Creative Ways To Enhance Your Coffee – New Flavours To Try


coffee in a cup Creative Ways To Enhance Your Coffee - New Flavours To Try

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Coffee is a global beverage that every culture has embraced and as you would expect, there are many creative ways that you can enhance your morning coffee.

Here are a few trendy ideas to infuse your morning coffee.

  • Extracts – Just about every extract goes with coffee; vanilla, almond, and even peppermint extract can be infused into your coffee. Experiment with other extracts for unique combinations and record the results, so you don’t forget the ingredients.
  • Spices – You can infuse your coffee with spices; cinnamon sticks are a great way to do just that. Indeed, you can dip a cinnamon stick into your latte coffee for a great snack. Other tasty spices include nutmeg, which is earthy and adds a touch of sweetness, while cardamom is another great spice to spread on top of your latte. For a strong spicy taste, try ginger, which you can grind up and spread over your coffee. Check out กาแฟ พิเศษ and a great selection of premium coffee from many parts of the world. There is a huge selection of exotic spices that you can try and spices can be found online.
  • chocolate – For lovers of rich, creamy chocolate, this dessert blends well with hot coffee. Dropping melted dark chocolate over the back of a spoon and into a latte is an amazing experience.
  • Caramel – The old guard love to infuse their coffee with caramel, while teenagers are also discovering this unique taste. Why not mix caramel with white chocolate for a sensual combination that is as smooth as velvet?
  • Citrus – The acids in citrus are a great accompaniment with your favourite midday iced coffee, lemon and lime add a real twang to any iced coffee. You can order แบรนด์ กาแฟ ที่ดีที่สุดในไทย from a leading Thai coffee supplier. Iced coffee with a twist of lemon is a refreshing afternoon drink, with perhaps a ring of sugar around the rim of the glass. Buy a kilo of lemons at the supermarket and use them when you make iced teas and coffees.
  • Butter – Yes, you can infuse butter into your coffee; a drink by the name of ‘bulletproof coffee’ gives you added energy. Cannabis butter is used in locations where cannabis is legal, which puts a nice slant on your day. Butter is quickly absorbed into strong coffee, bringing a creamy smooth flavour to the drink.
  • Alcohol – If you are suffering from a hangover and you are not driving, put a shot of whisky or brandy in your coffee, which will make you feel better. Some prefer a shot of gin, while others like to pour a touch of vodka, especially during cold winters. Liqueurs are popular as a coffee pair-up, as long as you have a licence to sell alcohol.
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As you can see, there are quite a few ways that you can enhance coffee. If you run a small coffee shop, create a new and exciting menu with a range of infusions and introduce your customers to wild exotic tastes. It makes a lot of sense to experiment with coffee infusion, which is great fun and should lead to a few unique discoveries.

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