious Bakes, are souvenirs that truly represent Singapore, with unique, modern interpretations of locally-inspired desserts

Sinpopo Brand has created a unique range of handmade premium local delights that make excellent gifts for both locals and foreign friends who want an actual taste of Singapore.

Singapore might be a food paradise but where can you find equally good nibbles and souvenirs inspired by the same flavours?

You will find interesting local delights that are modern interpretations of locally inspired flavours that truly represent Singapore. Some highlights include our Salted Egg Yolk Cookies with Curry Leaves and Gula Melaka Kaya. The best part is – these goodies can be enjoyed all year round! Have a taste of Singapore‘s local traditional offerings and relish the flavours of the past!

Let's have a look at the interior of Sinpopo Joo Chiat

sinpopo menu

Here she is. Just a few doors down from I12 near the junction. It’s unassuming, so don’t do our mistake and just walk on by. Stop in, grab a beer and food, and say hello. The staff are great guys. Yep, mostly Filipino that we met today. Awesome!!!

sinpopo interior seating Sinpopo Joo Chiat Road, Katong: Breaking News 2023

I love the interior. Basic colours. Minimal on the walls. Original shop house tiles on the floor. Steel menu boards on the wall too. Mixed up chairs. Yeah, I like the design a lot. It’s uber cool.

sinpopo big family table Sinpopo Joo Chiat Road, Katong: Breaking News 2023

Even a private big table dining room at the back. I am now thinking about customer meals or big family fun lunches. It’s a perfect design for it.

Our conclusions about Sinpopo Joo Chiat

So there you have it, folks, wifey and I day #2 of lunching freedom from work. We are loving this, truly. And we found this absolute gem in the heartlands of Katong. This is die die must try believe me. Keeping the heritage food flag flying which I love. This is Peranakan food at its best in Katong. Sinpopo in Joo Chiat is right up there with the best of the best on Red Dot. You simply must give it a go. I recommend that pork chop too. Holy moly it’s good. Like WOW. So friends get your bum to I12 and walk across the street and come to Sinpopo in Joo Chiat – ENJOY!!!

If you didn't book Sinpopo Brand @ Katong and didn't get a seat, you could also try these other amazing Katong eateries

Sinpopo Brand has a number of locations across Red Dot, not just Joo Chiat

Sinpopo Funan houses Sinpopo Coffee

Sinpopo Paragon houses Sinpopo Grocer

Sinpopo @ Square 2 houses Sinpopo Grocer

Plus, of course, Sinpopo Awfully Chocolate

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