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La Fez Cafe @ Siglap

best moroccan food on Singapore

La Fez Cafe @ Siglap

Singapore | Restaurant Review | Moroccan

Inviting you to enjoy a Moroccan-inspired eating experience that is always a delight for the senses and is now my favourite Siglap cafe by far, La Fez Cafe & Bakery is located in Siglap next door to some other family Kennett favourites like Blu Kouzina, Jag’s Bistro,and Iza Izakaya Bar. At La Fez @ Siglap, a traditional Arabesque feast will enliven your senses. Celebrate kinfolk over our best-sellers, which are ideal for serving as a full meal or as Iftar snacks.

What a ‘jewel in the crown’…

The crown that is Siglap‘s ever-expanding and developing food scene. I am so very happy to be a Siglapper and visit this new Siglap cafe. We’re so blessed to have one of the only Moroccan restaurant Singapore, now churning out incredible Moroccan food Singapore.

Let's hear from them, La Fez @ Siglap

La Fez is a Moroccan-inspired wellness cafe and bakery in Siglap. Nourishment takes centrestage; experience an abundance of flavours as you feast on Arabesque vibrant meals with a La Fez touch. And yes, you should always, always order the side of fries."

Moroccan food in Siglap
best moroccan restaurant in singapore

We were sitting at the hawker at 936 East Coast Road, Siglap and saw people sitting outside what looked like Springvale Condo Block… Upon some Google investigation, we found La Fez Cafe. Moroccan food in Siglap. Wow, really. We have to try, and so this day I took the kids in a 2+2 seating environment just before the lockdown (luckily).

A few firsts;

  • I used my new GoPro for the video
  • My Wifey and kids have never eaten Moroccan
  • It is a spanking new restaurant in Siglap
  • Our 1st sampling of La Fez Menu – we’ll share the 2022 menu for La Fez Cafe below

La Fez Siglap has become a must-visit again, and actually, we have been countless times since and ordered from the takeaway menu as well. It really is stunning food from La Fez Cafe @ Siglap.

La Fez is A1 top drawer food. You want to get hit across all your senses by food? This is the place.

The plating is exquisite, the aromas are intoxicating and the spice explosions when you chomp are just WOW!!! Get your bum to La Fez Siglap NOW!!!.

If you want exotic flavours whilst giving your liver a break (yes don’t forget it is Halal), then get your bum here. It truly has become a Kennett family & The Angmo Cooking Show favourite.

La Fez Siglap.

Only one downside = Halal, and yep no beer. Man oh man, this would make it 5* in my book. Beautifully spiced Tajine food with a beer, haha...

coffee at la fez
best seats in the house at la fez cafe

This is our favourite table as you can have those desiring air-con sat inside and those that favour the outdoors sat on the other side. It’s an awesome table. I just hope we beat you to it. La Fez Cafe & Bakery Coffee.

Some of our favourite bites at La Fez Cafe, Siglap

2022 menu La Fez Cafe
2022 menu La Fez Cafe

I can’t find this on the La Fez Menu 2022, but suffice to say this was a cracker when it was on there. Wifey loved this. Again that mix of ‘secret’ La Fez Cafe spices take this up to heavenly levels. Bring it back La Fez, my wife insists.

Rotisserie Chicken Moroccan Style. Wow, this is my new favourite dish. Subtle spices punching you in the taste buds, with a delicious umami sauce that you can’t get enough of. My favourite chicken dish ever.

@ $32.90

la fez dessert La Fez Cafe @ Siglap
2022 menu La Fez Cafe

Moroccan Crescent. Luscious layers are perfect for royalty. An entremet with flavours of speculoos sponge with cinnamon mousse and blueberry compote.
@ $10.90

Raspberry Lychee Rose Minaret. Raspberry lychee rose flavoured mousse encasing rose sponge cake base, even including some gold leaf. It’s a WOW!!!
@ $10.90
2022 menu La Fez Cafe
2022 menu La Fez Cafe

Le Souk Green Harissa Lamb Shank. Succulent Lamb Shank cooked in an aromatic blend of spices, with cream sauce.

@ $26.90

Aamir Lamb Tagine. This is where these guys up their game. Their tagines are legendary. This is slow-cooked lamb shoulder cooked in signature La Fez spice with Harissa, carrots, dates, and almonds. Woof!!!

@ $28.90

2022 menu La Fez Cafe

Majorelle Shakshuka with Feta Cheese. Poached eggs with hearty, spiced tomato and pepper sauce. Comes with sourdough bread.

@ $20.90

2022 menu La Fez Cafe
2022 menu La Fez Cafe

Bab Monsour Lamb Shawarma – woof!!!! This is a belter. Sends me back to Margate days after a night on the p*ss. If only you could + beer

@ $26.90

Probably the best tomato soup you’ll ever have. Harira Tomato Soup ‘w’ Mozzarella Ball. It is seriously off-the-charts good.

@ $14.90

La Fez Cafe Mocktails

2022 menu La Fez Cafe
2022 menu La Fez Cafe

Coconut Lime Cooler is again, just super-refreshing. A cracking drink made from funnily enough coconut, lime and mint.

@ $8.90

Our new family favourite. Zreq Spritzer is a beautifully refreshing drink, despite it looking like a scoop from a swimming pool. It has white peach, lavender, blue lagoon, soda and San Pellegrino Pomelo. BOOM!!!

@ $9.90

2022 menu La Fez Cafe
2022 menu La Fez Cafe

They have a seriously good mix of mocktails to distract you from the fact that there is no alcohol here. It’s like they hired a spin doctor to create the drinks menu and win you over haha. They really are rather nice though, but boy does the food need a beer companionship.

Moroccan Mint Tea, AKA Moroccan Whiskey. I am not much of a hot beverage over dinner guy, but this was surprisingly OK. It was very balanced with the food and was actually quite light and the mint made it really refreshing.

@ $8.90

La Fez Cafe @ Siglap 2022 Menu

Fez Menu page 1 La Fez Cafe @ Siglap
2022 menu La Fez Cafe
2022 menu La Fez Cafe

Time for some ISLIFEARECIPE-dia about La Fez @ Siglap

Opening Times:

Tue – Thu11:30 – 21:00
Fri11:30 – 22:00
Sat11:00 – 22:00
Sun11:00 – 21:00

You can book through Google, or

Plus get your hands, mouth and ears to work through traditional channels;

Tel. +65 83225939



Just carry on reading folks and we’ll share that with you for your very own perusal.

Yes, indeed they do and we have used this service many many times since our first visit and our mate Covid.

Jump onto Oddle;

Yes it is indeed. My only ‘complaint’ haha. No beer here but some superb mocktails as you’ll see and an incredible int tea that they call Moroccan Whiskey. It’s so moreish!!!

907 East Coast Rd, Singapore 459107

La Fez Cafe @ Siglap, our conclusions

It really is up there with the best food in Siglap, and the best food in East Coast. The, add to that that it is Moroccan, which is absolutely unique along East Coast. It really is quality. It’s Moroccan umami and hits you in the eyes, nose, and mouth. It’s truly a must-try in Siglap and the East Coast. Then pop next door to grab a beer afterward haha.


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