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Ma Maison Tonkatsu @ Jewel


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Ma Maison Tonkatsu @ Jewel

The Tonkatsu @ Ma Maison is to die for!

Ma Maison Pork Tonkatsu

I love our little forays to Jewel because there is no more need for Orchard Road or any other shopping centres because it’s all in one down at Jewel. Today we were off to the cinema at Jewel, as I12 is closing soon in Katong. By the way, do NOT watch Doolittle because it is a shocker. Robert Downey Jr trying to be Welsh, OMG. The talking animals acted better than he did. Anyways that is beside the point. We walked into Jewel @ Changi expecting the mass queues and hustle and bustle to find it virtually empty. Thanks so so much Corona Virus. I was joking that if there was a queue at the restaurant I would start coughing, sneezing and complaining of high temperature to see if that reduced the waiting time. But that was not needed. We walked in immediately to our lunch choice today of Ma Maison Tonkatsu @ Jewel. We used to go to the one at Ma Maison Mandarin Gallery / AKA Cafe Ma Maison Mandarin Gallery, but it is a real pain to get to, but now it is only 10 minutes down the road for our fix of tonkatsu by Ma Maison Jewel. Nice!!!

In this blog review, we’ll be answering questions such as;

  • What are the Ma Maison branches other than just Jewel?
  • What are Ma Maison Jewel opening times?
  • What is the Ma Maison tonkatsu menu?
  • How to book a Ma Maison Jewel reservation?
  • And much much more..

Let's answer those questions and FAQ's through ISLIFEARECIPE-dia

Tonkatsu is a breaded and deep-fried pork cutlet dish popular in Japan. Pork slices are dipped in Panko breadcrumbs, fried, then served with rice and shredded cabbage. Fillet and loin are the two most common cuts. Katsukar and Katsudon both use Tonkatsu as a base ingredient.

Here at Ma Maison they jazz it up with the very best Japanese pork offerings like Kurobuta, even Oysters and recently adding high-grade Australian beef as well.

There are a number of Ma Maison Singapore Tonkatsu branches across Red Dot, including;

  1. Ma Maison Jewel
  2. Ma Maison Takashimaya
  3. Ma Maison Bugis
  4. Ma Maison Mandarin Gallery / AKA Cafe Ma Maison Mandarin Gallery (we’ve been to this one a few times as well – usually when Jude has gone to Jump for a party)
  5. Ma Maison Anchorpoint
  6. Ma Maison Westgate
  7. Ma Maison Chijmes

Clearly these guys are doing something right because that is a seriously good spread of restaurants.

Yes indeed they do, folks. usual suspects doe their deliveries for them. Just get on their website and get this deelish food delivered to your home. I have not tried it so cannot answer how well the delicious crispy Tonkatsu would travel in a taxi over a long distance though. I’d be choosing the very closest branch to me though.

deliveroo.com.sg, and foodpanda.sg

That’s easy folks, just read on below in the blog. They tend to hand out a variety of single pages that detail their specials like their new Australian Angus Beef Tonkatsu in 2022. See below for more details.

The honest answer is that I just don’t know. To be honest I don’t think they or any of the Jewel Restaurants accept bookings because I have never seen a single reserved label on a table since it opened and I have to assume that is because it is dealing with transient PAX.

But if you want to reach them you can call them on this number; +65-6242-9322

Maybe try your luck?

Ma Maison Jewel

78 Airport Blvd., #02 – 211, Singapore 819666

Let's hear from Tonkatsu by Ma Maison

Backed by the experience of the Japanese-French fusion restaurant chain, Tonkastsu by Ma Maison serves up the most aromatic, tender and succulent breaded Kurobuta pork cutlets, accompanied by shredded cabbage, tonjiru soup and pickles. Ma Maison is a French word which means“ my home” ‒ a place to celebrate special moments with family and loved ones in a cozy home-like ambience. For being 40 years in the business now, Ma Maison has expanded its horizon having 36 branches of its Ma Maison Restaurant in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

Let's get to that food...

You’ll only see limited photos. And that is how it goes here. It is quite a limited menu and most people will just go with the specials, so the different pork cutlets, the new beef version or a sideways into oyster tonkatsu. We are very much creatures of habit here and usually get stuck into the Kurobuta Pork Cutlet, but this day (2022 update) there was a new kid on the block and we went with the latest special pork cutlet offering of; Miyazaki Pork Cutlet.

Here are the Ma Maison tenets. Man, I love these guys more and more when I read this stuff, no wonder this is a family favourite;

  1. Meat is freshly selected and aged
  2. Meat is coated with light crispy breadcrumbs and fried
  3. Flavoured with natural salt, mined from a deep mountain range, rich with natural minerals
  4. Fried with a light vegetable corn oil
  5. Served with Japanese rice grown in rich soil

It’s plain and simple but absolute quality and authentic Japanese Tonkatsu. It’s moist and juicy, super crunchy, super fresh and not in the slightest oily. We love it at Ma Maison Tonkatsu @ Jewel. You get unlimited rice and their special cabbage of 1,000 cuts (Mille-Feuille) with your chosen Tonkatsu. You then smother that cabbage in their sesame salad sauce and choose spicy or sweet Tonkatsu sauce and grab an icy cold Japanese beer to wash it down. Heavenly!!!

Ma Maison Pork Tonkatsu
ma maison kurobuta pork cutlet

The new-kid-on-the-block. Miyazaki Pork Cutlet Tonkatsu and she is a beauty. Extremely tender and juicy and everso flavourful. This is a cracker. I think perhaps my new favourite on the menu. Stunning!!!

@ $33.80++ for a full set meal

And this is why we keep coming back here. This is the Kurobuta Pork Fillet Tonkatsu. Have a look at that beauty. Super crunchy panko breadcrumbs. Dip that in the sweet sauce for a match made in heaven. 

@ $33.80++ for a full set meal

Ma Maison Beef

Another 2022 update for you today with the addition of beef tonkatsu from our BFF’s. Have a look at that, how stunning does that look fried to pink2pink perfection medium-rare. Wow!!! This is their Aus Beef Katsu. Woof, sorry Moo!!!

@ $32.80++ for a full set meal

Ma Maison Beer

A local Japanese libation to assist with the washing down. Icy cold Japanese Sapporo beer, made with rice and not so gassy as other Western beers. 

What is the Ma Maison tonkatsu menu?

Ma Maison Jewel menu #4
Ma Maison Jewel Menu #3
Ma Maison Jewel Menu #2
Guide to Oysters
Ma Maison Jewel Menu #1

What about the decor and ambience of Ma Maison tonkatsu @ Jewel?

Ma Maison Jewel Queu Ma Maison Tonkatsu @ Jewel
Ma Maison Jewel Interior

You literally could be in Japan. This rakes me back to memories of having a farewell meal with my mother and father-in-law funnily enough in Haneda airport in Tokyo, Japan. A very similar experience and superb food quality with family members.


And here is that Haneda Airport experience ad the Edo food-market street. We dined (I think) at Katsusen.

ma maison pig light Ma Maison Tonkatsu @ Jewel
ma maison kitchen

I love their piggie light-shades or it is a 2-pin plug socket?

I want one!!!

I love the open kitchen and the pictures of Pig Chefs above. So pigs cooking pigs comes across as a little strange.

And this is my brother that I have dry-aged and seasoned with mountain-mined natural salt… ENJOY!!!”

One final piece of ISLIFEARECIPE-dia for whilst you queue at Ma Maison Jewel, or Ma Maison Mandarin Gallery and look at those displays...

Ma Maison Display

To attract you in to the Ma Maison restaurant there is this classic Japanese display that they call the “Sampler” or shokuhin sampuru. Food models produced by Japanese artists and candle makers in the late 1920s made it easier for guests to order without the use of menus.

Most of the models are handcrafted and moulded to resemble the original dishes, and can be customized and even goods like ramen can be adjusted to match the cuisine nuance of each restaurant.

In order to get consumers into their establishments, several Japanese eateries display replicas of their most popular meals in their storefront displays. In Japan, the plastic food sector generates billions of yen in revenue each year; the plastic food makers are extremely protective of their trade secrets. In Japan, a single restaurant can order an entire menu of plastic products costing more than a million yen.

At the Victoria and Albert Museum in 1980, Japanese plastic food models from the Maizuru Company were displayed – how about that? WOW!!! You need to come have a look at the incredible displays out the front of Ma Maison Mandarin Gallery and Ma Maison Jewel, as they surely get your juices flowing as you’re standing in the queue waiting. A genius way to attract punters in to your restaurant.

Parting words from the CEO of Ma Maison Group

When I was young I decided to run a restaurant to provide to my customers the tasty wine at a reasonable price with a fantastic taste of demi-glace sauce for western cuisine. So, I worked hard to reach that. Furthermore, I also was particular about a restful place for my customers. I wasn't interested to provide the formal and uncomfortable place, but I desired to having relaxed atmosphere place which every customer feels they are at home. That's why I named my restaurant MA MAISON which it means “my house” in French. In England, I stayed in a small hotel which the owner was very sweet. She was very kind and with warm hospitality who deal with me like her son. Although the hotel was small but it was full of relaxation. Still, I keep visiting the same hotel after ages."

Ma Maison Tonkatsu @ Jewel our conclusions...

I like his words and we love Ma Maison Tonkatsu @ Jewel. We keep coming back here time and time again. It reminds of my Japanese home and family when I eat here and I love the fact that food can make that virtual transportation happen. It’s such amazing quality Tonkatsu at Ma Maison Jewel, I would go so far as to say it is some of the very best Tonkatsu in Singapore. It surely is our favourite Tonkatsu Ma Maison / Ma Maison Tonkatsu on the island.

You just can’t beat a bit of Kurobuta Pork from Ma Maison because it’s the Wagyu of pigs you get here. Get in here at Ma Maison Jewel, or up to Ma Maison Mandarin Gallery if you up that neck of the woods, and get it down you. It’s a stunner – The Tonkatsu @ Ma Maison is to die for!


To compare Ma Maison Tonkatsu @ Jewel to it’s neighbours let’s have a look at some other top Jewel restaurant reviews from ISLIFEARECIPE

  1. Tonitos – incredible Latin American fare, and you can dine overlooking the beautiful garden scenery and waterfall of Jewel

  2. Elfuego by Collin‘s – a massive family favourite. Knocking incredible Halal food out, with a stunner of a dry-ageing meat fridge front and centre. You just know it’s going to be good.

  3. Arteastiq & Tsuta @ Jewel – tough to describe the ‘theme’ so just read. the blog review

  4. Tsuta Japanese Soba Noodles – 1st Soba Noodle restaurant to get a Michelin Star. Black truffle noodles – INSANELY good

And if you can't be bothered to leave your dwelling here's some ISLIFEARECIPE recipes using Kurobuta Pork for you to try yourself

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